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  1. Possibly supposed to show pressure equalizing. A pressure exchanger is a real thing although that doesn't seem a very good example.
  2. They or I would then reincarnate. Is suffering not part of existence until reaching Nirvana? Not sure about Hinduism, but there are realms in Buddhism that might be said to be what the Christian faith considers as Heaven and Hell. Perhaps Christianity is simply mistaken about their nature. Who can say?
  3. All my pets are expected to work defending the home from those reincarnated as vermin and must come running when called, no exceptions.
  4. Be via gravity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellar_engine#Class_A_(Shkadov_thruster) The alternative Caplan thruster, would cost some of your hydrogen and mass, but you would be headed to 'fill-up' and need to lose some byproducts anyways(if the size is to be maintained).
  5. Yeah this would definitely be more K2 Civilization type stuff. I'd dread to see the math you would have to do to figure out how to do it safely, not to mention when your civilization finally arrived somewhere.
  6. For a Stellar engine, you would use a portion of a star's own energy to do so. Basic ideas are to either use the mother of all solar sails or deliberately caused mass ejections. Would be slow though which might still pose a problem.
  7. Could in theory move it elsewhere and supply it with gas giants and material from other stars. Personally I suspect it'll become more a matter of how economic man-made Fusion reactors end up being though.
  8. In theory. There is the Star Lifting concept along these lines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_lifting Isaac Arthur did a good video on it.
  9. Kept meaning to update this... After heating a peice up with standard lighter it shattered upon attempting to get it to flex.
  10. Yes, something like wordpress though naturally you should search for a website builder or template that has what you are looking for. By the last sentence I mean that you can replicate how a site looks in the browser. What matters is that the code is mostly your own work or code you've obtained legitimately. Good that you're not planning to copy pictures. The main problem with simply copying code is that it may not behave the same. Better to only copy what you need and then know for certain how your website will behave.
  11. Strictly speaking, yes. It is copyrighted but pretty rare a case is made over reuse. What normally gets people into trouble/caught is hotlinking(linking to someone else's files) and stealing images, however. I'd recommend using one of the free website builder(or similar tools) that exist instead if you can. It is perfectly legal to replicate the appearance of a site you're interested in.
  12. That looks off but if you choose something like 6 to base 2 Division Quotient Remainder 6/2 3 0 3/2 1 1 1/2 0 1 Reassembling the remainders from bottom to top, you get 1 1 0 so One-One-Zero in base-2 or 1102 = 610 Bases come into play with logarithms in calculus. ie. log base-b, with the typical base you'll use be
  13. 5 in base ten. Always assume base ten until told otherwise or if it is obvious in context(dealing with base-16 hexadecimal codes with letters as numerals for example). This is only alongside numbers, but you would normally use subscript to identify the base being used(if it needs to be made obvious). The number indicating the base, should itself be in base ten to avoid confusion. ie. 5 in base ten = 510 An old joke goes that there are 10 kinds of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don't. The joke being that 'one-zero' in binary or 102,
  14. ^This. For lower values, I'll also normally say the individual digits to make differentiating easier. ie. One(1), One-Zero(2), One-One(3), One-Zero-Zero(4), One-Zero-One(5) You assume base 10 unless otherwise indicated. For x^2 that '2' just indicates that you are multiplying it by itself that many times. x^2 = x multiplied by x twice = x raised to the power of 2 = x squared Time is a mixed base system based on the bases 12 and 60(12*5). Originally based on counting each of the 12 colored areas above and everytime you re
  15. @curiousone You are still confusing powers and bases. The base only relates to how some value is being represented. Counting five of something Base 2: 1, 10, 11, 100, 101 Base 3: 1, 2, 10, 11, 12 Base 4: 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 Base 5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 Base 10: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  16. We've used a variety of bases as a species historically. Base 20, base 8, base 12. Just depended how people wanted to count on their fingers and toes. Newton would have been familiar with the concept. Logarithms are used in the change-of-base formula. Not strictly necessary to figure it out though. You could always just count or work it out in your head. Computers do math the same as you and I might. Newton probably used an Abacus though(which more or less involve some of that converting themselves).
  17. A program producing original content based on existing content. AI Dungeon(on-the-fly adventure generator)is a good way to see this in action have fun with it. https://aidungeon.io/play-ai-dungeon/ Going to be real crazy as coherency improves and video becomes more practical.
  18. You need to explain better. It is impossible to reach lightspeed.
  19. Parthenogenesis can occur, but to my knowledge it is still very atypical in chickens. Most would fail to develop. For some species however parthenogenesis is the only way they reproduce. Note that this is different from cloning where the existing genetic material is removed with new genetic material inserted. In your second case, likely only the code that eventually leads to the smell receptors is being modified. If some smell is repulsive to the offspring they will naturally flee.
  20. I'm thinking new faces alone would help reset UK's international relations, even if they are otherwise unremarkable. Hoping Boris ends up as their next sacrificial PM when things go sideways and Priti goes with. Imagine Boris vs anyone else asking for Biden's help on something like undoing the Scotch tariff, for example.
  21. She scares me worse than anyone else. She seriously wanted to send British warships into French ports to drop off unknown individuals. Hopefully she joins Boris and Trump on the train out of office in January.
  22. Yeah that sounds like it should work , noting you'd want to make sure the smoke from regenerating the activated carbon goes outside. Are there any laws that could be enforced regarding the burning of trash?
  23. Yeah, he's been kicking butt. Definitely what the country needs and the world wants to see right now.
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