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  1. The twin paradox is mutual

    Actually it is called a "paradox" because it appears at first sight mutual. The paradox appears when both observers are mutually older than the other one. Once it has been explained by Janus that it is not mutual, the paradoxal effect disappear and becomes "normal". The "normal" thing is that one observer is older than the other one.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. FTL travel in Science Fiction

    I agree with Swansont. Describe what you expect to happen in your FTL story. To me there are 4 possibilities 1. Create your scenario, don't bother with physics. 2. Change the value of C. Make it a variable (there are such theories), then switch the variables, so is to say that C for me is different than C for your hero. 3.Describe new physics, where FTL is allowed, but I am afraid you will have to dig quite a bit before ending with something consistent. 4. [insert your idea here]
  4. Why 41,25 stencil ?

    Right. Sorry for the missing e in Schablone. I couldn't figure the reason for those angles, but the German Wiki helped a bit. (edit) oops, mathematics destroyed. See below & wiki article Where 2α + β =360 but I must admit the German explanation is far from clear to me.
  5. Why 41,25 stencil ?

    Today I retrieved from a drawer this drawing instrument, called "stencil" or Schablon in German, that we used when drawing by hand (we stopped about twenty years ago). Looking at it, I noticed this strange angle 41,25 degrees. Combined with the other one 7,10 degrees. And I really could not recall why? What is so special with those 2 angles? Internet came to the rescue and I found it, but just by curiosity, can you figure out what is so special with those 2 angles?
  6. Postulates of the kinetic theory

    That is already a question.
  7. Relation between dimensions

    What I want to say is that if you erase Time, you cannot even imagine a point. The concept of a point in space standing out of time (somehow eternal) is wrong IMHO. In fact what we see as a point in space is a section of a line extending in Spacetime.
  8. Relation between dimensions

    Think of this: for a point to exist, it must...exist. So, in reality a point is already 1 dimension (Time). A line is 2 dimensions (1 space + 1 time =2), An area is 3 dimensions ( 2 space + 1 time=3), and a sphere is 4D (3D+1T) You cannot have a point without time. And Time does not come after the sphere, Time is there right from the beginning.
  9. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    There is also a "theory" about such a civilization on Mars. Googling makes you find astonishing things.
  10. Gravity (split from An observer's local clock...)

    Oops sorry. i used the right click "quote this" from your reply instead of doing it from the original post.
  11. Gravity (split from An observer's local clock...)

    Welcome to the club. Not velocity. What you mean is called acceleration.
  12. Old fake news ?

    https://noriohayakawa.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/famous-belgian-black-triangle-ufo-a-fake-edgar-fouches-tr3-b-is-also-a-hoax/ A triangle of polystyrene.
  13. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    Right. Nuclear waste, I forgot about that.
  14. Prehuman industrial civilization on Earth?

    You are correct about pollutants but I am afraid on such time ranges maybe the worst pollutant will become ...petroleum. Bronze statues can last if they are not discovered, because once discovered they will be re-used for making new artifacts. And tens of million years is too much. A few thousand years is large enough to wipe everything. Say ten or twenty thousands. Even in the span of Human beings you can fit several civilizations. They are "theories" like this. None of them being really serious. There is a hammer stuck in rock "millions of years" old, but wood cannot last that long. I am not aware of any solid evidence.
  15. Nature of Time

    Expand on this. Avoid the Big Bang. Yes I believe it is accepted science that Time is a perpendicular dimension to our three space dimensions, and No, Time cannot have a velocity. Velocity is a distance divided by time. The "velocity of time" should correspond to another definition.