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  1. Nitpicky but EC is actually separate, though the numbers are about the same anyways. EC Votes = Number of House Representatives + Number of Senators Only for President and Vice President Elections.
  2. Due to how Representatives are apportioned based on population, repartition scenario would merely be most agreeable(to existing States) in any scenario involving England. Practically speaking London or Scotland departing wouldn't change numbers too much. More probable I agree though. North Ireland is assumed to have chosen to leave or kept Territory status. ie. Simplifies the analysis and I did't have a tri-split map with NI included. .
  3. You say that, but then we have UK whispering under the door something about joining our sweet US, Mexican, Canadian ménage à trois .
  4. Reddit, UK news media comments. Can only hope it is only an expression. Way too awkward come the 4th. Mainly just curious/annoyed enough that I wanted to look at what it would plausibly result in.
  5. Remark of UK becoming a US State has come up way too often elsewhere and made me want to sit down and figure out the scenarios for a British State or States in the US. Numbers are only rough figures based on public data and tools, but feel they are reasonably representative. Republic and Territory The Monarchy Abdicates or is Abolished Republic of Britain is briefly created Republic requests annexation by the United States Annexation bill passes North East Territory is created. Assumed: North Ireland chooses to remain a territory or chooses to separate Statehood Scenario A - Upon successful application, Britain is admitted into the Union as a single State Senators: 2 Representatives: 76 Notes: The State of Britain is the largest State in the Union. While representation for lower population states remains largely unchanged, almost all other States have lost Representatives. Scenario B - Each former country is admitted as a State simultaneously but independent of one another The State of England Senators: 2 Representatives: 65 The State of Scotland Senators: 2 Representatives: 6 The State of Wales Senators: 2 Representatives: 4 Notes: Very similar situation to Britain joining as a single State, however new States have (counted together) additional seats in the Senate. Scenario C - One is admitted, others retain Territory Status or depart The State of England Senators: 2 Representatives: 67 Notes: Very similar situation to Britain joining as a single State. OR The State of Scotland Senators: 2 Representatives: 8 Notes: Some higher population states lose Representatives, but little change overall. OR The State of Wales Senators: 2 Representatives: 4 Notes: Few states have lost Representatives, minimal change. Scenario D - Admission as three regions of roughly equal population Red State Senators: 2 Representatives: 24 Blue State Senators: 2 Representatives: 24 Green State Senators: 2 Representatives: 24 Notes: Similar widespread losses however California and Texas retain top spots. New States have gained additional Senators in total again. References: https://apportionment.app/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countries_of_the_United_Kingdom_by_population https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/92ej3q/great_britain_split_in_to_3_areas_of_equal/
  6. Look like they're to the north of the eruption and flow path.
  7. Sorry it is not clear what you are asking. Could you give some more detail?
  8. Assuming debt can be worthwhile if it better binds a group together. Federal Government, urged on by Hamilton did this for the States in US early on.
  9. Ironically many are ending up staying in hotels for free, where proper facilities don't exist.
  10. May have changed Accessibility setting for Vision(font and screen zoom).
  11. I have to confess, the individual you knew as Frank Sinatra was actually only a perfectly lifelike animatronic. The real Frank Sinatra I keep in the freezer. It is a poached egg afterall. Gifted singer, but not one for the heat.
  12. I think we'll just replace the Dollar at some point. Fix our debt problem that way instead and then start over.
  13. Plant genetics are weird. This may be of interest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/F1_hybrid#In_plants
  14. I guess I think of it like buying something outright vs renting forever. Initial cost is rough, but eventually you are over the hump.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, neither red or black is safe here lol. Personally favor worlwide harmonizing based on best practices though would mean introducing many major changes.
  16. Reading online seems like chosen to harmonize for safety purposes and that those particular colors were selected due to color blindness concerns. Could still do it of course. Think UK plugs are already unique with the fuses so may not be that big a deal in terms of cost/Market size.
  17. Curious how long an AI's copyright would last.
  18. Species grows well pretty much everywhere. I think that's part of why it had never been farmed(as far as we know). I would be concerned with manually harvesting the rhizome in warmer climates though. Have been different projects looking into it. As a way to make use of marshy areas, especially with modern harvesting methods, could work out. https://fensforthefuture.org.uk/creating-the-future/wetland-crop-typha https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?aid=24375 https://northsearegion.eu/canape/paludiculture/typha/
  19. I feel the author's logic is somewhat faulty. They assume vehicles need to stay parked somewhere. Ideally they drop you off and leave the area instead. Take awhile to see a true smart setup(and longer for transport mode routing), but even something partial would be leaps and bounds ahead of what we have now. Much more efficient use of space, time and resources.
  20. That's a big reason why I'm such a big supporter. With self driving vehicles we could better cities like Peterkin suggests and equally make public transit and the rest more workable. Could definitely do some interesting things with them. It could plan routes and arrive/depart exactly when it predicts you'll need it to. .
  21. Yeah, would reduce numbers dramatically if most are in service. Would also allow Parking Garages to be so much better. We could reclaim so much land from driveways and parking lots.
  22. Partly due to then being intelligent enough to help with birthing too.
  23. Keep thinking might work out if we do swaps. Maybe create a KE/PE Market.
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