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  1. No buddy. You've missed the point entirely. This is besides the point and more so the essence of the entire convo. Apart from all the Go Out and Do something talk. 😄 yes I'm being compassion cus I have no hatred towards your stupidity. You're just stupid, i dont feel any kind of way towards you, sorry if honesty is too harsh for you. Pffft. If I'm being honest I saw your reply coming from miles away. Just know you're wrong and I do love you. But just you in particular yeah, I have never nor will I ever take time to just call some body out on their bullshit. Come on bro, stop bullshitting, stop bullying and stop being sensitive . Behind my words you only perceive what you know and how you are as a person is projected when my emotions are pure, the words are harsh just to get through to you and obviously it did but in the way I was expecting instead of the way I was hoping. ❤️
  2. You do realize how ignorant you sound? Personally I choose to understand rather than reject, so how are you so narrow-minded, so much so to actually think and type this bs. I'm with you ONLY and solely on the topic of all the human knowledge we've accumulated since but you just make it all seem so miniscule because of your closed mindedness. Oh sky spirit hurrr durrr, people find comfort and some kind of discipline and compassion from the belief in GOD. Not everyone that believes is a moron like you. I apologize im not insulting you im just being honest. Just because I dont agree with it doesnt mean you can be a bigot especially cus our knowledge and beliefs are being backed by common sense and science like so what. There's more to life than what you are, not who you are because you're obviously a drone, you sound like tons of other people that take pride in knowing so much that they forgot how little they really know. You dont look at anything from all or as many perspectives as possible you just look at it with your eyes and are content. I can go on, but you just make me want to completely reject the truth and cold hard facts. Like your way of thinking belongs and would flourish in the bronze age. But hey, ignorance is bliss right? I have nothing against you nor do I care. I care about humanity and youre doing it such an injustice . Hope you have a beautiful day and learn more and more because you have such a long way to go just like the rest of us. What's the use of all this accumulated knowledge if all you do with it is so barbaric and contradictory. How can we progress when your mentality is so antiquated and shit? What can you do with knowledge but build a flimsy pedestal for your ego to stand upon and jerk off violently to itself? Instead of accumulating the wisdom and understanding that comes with such accumulated knowledge. Idk. Dont pick on other people for their beliefs, youre just causing a division as opposed to fucking progressing holy fuck
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