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  1. We didn't evolve to be totally one way or the other. There are species that entirely lack pair bonding and species that mate for life. Most humans will disagree with either extreme.
  2. There is star lifting that can work to extend the sun's lifetime. In combination with new material for fusion added, could keep sun going for far longer than it's natural span. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_lifting Scale of engineering involved is main hurdle as physics is actually fairly well understood. Removing what is hard to fuse, adding what is easy. There's also options like man made Fusion and chemical energy that could keep us going as well.
  3. Yeah, that's the limit of what you can do though. This is the eighth modern accidental leak, I've either seen or heard of. All I can muster in response is a shrug.
  4. Pretty much a fact that people inadvertently leak info all the time. Better just to sensibly manage the problem, than think it possible to prevent.
  5. Seems like robots only replace cost of living/raising with those of maintenance/manufacture. Is a difference in that you can deliberately increase the size of your robotic labor force. Feed output of automation into increasing automation. That might well drive down profits. Depending on opportunity costs people would eventually start leaving the Market though, increasing profits again.
  6. Yeah, I guess I've seen too many times where there's a more probable explanation(something falls in while processing) or where the object in question looks to be from the same time period as when it was found. Personally I find pondering how our ancestors might have used their brains and scarce resources to still achieve their goals to be more interesting.
  7. I mean water will also sublimate on Mars at Martian atmospheric pressure, depending on temperature.
  8. What is the plan for sublimation?
  9. Drawn from the side like the people are.
  10. We're a very suggestble species... Does puzzle me what exactly the snake is supposed to be in that case though.
  11. Egyptologists found that is actually a depiction of a lotus flower with a snake. Easier to see in this picture of them. Flower towards the base and heads of the snakes.
  12. Technically also depends on how long you spend at that pressure/depth. 600 feet(183 meters) is supposed to be survivable though have to get back to atmospheric pressure fast. Ironic problem of having too much air in you, when escaping not having enough air. Better off really waiting for the Rescue Sub in almost every case.
  13. In exiting out a submarine's escape trunk, for example, you only need to flood the trunk. Forbes had a good article about it that may be of interest. Explains everything in good detail. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2021/04/26/how-to-escape-from-a-submarine-stranded-on-the-sea-bed/?sh=231aa94f1227
  14. TVR Exploring? Wish I knew the answer to your question but it is interesting the stuff they find down there. Do wonder if they ever take samples off camera.
  15. I think nsurance will likely still exist, but will be handled by the rental/delivery company instead. If the overall accident rate goes down it won't be as big of a burden.
  16. Bypass devices exist for those as well. I do agree Musk rushed things in a unsafe manner. Shouldn't have been even suggested them as being self-driving until our pleasure-seeking selves could be safely out of the picture. Personal vehicle ownership is likely to go away IMO, so insurance issue will solve itself.
  17. Everything I've read suggests the mining waste would only be marginally radioactive, so I'm more concerned about the phosphate than radioactivity. We already have frequent algae bloom problems. Biscayne Bay National Park is right there too.
  18. Could possibly end up something like Venus too. With a day length about 117 times ours, it still maintains about the same temperature planet wide. I was thinking most of the ecology could be airborne, with low lying or anchored surface and underground species providing mineral resources.
  19. I think meant that their voyage was one of exploring and defining human and Federation values. Do you immediately assume hostile intent in a conflict if unable to communicate? Should you obey a law no matter the circumstances? Is noninterference always appropriate?
  20. Dog vs Cat Do love my cat but have loved having dogs in the past. Lot tougher but cats can be trained to a degree. Provided she's not otherwise engaged, she will come when called and is trained to stay in the yard. Additionally she'll help out with any pests that want to freeload.
  21. Yeah, I don't know the exact conditions he ran the test under, thought it good to provide some numbers though. Could you run a dehumidifier? Not sure what vehicles use in the way of corrosion inhibitors or other protective measures. Anyways I'm still waiting for more data on EV lifespans myself, before making the switch. Mainly concerned about the batteries. Charging has become a bit more practical at least. The waste heat we're all used to having has left us spoiled lol.
  22. Looks like commonly a mix of heat pumps and resistive heating. https://www.nissan-global.com/EN/TECHNOLOGY/OVERVIEW/heat_pump_cabin_heater.html https://electrek.co/2020/12/03/tesla-model-3-heat-pump-comparison-results/
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