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  1. I have been allergically responding to the tap water, and I think I have worked out the hydrodynamics of it well enough to post it with some certainty. I don't know where my mom's apartment's water comes from. Any help understanding this would be appreciated. Main allergic response: The first thing I addressed was the tableware. Yes, tableware and silverware washed in tap water is the #1 culprit if no action at all is taken. My fingers were the number two culprit. Even accidental contact with fingers was noticeably aggravating to my allergy. Rinsing my fingers with store-bought wate
  2. One. Actually, I have to believe you believe it. Two. My belief should be consequential to me to be part of my perspective, or it should be part of somebody's perspective to constitute a meaningful statement.
  3. Netanyahu-Israel's government rose to power as what suspiciously resembles a coup government, its retaliations are always disproportionate and reckless, and it gets ample funding and weaponry from the United States, and now we are blocking a UN resolution to condemn its present actions. This conflict has been a steady, slow-burning fire, but the USA, whose alliance has global strategical implications(?), alongside the Wahabi Saudis and the militaristic Al-Sisi, will bare responsibility when it escalates into a Palestinian genocide whereupon the Iranians will take matters into their own hands.
  4. Yet the currency would still remain valid in those times, upholding those inequalities even in times of strive. To give a more biological perspective, I think the ways the legitimacy of a currency is maintained are arguably very primatological: territory/land, food patches/resources, safety in numbers/shelter. If these things were still free, it would probably be easier to break from our currencies when they became counterproductive. Cultural hegemony of the elites/majorities can be a, a, something with claws.
  5. Indeed, why does a computer hacker have access to more systems? Moreover, does he have a right to those systems he hacked into? Nobody owns the Internet! But somebody does code the code, and knows the code's deepest vulnerabilities. Perhaps the dollar's deception of simplicity deceptively suggests anti-regulatory stances like longing for the gold standard, while legitimizing the rich. The deceptively simple concept forgets that the power of currency actually comes from an idea, that so much exploitation is actually psychological, and these psychological tendencies are what crashes t
  6. Not knowing socialism or communism, I tend to assume that the communism-capitalism axis is as superficial/cultural as the left-right axis is. It is more like some self-fulfilling guide to coalition building that probably made more sense fifty years ago. Our societies seems to be full of reciprocity-driven concepts that would useless without a cultural context, including money and stocks. Profit can have unintended side-effects. The stock market is self-fulfilling.
  7. Then why haven't we fixed the damn problem?! Brainy Quote my ass! PS That river is full of teflon PFOA/PFOS particles. ... depending on how high up it is.
  8. As someone who is pro-education and anti-superstition, I do still think this is a matter of human nature. This is my personal perspective based on my personal online research. Both religion and, seemingly, these conspiracy theories like QAnon, disproportionally affect women, and women score higher on theory of mind and score lower on measures of autism. Theory of mind is correlated with religiosity (+ToM, -IQ). Theory of mind, measured via facial expressions, is thought to involve the ability to infer hidden motives (and "conspiracies" I suppose). And my personal speculation: The correla
  9. Our virtue, your fault, acknowledging own fault-lines, or faith in leader. The seismometer, whose fault is these clumsy lies, to spare us later / to spare us leader.
  10. We should have had extras to spare. They should have gone to experts at high risk of contracting. India is a tinderbox. Even more risk, because most Indians speak English.
  11. It isn't over yet, America! Deaths (as a proportion of cases) are spiking as covid-19 ravages underfunded hospital systems in southern Europe and west Asia! https://ourworldindata.org/covid-deaths If we don't even send them some vaccines specifically intended for hospital workers etc., which we should have done months ago, then I hope Narendra Modi, whom I am not a fan of, rubs it in our faces when they are manufacturing the Covaxin vaccine domestically without patent restrictions. Because, by that time, it won't matter whether the patents are lifted, and that is called petty healthcar
  12. The thread topic seems rather trivial until you consider that "possibility", much like the set theory problem above, is really a non-referential linguistic operation that describes our use of language rather than any particular referent or experience except the experience of using language. A statement of possibility describes a hypothetical validity rather than a factual validity because it pertains to the unknown, but as the unknown becomes known then the hypothetical possibilities narrow toward the factual reality. Thus "possibility" pertains to knowledge rather than reality. Even your s
  13. Hmmm, what about disinfection via tanning booth? I wonder.
  14. All of this is basic psychology. One gigantic problem-IMO-still looms. How easy is it to provoke a confrontation between sides? Who benefits from the resulting wrestling match? Who profits; who consumes; who condones; and who could but doesn't? Who gets a distraction? TMBS 146: Joshua Khan describes his group's delightful encounter with undercover cops. youtu.be/8MZqEuUlzDs?t=690
  15. Pregnant Woman: I might have to abort my own child. Radical Pro-Lifer: I might have to kill (liberal people) to save the fetuses. They updated their translation of Exodus. I can't find it. Is that one of those modern translation? Best wishes.
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