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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    And this French show (called Taratata) that requires live performance without any soundtrack, playbacks, orchestra or any other support. Lady Gaga: Poker Face et "mon français est merdique (my french is shitty).
  2. from graviton's wiki: Wich means it is the other way round. It is not because they are massless they propagate at c. It is because they propagate at c that they must be massless. I ment that Relativity is not a force of nature. Relativity cannot cause anything. It is a Theory, an explanation.
  3. It cannot be a consequence of Relativity. Relativity is an explanation, it is not a cause.
  4. The sea of plastic...

    Probably. All information need to be checked twice. It is really a HUGE topic. Plastic industries & industries related to plastics are colossal. Billions of dollars, million people, almost all kind of products are involved. So far I have seen that WWF focuses on single use plastics that float. The plastics that sink to the bottom are not priorities because the (white supremacist) tourist does not see it on his (private) beach. The commonly agreed solution to plastic waste is circular economy. Re-use, recycle. Ban is not an option, except maybe for straws & plastic bags that are produced by small factories of 3 or 5 workers in all kind of countries (China, Pakistan & India included). If they go bankrupt (the factories), nobody will care.
  5. The sea of plastic...

    Yes. Fishing Nets Account for 46 Percent of All Ocean Plastic. From my knowledge: 1. Plastic pollution of the seas come principally from those 10 rivers. None is in Europe or the U.S. 2. Plastic is recyclable. In theory, it is a fantastic product, you can use it again & again & again. Throwing it away is pure madness: it is throwing money away. 3. The main problem is about single use plastics. At this moment if you want to erase totally plastic from our civilisation you must erase almost everything (cars, mobile phones, computers, tv's, clothes, shoes, building insulations, table tops, a.s.o.). 4. Replacement products for plastics are the ones we used in the 19th century: wood, leather, stone, ceramics, fur, etc. I expect you don't want a world like that back.
  6. Today I Learned

    Exactly. When the Phoenicians mariners sent by Pharaoh Necho II (circa 600 BC) returned from their journey around Africa, they told that at some time the sun was at noon in the northern part of the sky. They were considered as liars at the epoch but now it is a very strong argument to believe them. They indeed traveled in the southern hemisphere.
  7. Today I Learned

    And also the way the ancients use to get proper orientation: you point a stick toward the sunrise at horizon in the morning, and in the evening you point a second stick towards the sunset. The bisector gives you the South. (and not the North).
  8. Pronunciation of fungi

    in modern Greek it is ρινόκεροι with the ending οι as english ee. Reenokeree, with accent on the o. ReenO-keree.
  9. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    I am afraid this is too profound for this forum.
  10. Today I Learned

    Interestingly it indicated South. See also this device https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South-pointing_chariot
  11. Chinese Fusion

    The ITER is an experimental project, it is not designed to produce electricity for use. It is almost ready. China is also involved in this project together with the U.S., Russia, Europe, Japan, India, South Korea & others. The goal is to provide the know-how for everybody on planet Earth. It is the largest peaceful collaboration between nations after the International Space Station. As far as I know the chinese project will retrieve all information from ITER in order to build a real productive unit. Other such projects exist in other nations at other scales. Begin with the ITER wikipedia. The ITER site is a bit complicated to dig but there is plenty information. Yes I agree. There should be more of these. I find it especially encouraging & progressive. Sor far I know the ISS, CERN, & ITER. And of course Olympic games & football (soccer) that cost much more.
  12. Chinese Fusion

    Have a look at the ITER site. https://www.iter.org/
  13. Today I Learned

    Today I learned aubout the ITER project. Hopefully tomorrow's energy. see https://www.iter.org/
  14. What are you listening to right now?

  15. Linear Time Disproven.

    Are you suggesting that Time is tridimensional? (3D)