Ahmad Baghaffar

Strange self-induced feeling

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I know I’m late on this. I can’t remeber how old I was when I first discovered that I can do this; I don’t know what it is or what I’m doing.


I’m able to induce some sort of strange feeling  in the core. Kind of like.. having butterflies? The longer I force it my body sometimes jerks and/shivers and I have to catch my breath

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It amazes me how many people think this entirely natural phenomenon is somehow strange. All of y’all are normal. Chillax. 

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Im 23 year old male, and I had the same feeling/ability since I was a kid, I can relate to most of the feelings described in this thread, for me its feels like clenching a muscle in the base of the spine I can also deel it in the back of my head, it gets pretty uncomfortable the longer I hold it. The most noticeable feeling after doing it multiple times in a row is body heat I feel warmer to the point where I sometimes start sweating but just a little bit. Im actually interested if females do expirience the same feeling or its exclusive to males. I juste signed up in this forum, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Moderator Note

There have been a lot of assertions that the phenomenon described in this thread is somewhat unusual. As they all have been very speculative the thread is moved. Going forward I request that folks put a bit more thought and reading into it and contrast it with related effects, e.g. due to meditation/yoga/exercise/whatnot before claiming strange superpowers. See the sticky in the thread for general guidelines.


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I knew there had to be others with the same ????

Been able to do this for 25+ yrs.  The search for this online has been exhausting.  I'm glad you guys made the effort to be found.

For me, it's nothing like tingling goose bumps and hair standing up.  

As a kid I named it "Negative motion".  Whatever that meant to me then!  I guess because it feels like expending energy yet remaining still.

I can induce it at will.

Approximately 0.1 sec ramping from min. to max 'amplitude".  Can increase it very slowly as well.

At termination the sensation dissipates in approximately 1-2 sec. 

I can maintain it, seemingly, indefinitely at less than max.  Quite mentally tiring at max.

Mentally exhausting in proportion to duration and/or magnitude.

Heart rate increases slightly and briefly at start but returns to normal when reach "constant amplitude".

Initial surge of the sensation, then the sensation feels like a current maintained by voltage.

Can select individual arms/legs.  Upper or lower torso or both, front or back.  Head.  

Can smoothly and slowly transition to different areas or quickly switch.

If I don't focus consistently some muscle twitching occurs.

Can modulate frequency and or amplitude.

Damn.  All this and it's probably useless.

Would like to see if an EKG might detect it.  Lie detector?  Current or induced electro-magnetic field?

I wonder if the sensation is actually peripheral.  Maybe it's at the brain/nerves interface or deeper in the brain.

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