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  1. As someone who is pro-education and anti-superstition, I do still think this is a matter of human nature. This is my personal perspective based on my personal online research. Both religion and, seemingly, these conspiracy theories like QAnon, disproportionally affect women, and women score higher on theory of mind and score lower on measures of autism. Theory of mind is correlated with religiosity (+ToM, -IQ). Theory of mind, measured via facial expressions, is thought to involve the ability to infer hidden motives (and "conspiracies" I suppose). And my personal speculation: The correla
  2. Our virtue, your fault, acknowledging own fault-lines, or faith in leader. The seismometer, whose fault is these clumsy lies, to spare us later / to spare us leader.
  3. We should have had extras to spare. They should have gone to experts at high risk of contracting. India is a tinderbox. Even more risk, because most Indians speak English.
  4. It isn't over yet, America! Deaths (as a proportion of cases) are spiking as covid-19 ravages underfunded hospital systems in southern Europe and west Asia! https://ourworldindata.org/covid-deaths If we don't even send them some vaccines specifically intended for hospital workers etc., which we should have done months ago, then I hope Narendra Modi, whom I am not a fan of, rubs it in our faces when they are manufacturing the Covaxin vaccine domestically without patent restrictions. Because, by that time, it won't matter whether the patents are lifted, and that is called petty healthcar
  5. The thread topic seems rather trivial until you consider that "possibility", much like the set theory problem above, is really a non-referential linguistic operation that describes our use of language rather than any particular referent or experience except the experience of using language. A statement of possibility describes a hypothetical validity rather than a factual validity because it pertains to the unknown, but as the unknown becomes known then the hypothetical possibilities narrow toward the factual reality. Thus "possibility" pertains to knowledge rather than reality. Even your s
  6. Hmmm, what about disinfection via tanning booth? I wonder.
  7. All of this is basic psychology. One gigantic problem-IMO-still looms. How easy is it to provoke a confrontation between sides? Who benefits from the resulting wrestling match? Who profits; who consumes; who condones; and who could but doesn't? Who gets a distraction? TMBS 146: Joshua Khan describes his group's delightful encounter with undercover cops. youtu.be/8MZqEuUlzDs?t=690
  8. Pregnant Woman: I might have to abort my own child. Radical Pro-Lifer: I might have to kill (liberal people) to save the fetuses. They updated their translation of Exodus. I can't find it. Is that one of those modern translation? Best wishes.
  9. I like Diablo Swing Orchestra. YouTube seems to rarely recommended anything non-white. Even the disco is white people (Faze Action). Its algorithm just tossed up Trump's Snake poem last night though. Trump reads... "Trump reads a snake poem" Hmmm Radiohead's "Desert Island Disk"
  10. I don't know how many people have already forgotten how the stock market jumped right back up in 2020 when the US government bailed everybody out. I don't know any economics, but I think it is probably an over-mathematicalized social science, like personality psychology is. The entire concept of personality comes from common sense rather than scientific theory. The double blind procedures only ensure that the bias being measured is not the researcher's own bias but rather the bias of the independent raters, like an astrologer who ends up measuring astrology itself. However, the biases
  11. How everyone everywhere tolerates the same styles of music, and all societies tend toward the proliferation of those styles, such that, a supposedly creative discipline is slowly consolidating toward a few styles. I appreciate the lack of words. Ghost Mice, Chipped Tooth and sequel: Death and Hatred to Mankind
  12. Ordinary peoples' interest in these extraterrestrial projects seems to be dampened by a doubt that it will have significant intersectional applications - the fossil fuel industry is one. We do have immensely diverse and adaptable microbial life here on Earth that is yet discovered, including many extremophiles and thermal vent ancestors, like the ones that gave us the Taq DNA polymerase.
  13. Angie Speaks is not about coronavirus, but I recognized the Erik Satie. "Dull Day" is set to Gnossienne No 3.
  14. Karyotype, Genital development, psychological gender. Extra chromosomes usually abort, but trisomy 21 and 18 are not always lethal to the fetus, and extra sex chromosomes in Klinefelter's et cetera are virtually harmless. Klinefelter's people still have male genitalia, but the condition results form extra X's and not extra Y's, making it the closest thing to an ambiguous gender karyotype. In rare cases genital development is ambiguous, but I am unaware of the relationship between intersex genitalia and extra sex chromosomes. I would imagine that some countries include an "intersex"
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