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  1. You may like my concept of how Time works Link deleted
  2. In the list I forgot to mention the executioner. Yes this Forum is most generally well moderated, I have to concede that. However my feeling is that, like many elements over the Net, the construction of a civilized virtual society is still under its way. The several Forums that exist on the Web, this one included, do not have a structure comparable to the outside world (as I know it): imagine if the policemen (the Mods) were not paid, as if the lawmakers (the Staff) were inventing laws by sniffing their fingers, as if politicians (the Owner) were not ruling at all, as if membe
  3. Nice clarification, thank you. Maybe more transparency would be nice too. For example; "this ban has been agreed by 3 Mods & 1 Expert & 3 Members of the Jury" or something like that. In order to avoid fury toward a specific Mod, as has been seen lately (and erased quickly)
  4. IMHO the issue with Moderation may arise when the Lawmaker, the Policeman, the Prosecutor and the Judge are the same and one person.
  5. You asked for an idea. Since WhosTheFool (wtf) did not answer, I couldn't resist the temptation to drop my idea. What is your's?
  6. Probably because the title has 3 words that may appear easily in a search (Firts, Post, Prime). It may even happen that some viewers are bots. See here
  7. My opinion is that even if you get the correct statement (the sun is at the center of the solar system), it may not be recognized as true immediately. The history of science is full of such examples where, when a discovery has been made, it appears that the one or the other had discovered the same thing several years earlier but was dismissed or ignored.
  8. Many members here simply leave. I cannot recall anyone saying goodbye, except maybe @ajb that I miss. @Sisyphus @Spyman that I miss too @insane_alien @Martin And many more.
  9. Research Article in ASTRONOMY The arches of chaos in the Solar System by Nataša Todorović(1), Di Wu(2) and Aaron J. Rosengren(3) 1Belgrade Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, Serbia. 2Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA. 3Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA.
  10. It looks like The Most Famous Artist from Santa-Fe is the author of the first one.
  11. I have visited in Switztzerland an entire manufactory of sanitary equipment that was fully robotized, very impressive. The only workers were maintenance staff for the robots. It was mentioned that out of each set of 4 robots one was in maintenance. Fortunately the design team was not robotized (yet), but that was in 2015.
  12. Anyway the browser pays no role. I logged in with IE, Chrome & Mozilla & it changed nothing.
  13. I had the button once. It disappeared lately. I wonder maybe it is related to the fact that moderators have restrained my posting abilities: I cannot post in the Relativity subforum.
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