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  1. Not sure you are both talking about same thing... Clearly do need to have fewer losses(containment mostly) than the energy generated for it to be worthwhile though. Saw an interesting paper along these lines recently. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/05/200522095455.htm
  2. Would probably take some meticulous work to get right but I was thinking you could do reverse forensic accounting. Rather than use purely random numbers or keyboard mashing; set up a program that returns numbers biased to having low value initial digits. Want to say did learn about this law when I was younger but don't remember many of the details now. Never had a reason to try to cook some books though lol
  3. I always wondered about that. Does this mean you only have to be smart enough to incorporate this law into your number generator?
  4. We have a ton of area and volume available to us on Earth still. We could also potentially relocate bits to free up space, depending on what people are okay with and available technology. I think we'll be good for a long time yet as long as we're smart about it. That's really the part that remains to be seen. Main issue with Earth-like planets is always eventually going to be their Sun expanding, close secondary concern would be the difficulty in defending them. Of course this is still assuming there's no developments in technology that allows to easily handle these problems. I re
  5. Welcome. Sorry couldn't post more last night. Having internet issues. Do find it interesting for sure. Can do a lot with a little. I am curious what OP needs this for. What role glass or plastic plays in the system.
  6. https://tlo.mit.edu/technologies/permanent-anti-fog-coatings-molecularly-blended-hydrophilic-polymers
  7. The brain might be in the cloud and T-6969 might need a power cable but would be as realistic as anything. Always going to be something going on. Granted this year it sure does feel like everything is happening at once. Think only something like stunt robots might need to be both human looking and especially durable. Even evil AI's would typically be better off optimizing one way or the other.
  8. No. I was actually thinking the same at first, but was reading that hydrophilic surfaces can counterintuitively create a thin layer of water that limits additional condensation.
  9. Mostly just a matter of power and onboard computing requirements this point. Could slap an animatronic head on to a torso frame along with biomimetic limbs though. Give, realistically, multiple cloud-based programs ls control over that various bits and then just setup a control program to provide overall direction. A few different learning algorithms wouldn't be all that unrealistic either to add in.
  10. Yeah...1 and 0 are more symbolic representations than actual. May want to look at something like non-return to zero encoding. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-return-to-zero 1 might be ~+12 volts and 0 might be ~-12 volts for instance. Should note that everything is still analog if you scratch beneath the surface. It'll rarely ever be exactly some value, rather it'll be within a range and that is what we use as our digital signal.
  11. Yeah, friend is mistaken. The Cobalt, in Cobalmin(B12), needs to be available though that's common enough(soil being the ultimate source).
  12. The problem is c represents a physical limit, rather than one we might solve with technology. It wouldn't truly be a black hole if information can come back out of it. Even flying in might not work. May run afoul of the No-Cloning Theorem from QM.
  13. Normally only talking about the X, Y, Z coordinates being unchanging with respect to something to define at rest. While there is always be something increasing or decreasing in distance from you(relative motion) we also don't define being at rest in universal terms either. We are all always 'moving' at 1second per second though in terms of time. This is still change in respect to your previous coordinates. ie. X, Y, Z, T vs X, Y, Z, T+1
  14. They are crazy dense, but not big relative to their accretion disc. If you could get close to one, would look more interesting. Conservation of angular momentum is the underlying mechanism so will look the same a a planetary nebula or even our own solar system, spiraling around a central point as they do. Yes, dark matter is real. Doesn't interact with light though. https://ysjournal.com/cosmic-web-seen-for-the-very-first-time/ x-posted
  15. Same(probably), though note a relative's genetic success can be as good as if not better than your own to an extent. We're all pretty similar too on the whole, so not really bothered by it personally, especially with this sheer mass of humanity that we have today. Genghis Khan would even have a run for his money, with a population of over 7 billion.
  16. We can observe the accretion discs that form around them, the impact their gravity has on other masses in their vicinity, gravitational waves. That sort of thing. Similar story to dark matter. All we have been able to 'see' is the shadow cast by hydrogen attracted to it, but we knew it was there already by the impact it has on galaxy rotation.
  17. Might be worth looking at handwriting analysis.
  18. Da, it normally only flips every 8 years. Been an... interesting... four years though so I'm hoping we get lucky.
  19. I wonder if we couldn't have figured it out sooner actually. Maybe we're the thought experiment of a world where one Joel Schmidt came up with it instead.
  20. Disney has some cool ones for use as stunt robots. Besides battery life, main roadblock is that they tend to focus on one particular area rather than the more rounded sort of requirements a terminator might have. I think if we really wanted to we could do it within a few years. Well most times around Skynet doesn't invent it until later in the war. This last time was an outlier though and it came up with temporal displacement early on, so you never know. Edit: Just wanted to add that this is a really good program and they have parts of it on PB
  21. Transdermal implants can be done. Lab grown horns probably not. Practical issue is that the cells won't develop into particular shapes on their on. Foreign cells would also greatly raise the risk of rejection. You could conceivably shape an existing bone into a horn shape though.
  22. Some studies on low gravity pregnancies, suggest the children might develop abnormally and find dealing with higher levels of gravity borderline impossible, while others suggest the embryo might fail to develop at all. So I'd say your fist idea is pretty plausible, may need to be larger though to avoid nausea. As to the second, you are talking about a Utopia. Be nice, but we have a long ways yet to go as a society. On the whole things are gradually improving though.
  23. I've been doing Mylar over cardboard, for the inside of mine lately. Might be easier to get your boss to agree to that.
  24. Found an interesting article on this: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2012/aug/19/most-improbable-scientific-research-abrahams Granted be curious to find out how much an impact higher levels of humidity would have.
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