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  1. Memory can also required as the calculator is trying to solve the problem, though Swansont's suggestion is a good one to check.
  2. Probably due to the fact that the calculator has limited memory to handle an infinitely long repeating decimal with as long a period as 3.93/0.64 has. More memory would help in this case for a more accurate answer, but all calculators have a point where they reach the limits of available memory. Pi is another case where you logically know the number should keep going, but instead it stops and/or is rounded. 3.93/0.641= 6.131045241809672386895475819032761310452418096723868954758... https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=3.93%2F0.641
  3. Yeah, it is really both more efficient in a world of digital content delivery and reduces material posessions. Evils of materialism aside there are practical problems with being weighed down by stuff. You may only use it once in a blue moon and is entirely possible for it to be lost or destroyed.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second I believe it would look something like this in terms of the math. 1 Hz = 1/s 9,192,631,770 / 9,192,631,770 Hz = 1 / 1 Hz = 1s One of our members Swansont actually works on atomic clocks so hopefully he'll be along in a bit to provide more info and/or any corrections.
  5. Yeah, from what I've seen many cities water systems are set up to push water out to sea. Retaining it and/or letting it naturally reach the water table are better routes. Think many areas in the UK would be perfect for the large scale underground flood tunnels and reservoirs. Dechannelization and ponds could work too, but underground projects would probably be easier in terms of public support.
  6. Yeah, a lack of investment in infrastructure is what gets me. Regions boom with it and wither without.
  7. Definitely a better option than remote in most cases. Possible that in some cases outsourcing the driving could work in a combined approach though. Obtain human input on how to handle an unusual situation, while otherwise remaining on autopilot. Be simpler just to have a person in the car takeover but they could lack a license or the car empty.
  8. Partly agree about the trees themselves not making much sense, at least at the size suggested. Thought the adaptations and technologies employed were the most interesting parts. Moving towards more prehensile feet, perhaps even tails again, would definitely make sense though.
  9. Oxidation of the lignin. You might be able to safely de-acidify it. Restoration sites would be able to give the best methods.
  10. They apparently wear socks for warmth and comfort, but if they didn't it could work for everyone with long enough toes. Maybe some kind of foot gloves could be done. Read about this idea as a low-G adaptation in scifi, in Integral Trees by Larry Niven. Good read if interested.
  11. It's the areas that are already low that are the problem. La Paz, Bolivia has about 2.7 million living at 13.2% for instance. We can reasonably expect Chronic Mountain Sickness numbers to climb. It's really the same situation as with low lying areas, ideally we keep everything as it has been.
  12. That's only outdoors at sea level unfortunately. They're normally linked, but even with just CO2 increasing and O2 held constant, you'll see the O2 percentage level drop.
  13. They're required to keep a fraction of their funds with the Federal Reserve, limiting the growth of money. It doesn't just appear.* Neither money nor debt is necessarily better, but at some point you have to pay the piper black magic or no. ** * Government literally printing money aside. ** Sometimes. There's a greater magic called defaulting. In that case someone else is left holding the bag. They are generally not pleased by this.
  14. There's an issue in that we need oxygen roughly between 19.5% and 22%. As CO2 levels increase the oxygen percentage will naturally drop. More immediate concerns(vanishing land and food disruption), but low oxygen zones are a real possibility down the line. If we evolved to X we really need to try and keep things about the same as they were.
  15. Woohoo! Echo Auto is out and on its way. Excited with the location based options now available.

    Amazon has come out with a ring version but on the fence about the price for that one. Would be both handy and cool though. Could give commands and inquire 24/7 without being obvious.

  16. You're thinking of the word origin, 'polis', the greek city states. Policy, Politics, Politician, are some other words with the same origin.
  17. Yeah they check credit history and they probably go more in-depth depending on the clearance level. Anything that can be used to possibly manipulate someone is of concern.
  18. I would think anything money related. Possibly for prostitution related offenses as well.
  19. As my girlfriend is a big Patriots fan, helping you would result in a negative payoff for myself. Seriously now you're talking more about strategizing than Game Theory. Game theory is more along the lines of the Prisoner's Dilemma or outcomes of different simple evolutionary strategies.
  20. If it comes out of a can I'd avoid it too. Slices are definitely tasty on burgers. I've always felt rest of the world got all the good cheeses though. Swiss and provolone are my go-to's.
  21. I think resulting image of the picture would look much as you have here, albeit dimmer. Not sure that is what you are asking for though. To clarify are you wanting it to appear 3D?
  22. You'll probably want to look into binocular vision and depth perception. Without, you can hazard a guess from context, but if something is proportionally larger or smaller than expected you can have an issue. Easiest thing to increase the apparent distance would be a concave lens. Flat mirrors alone could work, but you would need to increase the distance the light has to travel. Could move mirrors apart or reflect the image multiple times.
  23. Yeah many would have been contaminated by our atmosphere but that should still leave a ton for this and future experiments.
  24. Pigeonholing(timezone, writing style, identifying information), social media links, IP address (from something like an image download) and outright tricking someone to download malicious files. Only the last would really be hacking. It's generally not that hard if somebody's reasonably active or not cautious enough. So far it sounds like everything your friend is seeing is only circumstantial. Could easily be a case of false pattern recognition.
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