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  1. I don’t believe in god because it gives me comfort. I believe in god because it’s true. I had more comfort when I thought we just died and no form of consciousness remained.
  2. Those aren’t my words “sky spirit”
  3. Correct as is everything is self induced.
  4. Funny I feel the same way about you.
  5. Because the sky spirit and our imagination know more than we do.
  6. There’s many ages yet to come after bronze my friend
  7. Scientists Especially on this message board say there is nothing special or anything else that comes along with this ability to control your nerves in this way however scientists are rigid and always behind the ball when it comes to the future. I think it means we have a futuristic ability to control our nervous system probably a little bit ahead of evolution and this skill will have purpose at some point but scientists will never say that be Fuad they are stupid no offense we need you for a lot of things keep up the good work! I would love to get some data and see what other similarities especially psychological we all have in common as well. Your mind and your nervous system are the only two things in your body that are connected to your soul and to god. Tech startups are already building ai to connect into your arm so that you can control a robot with just thinking about moving your fingers or hands. I think more evolved species control things this way so the fact that some people can control their nervous system in a way that others cannot is very interesting. I have a feeling there are a number of other similarities as well.
  8. I have been able to do this as long as I can remember. I would describe it as the feeling you get falling from a roller coaster in your stomach or legs except I can make it more or less intense and hold as long as I want and when its intense its like the roaster coaster X 10. The other thing that happens to me is that if something is about to touch my skin, especially right between my eyes and lower forehead, the skin feels very very tingly and when I perceive the object to almost be touching it will get intensely tingly and I can also control that feeling too but harder to get unless I stick something near my forehead -- not as easy as the legs. From reading some of the posts here, it seems this isn't all that uncommon. But I have always wondered if this is some sort of super power and how to or if it is possible to harness it in some positive way for my life. So far I just use it to feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride when I am bored sitting on my couch. What do people do with this skill?
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