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  1. This addendum is probably not premature. I'll also add that kombucha usually seems to work even though it is low sugar. The last thing I tested was a mouthwash, and it didn't work. I awoke after 4-5 hours. Sleeplessness is one of two major effects I might experience when the rinsing liquid isn't effective. Then I was awoken again, still tired, when we began moving the furniture. That night I tried a sugar free energy drink, swishing some around and drinking the rest in the morning. I awoke after 4-5 hours, and I drank the rest of the energy drink and showered on the next morning. My tiredness combined with the circus-sized showerhead and lack of water pressure adjustment caused me to splash some droplets onto my lips. This would normally be expected to interfere with the outcome, but this was shower water from the new house, not the old house. On the next night, I tried a different sugar free energy drink, and I awoke after 4-5 hours but sleep returned surprisingly easily. Since then, the old set of effects have changed and the sleeplessness hasn't returned. It would appear that sugar free energy drinks and mouthwash do not work, and that was the last test I could do. Nonetheless, a morning stuffy nose, the other main symptom and a symptom I've experienced for the last decade, is what persists. I swapped my toothpaste out, and I still awoke with a stuffy nose. I will have to figure out what is different with the water here before I continue onward. I've also had a sugar-free, carbonated drink called Xevia. It is about as ineffective as water for this purpose, but it appears to allow the stuffy nose to persist whereas diet soda at least eliminates the stuffy nose. It is the sleeplessness that has disappeared completely. The mushroom juice did allow me to sleep, but the mushroom juice was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep with a clogged, leaky nose symptoms that I usually experience when I accidentally touch my food. I guess the ineffectiveness is two-dimensional, but the mushroom juice was the only thing apparently exhibiting this second dimension of ineffectiveness. Addendum to that last part: I have had states where I would consistently sleep for 6-1/2 to 7 hours and then sleep would not return even though I didn't reach seven hours of sleep. It was like something else counteracted the sleeplessness, but only for 6-1/2 hours. The mushroom juice kept me up for so long that it might have overridden that.
  2. I never hallucinate; I've always only had pseudo-hallucinations. I was diagnosed over seven years ago. Why would I pay outrageous american healthcare bills if it will not help me? Someone who owed money still owed me another $200 which they aggressively disputed. I cracked a steam method, but I'm trying an easier method. I will have in in under a week, and we will be moving in over a week. The toothpaste is reacting with something on my pillow, creating a cocktail that is alternately focus impairing, scatter braining or conversely energizing, angering. Although room temperature water is ineffective, what appears to be more effective is drinks and maybe especially sugary drinks and canned vegetable juices and soup liquids, but maybe not oily mushroom juice and some olive juices. If anyone has a liquid to recommend, recommend it now. I will have the final results in a week, and then we will be moved. I won't have time for the complex task of pouring hot water over my pillow case as it is elevated above the ground or placed over non-porous surface covers like tin foil, so I'll probably be putting it on a clothes line. Thank you. Preview Preview: the steam method involves steaming your face and then wiping your lips with a wet tissue. The wet tissue doesn't need to be hot if the steam was hot. However, you also have to dunk your toothbrush in hot water and remove it before the water cools. Something on the tooth unsticks in the hot water. It begins to restick as the water cools, making the method incomplete and rendering the container un-reuseable. The new method involves rinsing your mouth as you brush your teeth, but water as it turns out does not work, or not room-temperature water. Don't gurgle it or tip your head back or leave the toothpaste in your mouth too long, but spit it out and rinse it out ASAP as or after you have brushed your upper teeth front and back and the toothbrush has contacted your lips at the corners and the base. on the tooth*brush*
  3. Sticky stuff on my toothbrush. Thinking about it, I think it may be most important to distinguish between the formalistic communications of science and the informal dialogues that have occurred since before humans could write. We speak informally all the time, but a scientist would be wrong to express his atheism in his capacity as a scientist. Ideas about the divine are informal, and they might not be scientifically meaningful let alone scientifically testable. Thus they should be responded to in an informal way. In science and the peer review process, the aim is an objectivity that is independent of the observer, and it would be important to disclose subjectivity if statements were subjective. In informal communication, it is already assumed that ideas are subjective, contextual, or approximate. Thus it would be redundant to preface a statement with terminology like "My feeling is that..."/"I think that..."/"What I'm saying is..."/"I imagined that..."/"My tentative conclusion is..." Informally speaking. Also, can the scientific method be tested scientifically?
  4. @#$%!  My email authentication isn't in its bag.  My last few posts would not submit.  Everything is breaking.  Phone? maybe  Submit!

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      Retract, I almost dropped my teeney-tiny Yubikey, so I moved it to something bulkier.  I gots it.


      Interesting tho, if I lost the Yubikey then my email might be encrypted for ever, or however long to crack the Tutanota encryption, probably decades.  But the password decrypts it. But only "admin" can remove Yubikey.

  5. #$%^ ... My email authentication isn't in its bag.  My last few posts would not submit.  Everything is breaking.  Phone? maybe  Go!

  6. Admittedly, this is more mathematical and logical but not very scientific. Anywho. If the concession was on the table already, Putin would know the probability or the threshold is possible enough that the concession was on the table already, it hypothetical can go on the table, and it might be placed on the table again. Even if military withdrawal is inevitable, Putin may hold out for the concession anyway, knowing what he knows. IMO this is the problem of post hoc negotiating: shifting goal posts, and setting bad precedents. Fortunately, most people, who do not have inflated egos or a self-absorbed desire to over-extend their control, can be reasoned with about certain ground-rules and their benefits to community and the shamefulness of violating them. Unfortunately, they can still have massive blind spots.
  7. Apparently most Ukrainians know Russian, both Slavic languages along with polish, but not vice versa. Russians are obviously slavophobic toward Ukrainians, and that is why they assumed an easy victory / easy reunification, with a people whose language they don't even understand. Russian-speaking Slavs need to make sure that this war inflicts maximum damage on Putin's popularity and legitimacy, which amazingly has not happened yet. Let's withhold nukes from all unilingual societies. I learned a little Spanish in highschool, which I never used. 😕 Bilingualism is linked to "cognitive flexibility", and "verbal intelligence" is inversely related to prejudice.
  8. Still contaminated.  Looks like steam followed by brushing with toothpaste will be effective, but is it the toothpaste surfactant or just another reaction?  Also, steam doesn't penetrate the folded pillowcase and it only rises directly upward.

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      I soak the toothbrush in hot water.  Wipe out before rinsing out.

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      My email authentication isn't in its bag.  My last few posts would not submit.  Everything is breaking.  Phone? maybe

  9. I would say, long-game is de-radicalization, or to counter pro-Putin propoganda in Russia and neighbors like Belarus or Azerbaijan (where another conflict is ongoing). Then, short-game is to engage in diplomacy with everyone interested in peace, at the official level, popular level and international level. Nobody threatens a counter-attack hoping to be called on their bluff, unless they're a weapons manufacturer. Has Putin already suppressed the protests in Russia?
  10. REVISION OF: "The problem with using too much liquid is that the substance will get washed into the mouth before it is removed, but it needs plenty of motion, not plenty of liquid. ... You can't rinse all of the inside of your lips without accidentally ingesting some of that water, even if you spit it out and try rinse it out. ..." This was based on a hypothesis that seemed to be the only hypothesis that could account. It's also true that solids would pick the substance up if the lips had been wet within the hour. This is potentially a confound since the act of rinsing was also incidentally moistening, and I would typically eat after doing it whereupon the solid foods picked it up. This became a repeated observation. However, I distinctly remember thinking that I wasn't going to drop the other hypothesis even though the two hypotheses potentially confound one another. However, I found more corroboration for the hypothesis that foods could pick it up if the lips had been moist, and I would privilege it over the excess-liquid-spillage hypothesis, if the latter didn't also make a lot of sense and moreover to find corroboration. That is, finding corroboration in the unsafeness of drinking from large bottles upon awakening, rather than small bottles, and how this was consistent with a spillage hypothesis that was only a small leap and could seem to be operating in at least one other context where no other hypothesis seemed to suffice.
  11. I won't be able to finish because people are withholding all money from me, into starvation. This much became clear: Whether it starts on the lip's corner from sleeping on my side (it probably does), it inevitably migrates across the lips where it becomes stuck on the surface, or dare I say in the epithelium, but the lips are sticky. You can remove it by getting the lips mildly wet (?: setting for between immediately and twenty/thirty minutes) and applying plenty, plenty of motion (?: with two different paper surfaces). After going through ten tissues, I removed most of it, maybe close to all of it. The problem with using too much liquid is that the substance will get washed into the mouth before it is removed, but it needs plenty of motion, not plenty of liquid. ?: Why accidentally rinsing any liquid into the mouth causes detectable effects, (?: is that it probably has some sort of rinsing half-life, (?: or whatever is exposed does before more of it loosens up and becomes exposed)). (-- In that case, avoidance is probably a much worse strategy compared to removal.) The thing causing delayed sniffles has disappeared again. Alas, if your wipe doesn't accidentally contact your face, you don't need to wipe your cheeks or the cheek that was on your pillow. You should wipe outside skin before inside the lips, starting from a broad cheek area, moving to a narrower cheek area, then start wiping in the lips. This seemed to work before this mystery substance disappeared again. This also seemed to mitigate the other substance's effects slightly even though I didn't do the entire lips, but I might not be able to confirm this. You can't rinse all of the inside of your lips without accidentally ingesting some of that water, even if you spit it out and try rinse it out. I slept like a baby. 😂 I have had dark circles under my eyes for some months or maybe a year. You can stick your tongue at the can, if you're choosing avoidance over removal. Without the tongue, the can's liquid goes toward the corners, and this tongue-ing seemed to mitigate the effects. The mystery substance that caused a more delayed sniveling seemed to sit around in the saliva. This became clear when I experienced its effects immediately after lying on my side. However, it still had a pretty consistent onset time of two-and-a-half or three hours. Finished!
  12. I don't know if I can conduct a test for it until I know what it is or at least how it is behaving, and the situation is becoming more complex as I collect more observations. I will definitely check it out for resonant observations. I also have my old chemistry textbook that I read the first half of. Stopped before Lewis Structure. I've been feeling agitated for the last five or six years, and I began thinking aloud after I quit the prescribed anti-psychotics. The agitation--the restless scatterbrained thinking aloud--got noticeably worse after I started rinsing my face with water. Something else, though, was causing the allergic response. Whatever was causing the agitation seemed to be remaining active for so long that it was sitting in wait on my pillowcase, where the contaminant would pass onto my cheeks where I would rinse it onto my mouth by pouring more water onto it. In contrast, whatever caused the allergic response seems to be more soluble such that it rinses away more easily, but the allergy contaminant also has the ability to invade the aqueous solution on the wet tissues. Recently, I've been wiping my mouth with wet tissues, but the wet tissues seem to pull in the contaminant from wherever they can: the surrounding face, or the edge of the plastic bag where the baggie opens. Imagine somebody trying to spot mop a floor covered with a dried goop, a dried goop that becomes liquid again whenever it contacts the moisture of the water from the mop. That dried/wet goop is the allergy-causing contaminant. The full coverage of the residue over all the lips is a problem because you will eat or drink it multiple times: you eat the inside of your lips, then your toothbrush will replace it with contaminant from the lower lip or the lip's corners, then you eat it again. I will say this tentatively, and I will revise it if I am wrong, but the best approach seems to be to let the external skin dry after wet wiping it externally and before wiping inside mouth. You also have to open wide for the corners and wipe the inside corners carefully, so you don't draw in more from the surrounding skin. I am not sure how long it takes to build up inside the lip's corners*. Regarding the lip's corners. I seemed to be experiencing poor concentration related to the lip corners, poor concentration that wasn't noticeably until twice it manifested as physical fatigue combined with overwhelming inattention that was hard to ignore. Get it? Overwhelming inattention that you can't ignore? Yeah, I need a method to asses it. I am not sure how long it takes to build up yet, but I had literal mental and physical fatigue when I finally noticed it. Anyway, it seems to peak after two hours or from one-hour to three-hour, and to last for a total of seven (7) hours. Incidentally, the allergic thing usually sets in after ten minutes, but when I began wiping my lips, it started producing a more enduring allergic effect lasting from two-and-a-half hours until five hours or so, and this happened regardless of whether it was ingested from my hands or from my lips. Talk about unnecessary confounds! How am I supposed to assess my own ability to concentrate? Anyway, the solution to these problems, tentatively, is to very carefully wipe inside the opened lips after allowing the external skin to dry after being wet wiped. Otherwise, there is an alternative and pretty straightforward, albeit messy, method: pour the water onto your lips while lying down. --> Pour the water onto your lips while lying down. Clear water that won't stain. Patiently pour gently from a small or low-filled bottle so you don't get it up your nose, or else it will be carrying something else with it. And get the bottom of your lip too, or else the remaining contaminant will get spread around by your toothbrush. In fact, a rectangular shaped section of skin surface is probably more optimal than a lip-shaped section. Other discoveries: Whatever is causing the diahrea, probably the stuff on my cheek, only has this degistive effect after being heated or being exposed to chemicals, including a disinfecting wipe and a sensitive skin wipe, but this chemical product also removes from the surface very, very. That is, if you don't toothbrush your way into a round two. The over-heated form might have an onset of less than an hour rather than more than an hour. Plastic bags as gloves still cause problems if you have to reach into a deep container, because you still have to touch the edge of the bag to open it. I will have to work this out somehow. Regarding soda cans, open them carefully with a firm grip, and do not pour anything onto the can after opening it with your hand.
  13. Here is Francesca Fiorentini's reporting from early July, prior to Kabul's surrender. Afghanistan is 50:00 onward, and the finance angle is from 90 onward. (Empire Files is good for Israel Palestine.) From a scientific perspective, one might analogize that the Taliban, a supposedly "primitive" culture, pushed out the foreign invader like it was influenza, a naturally occurring viral infection. All the Taliban needed was a real boogeyman like what humans have evolved to detect. Although agnostic atheists are only pushing for what seems like the next logical step (i.e. why not ditch the God too?), it is worth noting how we've wandered, or carelessly stumbled, into a supposedly modern culture of hyper-individualism and continual oligarchy. What do the Taliban have that we have willingly surrendered to the marketing and propaganda that have mangled/modernized our values into accomodating whatever corrupt, lying oligarchs they propped up? Trump started the withdrawal, Biden carried through with it, and neoliberal imperialists and war racketeers were all-along profiting from mediocre work. Meanwhile, communist China actually seems to be adopting the empirial strategy of bolstering its allies through infrastructure projects of the sort that we cannot even commit to here in the continental USA. Another war finance story: we wasted trillions beefing up bulky fighter jets rather than improving on an older, lightweight design. It was TYT. I'll find it. Lockheed Martin. "U.S. Military Admits Trillion Dollar Mistake" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbzEMdJBagg
  14. I love Mr Bungle. I never listened to Faith No More. We need moral behavior, not moral frameworks. One-Two Punch. Thank you Anna Biishiki? What you do is important. I've been waking up late every Monday.
  15. *oops, sinusoidal is a math term I am not on any drugs. I took anti-psychotics for about a year about five years ago, but otherwise I hardly ever taken an Aspirin.
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