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  1. As far as I know all medical anecdotes are disgusting.
  2. Have a look here https://www.gapminder.org/ Info about Gapminder at Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gapminder_Foundation It looks to me a reliable source of information. About a wide scope of interests influencing the global pessimistic/optimistic view of the world. It is also a good self test for the one who says that:
  3. IMHO the mathematical approach would be more interesting if the target was to interact with animals (like chimpanzees or dolphins).
  4. No. Crossing posts. Merchants existed from ancient times. But feudalism erased it. Somehow "inside" the feudalist society, merchants were doing "business" & created cities. Those small cities were under the power of the noblemen in their castles & paid heavy taxes to the castle owner, to his master & to the King. Then the cities get bigger & slowly began independent (after much difficulties). Business as we know today happened in the cities, not in the fortresses. Now, in many places you have a fortress in the middle of the city (or a city around the fortress). That was for protection, and makes the things a bit more complicated.
  5. The "remote castles" were fortified places that protect the kingdom but also impose the power of the local nobleman over its people. It is inherited. Or build by imposed work (slavery) for the most, & paid to specialized workers at very (very) low cost. In these times the material was 90% of the cost and 10% to labour. It was a time were human work (& human life) did not weight much.
  6. Interesting questions. It is linked to Feudalism (read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feudalism). There was no business from these castles. It was a time of slavery. Business as we know today came together with the birth of the first medieval cities. Our today's society is the continuity of those cities that won the fight over feudalism. Banking is linked to the concepts of loans, interest rates & usury. In ancient times all religions forbid to "make money from money". It was forbidden to get interest rate (in Judaism, Christianism, Islam). At some time the jewish people found that it was unethical to get interest rate from other Jewish people, but not unethical to do the same for people from other religion. That is the beginning of the today's (unethical) banking system.
  7. Wikipedia informs that banking history goes back to 2000 BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_banking
  8. Today i learned about the Overton window. Very interesting for those who are interested in politics & sometimes incomprehensible overload of extreme opinions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overton_window
  9. I have my pet theory here (once again). I suspect that evolution is programmed in DNA. The same way we are "programmed" to evolve from a baby into an adult, or the way a caterpillar is "programmed" to become a butterfly, I suspect that the entire specie is "programmed" to evolve. It is unconventional thinking.
  10. The Forum policy is to post something here and not link to a blog. However I had a look. I think that you will find interesting conversations here, use the search tool. Since I have my pet theory (theories) about time, I found your blog well written & interesting. But with nothing new to me. You might be interested by presentations & books from Etienne Klein (most are in French). One interesting point he raises (and you are touching the same question) is the following: you stated (from your blog) Etienne Klein raises the question: is time passing by or is "we" that travel through a substract called "time". I cited him in several posts on this Forum And https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/74498-do-we-ever-real-reach-a-moment-in-time/?tab=comments#comment-749014 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/64809-what-we-know-about-time/#comments My opinion is that we "travel" through time, as you said: we are aging. So I guess I agree with you.
  11. Interesting questions, I don't know. There is indeed a confusion between the 2 gods focused on a famous bronze statue in the archeological museum of Athens Greece. The trident/lightning is missing, leaving a doubt with fanatic opponents. See http://www.greece-is.com/the-stories-behind-the-national-archaeological-museums/
  12. Today I learned about the String Shooter effect. (in fact I learned nothing, I enjoyed the video)
  13. Obviously you haven't checked how much costs a Maserati keychain (about 80 US$). Poseidon has a trident. Zeus has lightning rods . Yes.
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