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What are you listening to right now?


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Darn it, you had to do that. I do not even click the video, and I am still going to hear Road to Nowhere inside my head for at least the rest of the day.

I will take one hour off:


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When studying or working, I like to listen to music without lyrics.


On 5/30/2020 at 6:51 PM, Curious layman said:

Nearly fell over when I watched this.

I'd like to see Ken Ham debate evolution with someone like this. Would be far more intresting.


Is Ken Ham a flat earther? Man, I have a friend... who is one... and, get this, he travels internationally monthly, across the world... he thinks that the flight patterns as they are advertised is just a conspiracy...

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Pissed Away with Obama is a hard act to follow.  Here is Ziggy Marley:



God bless all our brothers and sisters that recently went JOBLESS...JOBLESS...JOBLESS


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