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  1. Reputation versus time

    Keeping track today: Michel has 5,604 posts divided by rep 484= 11,58 It is indeed stabilizing. Although I am posting very few lately. And 63985 profile views , the mystery intensifies. I am a member of this Forum for 3.030 days, that makes 21,12 views/day.
  2. What would you change about the new SFN?

    When I click a link to a post from My Activity Stream, the post opens at the first page.I must then go and open manually the last page to find the continuation of the conversation. So the question is: Is it possible to make the post open directly to the last page?
  3. Today I Learned

    Spit not split, my bad. Thank you for the smooth correction.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    49 years ago...
  5. Today I Learned

    If you ever go pick some food from a hotel breakfast buffet and see a glass above the food, preventing the splitting of food with saliva, it comes from HACCP regulation.
  6. Today I Learned

    At 50 I decided that I was old enough to admit that I don't know some things. From this time I started asking: what is it? And if you do that you will realize that most of the times nobody clearly know what that thing is. I remember my first question to a man talking about hotel kitchen and asp. Asp here, asp there, what is asp?? It was not "asp" but HACCP. After asking, it appeared that nobody around knew what it was. But I was the only one daring to ask. pee-eh-so is the more close to the Greek πίεση which means pressure.
  7. "Intrinsic angular momentum"

    Then, who is the "producer" of the magnetic field? From the charge frame, there is no magnetic field produced by it. The same for us: from our frame we are not producing any magnetic field. We have an equal POV. It may be that when the charge observes a human moving, a magnetic field appears and the charge says: hey, the human is producing a magnetic field. Or am I wrong somewhere?
  8. "Intrinsic angular momentum"

    But motion is relative.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Quelle chanson!
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Do you know Sananda Maitreya?
  11. That reminds me an old post Where Swansont's answer was : "Why does it have to mean something?" As if this quantity was indeed meaningless.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

  13. Musk's Tesla to stay in space for millions of years

    I wonder. What is the purpose of the circuitboard?
  14. Musk's Tesla to stay in space for millions of years

    Thank you for the info. But you don't need an entire car to hold this: (image from https://medium.com/arch-mission-foundation/arch-mission-foundation-announces-our-payload-on-spacex-falcon-heavy-c4c9908d5dd1
  15. Musk's Tesla to stay in space for millions of years

    Does anyone know if the Tesla is full equipped? Or is it a simple empty body, or hiding some other kind of device? The message “Made on Earth by Humans” printed on a circuitboard is not (I suppose) a standard feature of all Teslas.