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  1. Please do not start this "healing energy" thing. This is not a thread for such stuff. There is an electrical feeling that we can trigger and we are trying to understand where is this come from, why this is there and is there any provable outcome of it. Writing something like you did will damage this topic.
  2. Thanks StringJunky, I am unfortunately well aware of the nature and normality of sleep paralysis but thanks for trying to be comforting. I know the possible reasons and trying to reduce them by ...basically trying... I believe you missed my point. I am trying to explain that: 1- I am experiencing an electrical feeling during the "strange self induced feeling" ("SSIF"). 2- I am also experiencing an electrical feeling during the sleep paralysis. 3- According to my researches through the years, I am experiencing "sleep paralysis" a bit more frequently than an healthy individual. By that reason, I am able to concentrate on the feeling I experience during the paralysis, rather than panicking. 4- During these examination moments; the paralysis feeling was quite similar with what I experience during the SSIF. 5- Now, I am trying to narrow the possible scientific explanations down for SSIF and I need to know did others experience such similarity with their body. 6- Because if there is a common similarity, then we will -kind of- know where to look at in our brain to find an answer, at least superficially. That was my whole point. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I think I found out something interesting. I am having sleep paralysis on a regular basis since I was 12 (I am 25 now); at least 1 or 2 nights a month; mostly on days that I am highly anxious or having lack of sleep. I experience short terms of paralysis and get back to normal in 1-1.5 minutes. An unpleasent disorder caused by my brain but I am quite calm and ok with it after all these years. Last week I realized that I am having that electrical feeling during the sleep paralysis just as I feel when I trigger the "thing" that we are discussing under this subject. I think, this is something closely related with a disfunction that my brain has. Maybe a neurodegenerative disorder. Do you experience sleep paralysis too, oftenly (at least once in a month)?
  4. I believe Nickadam's goal was to do a Parody, too.
  5. Dear forum member, I am using this topic to find someone with the same thing and with more answers. Even someone who can tell me where to go to have a test this thing is welcomed. Yet, offensive approaches like yours is not helping at all. Every scientific exploration starts with curiosity and you are nothing but an obstacle with that mean attitude. No one is claiming a supernatural power or something. We are just trying to figure it out by sharing experiences. Have a great day.
  6. Hi, it is my second post under that topic so I believe my powers are enhanced! Aside from the joke. The reason I ended up here is that I want to find someone who has the same feeling and actually went for a medical test to get some scientific results. The thing I can add is that after I tried to hold this feeling for 1+ minutes and I ended up with some results. I shall not share the results now because I want everyone to try their maximum and share their experience after it. If I share what I had; it can affect you psychologically. I only will share that mine was unpleasant. I really want someone to come up with a scientific answer.
  7. I have registered just to write under this title. I am from Turkey and able to have a feeling intentionally starting from the top of my stomach and spread across my body. The feeling is like I am putting a lot of stress in my body, after 5 seconds of holding myself like that my muscles start twitching and my body slowly start shivering. There are no goosebumps in my scenario but I start to hear an internal noise like blood is rushing to my ears. Is there any scientific explanation? I found this forum page by Google but since the explanation is hard the research gets even harder. The man who posted first in the forum is describing the %100 similar experience that I am having.
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