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  1. its just hard for you to reason isn't it? You know what? No one is close to understanding me. Am just starting to realize that first guy on the top was right,this is a science forum not bible study.y'all just a bunch of non believers,i wonder if Einstein is in Heaven or Hell...am gone!.how do i delete my account??
  2. Let's say all that happened as part of punishment to humanity,woman could have been the better version of leadership but she screwed it up...
  3. So if A was faulty,then i think we just proved god is not real base on that,i mean i dont know what do you think? All i can say is that you might be right that god dint curse woman that way but the way genesis 3:16 is written never stops getting in my head...but i appreciate your thought,now i know something.
  4. Forget it..Let me simplify this whole thing, i intended to ask, "If God cursed woman that she will forever look up to man,how is it that there are some women presidents?" Its just that simple.i need to know.and kindly if you say it doesnt apply to modern time,how is it so? Because thats a curse to woman from God Himself and its plainly in the Bible.[If Jesus said He will come back then so He will]...[If God cursed woman forever to be under man then thats the case forever] i dont believe that things can change from what was written in bible...i think i complicated the matter talkin about Trum
  5. About the tabloid thing,i concluded it rude because i felt as if that guy was saying i believe in those crazy stories and gossip found in tabloids,u understand? Im sorry i dint make it clear what i meant
  6. Ok i get it but not the way i expected,mayb i dint make it very clear..but i appreciate your comments except that guy talkin about tabloids,i have never even thought of reading tabloids...i feel offended! U cud have just not say anything instead.i just aired my thoughts that was a bit of problem to me and just wanted a kind opinion ,and you talkin about tabloids???????????? how rude!! Am sorry guys but if someone see this as nonsense then i beg this topic to be removed,thank you.
  7. isn't this supposed to be 'atleast' in religion category ??????????? smh...u making my head hurt more but its ok,my apology if i wasn't supposed to Post here.
  8. In the bible Genesis chapter 3:16 we learn that man was to rule over woman,this really haunts me to this day since elections,could this be the reason Hillary lose??.i try asking people this but i end up sounding weird,i knew right before elections Trump would win because it couldn't make sense a woman winning and rule the world,because that would mean something totally opposite from the Bible...am i going crazy? Does anyone understand what am trying to point out? I got the feeling some people wondering whats up with me but is there anyone out there seeing some light in my point? Help me unde
  9. Wow i know this,been wondering what it is..i had to sign up to reply.been looking for explanation to this like forever! So the weird thing or rather strange is that i knew about this feeling in a dream about 10 years ago (am 25) and i was evading a creature so my point of escape was through a wall a big wall so i wasnt left with any option all i had to do was crash into the wall and as i was doing that i naturally (in the dream state) felt the tingling feeling sort of came from inside my rib cage and felt abit weird but managed to somehow bypass the wall without crashing it into pieces...when
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