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  1. There was a scenario in which Trump resigns. Then the vice-president becomes the President & eventually could pardon him. This would be awkward. Not to say how can you pardon someone before this someone has been convicted by a court of justice.
  2. The Internet is full of it. Is this genuine, I don't know. It is funny. .
  3. Frozen stone on Baikal lake. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2019/05/lake-baikal-ice-formations-photos/590374/
  4. You are now a pachyderm. From the greek (pachy- (“thick”) +‎ -derm (“skin”).
  5. Most probably the axis of your washing machine is broken, you need to call the service for repair.
  6. One thing is sure: the fan has a flaw, a regular fan does not wobble. I suppose that gravity makes the flaw (some misalignement?) worse. The fan is not straighten along the axis of rotation, for whatever reason.
  7. Translated by me from https://www.socomic.gr/en/2018/01/kourafelkithra-socrates/
  8. My guess is that the wobble appears the same way it appears when a spinning top slows down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top#Physics
  9. 4399 years/2 = 2199.5 before 1400 1400 minus 2199.5 gives -799.5 minus year zero thus 800.5 BC Or 3000 minus 2199.5 = 800.5 BC And FYI (from http://railsback.org/FQS/FQS.html )
  10. Ha. My name is in French, and clearly the special code at the end (123456, my invention & copyrighted) is in French! i was the only one to know that, now you know.
  11. Lack of rigor: his name is Curiosone. This is an international Forum. Maybe he is Italian or Swiss (like Toblerone). Or maybe from Curio https://darkestdungeon.gamepedia.com/Curio He (she) only knows. That is why I dislike the minus rep points.
  12. Certainly this Forum is not adequate for young people. If it is @CuriosOne's case, I understand his reaction.
  13. About the "connection lines": Here below an ANALOGY You remember this picture showing foreshortening. Below my own hand from one side % the reverse: Very roughly, let's assume that, as a real measurement, the red distance is the same lenght as the the green one. Because of the effect of perspective, they look different depending on the position of the camera; the "apparent length" is observer dependent. Apparently, length 1 (red) and length 2 (green) are linked by "connection lines" in white color. The situation is perfectly symmetric. The length of line 1 (red) in the first picture corresponds to line 2 (green) in the second, and the length of line 2 (green) in the first corresponds to line 1 (red)in the second. If someone links lines 1 & 2 with a bold red line that "jumps" somehow vertically between lines 1 & 2, it is possible to calculate some result of the operation but the result will correspond to exactly nothing. If you want to "jump" from line 1 to line 2, you must follow the white lines. Otherwise the result is wrong.
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