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  1. Programming books have sadly been vanishing over the past 10 years. My local bookstore used to have a "computer" section that took up an entire corner of the store. Now it's down to a few meagerly populated shelves. Everyone seems to recommend "The Pragmatic Programmer" and "Code Complete," but I actually haven't read either one of them, at least not yet. A 20th anniversary edition of "The Pragmatic Programmer" appeared late last year. The publication dates on these books keep pushing them to the bottom of my reading list. I've read numerous great programming books on C#, JavaScript, Angular, SQL Server, Java, etc., but they become obsolete so fast these days. Most of my new learning comes from sites like Pluralsite or Udemy now, though I enjoyed learning from books much more.
  2. A builder/luthier called "Unprofitable Instruments" builds Tromba Marinas, as well as other, well, "unprofitable" pre-baroque instruments. They even own the domain "trombamarina." Link: http://www.trombamarina.com/instruments/tromba-marina (it looks like I may not have the ability to post links yet). The bottom of the page above includes audio files of the site owner playing a tromba marina with a high school orchestra. You can get one made for $5000. I always wanted to learn rebec, but time continues to be a scarce commodity.
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