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What are you listening to right now?


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52 minutes ago, TheVat said:

Seemed like it was time to listen to one of my country's greatest poets again - Bob Dylan:

Will this song ever not be timely?

I think the first line may have come from the title of  this book (but don't quote me)




I think that Dylan is dead to the new Dylan .


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Over the last 25 years or so it has been highly amusing to see German heavy rock band Rammstein quietly but consistently appropriating and repurposing right-wing iconography to serve politically progressive purposes. It's a brilliant strategy. Absolutely immune to any accusation of 'wokeness'. But at the cost of being somewhat challenging to those who want nothing to do with that particular kind of iconography.

For those of a nervous disposition, the title means exactly what you think it means so feel free not to view if you think you'll be offended. Though by doing so you'll miss some beautiful wind band intros and outros by members of the Dresdner Staatskapelle Orkester which would be a pity.


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