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  1. Yeah, it's tough because I have no idea how to formulate a conversation on the topic. Basically, it's a dynamic web app, there will be .doc and .pdf documents uploaded and viewed... and some text boxes... practically no photos, NO videos, etc.
  2. I recruit in IT, and my team is working on a web-app, but we are getting conflicting information. Our web-app should get 10s of thousands of daily traffic. We are concerned about scaling up a client-server model. We think microservices or "serverless" model might be the solution. We we speak with the companies that will help us with this, all we hear is bias and self-interest. Do any of y'all have an experienced opinion on the matter? Pros and cons... what should we look out for?
  3. When studying or working, I like to listen to music without lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar-HY7pqYYE&t=491s Is Ken Ham a flat earther? Man, I have a friend... who is one... and, get this, he travels internationally monthly, across the world... he thinks that the flight patterns as they are advertised is just a conspiracy...
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