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  1. I understand, I should have explained less deliriously, and written a clear question I'm sorry for the aggressiveness and the off-topic
  2. @swansont Are you able to confirm that you closed my thread because the info provided was not useful as part of a discussion? Or because it was my personal info and not references from a journal? Or is it because I merged the info with feelings? Could you please be clear?
  3. I don't understand your phrase Do you mean like if I read in a journal someone's words about how a drug interacts with the body, then we can continue to talk about it here? I'm not sure to understand what you mean by references, I expected the info in my thread to be "references", such as - 350µg - like the beginning of a video, being rewind to the ultimate beginning - yellowish light - reassuring - [...]idea of good or bad, like it cancels I made a reference about the feeling of reassurance, isn't that a reference? ___________________ Don't people talk about reassurance and bright light during Near-death experiences? (this is not a real question) I can understand that you don't like my way of telling my experience, such as the extra info like "I felt I saw like the source of the universe" But I don't understand that you mean this is not useful as part of a discussion, I would appreciate if you help me to understand. Me what I guess is that the way of telling the experience and the extra info added, probably due to the fact the experience happened like just 24h before, made you miss some info as the above, that imo can be useful to understand what was that But again, if I don't understand that this is not useful as part of a discussion, I would appreciate if you help me to understand.
  4. Restart linking data to my account, like when you just create one To decrease the risks that some people get influenced by other posts I made, when they would write on the new threads I would open To increase the focus on the thread and the the efficiency of the shared information ________ I mostly wanted my account to get deleted after my report thread on a lsd experience got closed, I expected the community to be able to express themself if they had some ideas about what kind of phenomenons happened to me, such as states of mind that are studied, like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ego_death#Scientific_research... Btw I'm surprised we can talk about religions but not about drugs Would that mean that if lsd was not illegal, you wouldn't have closed my thread Would that mean you let governments decide what you can study The disappointment was over but it just came back after realizing this The only messages i received on this thread was 1 like the one from Sensei above I mean provocation, like they are smarter And the other one was from a moderator meaning the references are not useful as part of a discussion In this thread I didn't write "Could you help me to understand what happened to me?" because I felt embarrassed/disturbed Would that have prevented my thread from getting closed? (this is a real question)
  5. i appreciate your explanation i guess that only the website owner could change this behavior i like to restart from scratch sometimes, without having to use another email address for that
  6. why i can't delete my account? i don't ask my messages to get removed i was thinking i could delete my account and then create a new one, using the same email address so i guess i would first have to change the email address of my current one, then drop it then i could create a new account using my real email address if you propose to manually do it, please don't but add a button so everyone could i think keeping only posts but deleting username/avatar/signature etc, would be good.
  7. Hi Yesterday I took a 350µg LSD tab obtained from a trusted source on Tor I didn't sleep since like 10 hours, then took the tab, after like an hour the effects started getting felt I'm used to stay laying on my bed in the darkness, listening to music using noise canceling headphones, the kind of music like Clozee does I didn't take some since like 6 month, I don't drink, neither smoke and such At some point I felt better than usual, I felt like I hear much more the music details I started thinking about what would be connecting everything, then I thought the last barrier to understand is to break the time/go beyond it. Then in my mind I started seeing a source of all, a bit like the beginning of a video, being rewind to the ultimate beginning And then, still eyes closed, I saw a yellowish light, it was so powerful and reassuring I don't practice a religion, but it felt divine, it lasted for few seconds, made me cry, started again... Some time after it felt scary, I started thinking: so is it good or is it bad? I couldn't tell, there was like no space for this idea of good or bad, like it cancels It was like there was everything, like an infinity. It was all yellowish in my head. I felt I saw like the source of the universe, like a singularity. It was violent I heard about Ego death and Near-death experience, I guess it's something related to this that I experienced...
  8. i don't do iq tests i'm too afraid to get a negative result
  9. I think I see what you mean, I guess I was talking about another type, the discrete one that you get for a long time until one day a result occurs I didn't know this quote, I think it's great I really appreciate thank you I don't have an example to share that I think would bring an useful info sorry, I don't understand what says when someone really deserve contempt, I guess it's subjective ______________________________ I thought of a benefit of contempt, a person who felt despised could have a reaction that pushes him to become more powerful
  10. me it's a tv show called Barry, he is an ex marine soldier, now depressed hitman during a mission, he accidentally meet some beginner actors training in a theater of LA (the man he was ordered to kill is one of them) they bring some happiness in his evening ____________ i think it's really funny, original, like from another world maybe And you what did you just watch?
  11. I really appreciate your replies I notice no mention of benefit of contempt in these. I know that contempt contains anger, which I think is useful for noticing that you really don't like something that is like imposed on you Like a signal saying "you have to change that", of course it's not always easy to understand/act I guess please tell if you think I'm missing something fundamental about anger's purpose But about contempt, would that just be a defective form of anger that has no benefit at all?
  12. Hi I contempt everyday in my thoughts, maybe people see it through my acts I feel it is toxic to me, like being mean doesn't makes you feel good I think I do this to make me feel I'm better than others, to reassure myself, I think it's weakness. I try to stop, but it looks to be widespread in myself I guess there could have benefits from this like in maybe everything, I struggle to understand the "Virtues" part of the Wikipedia article by the way One benefit I think about this is to build who you are, I mean knowing what you like, and what you don't, getting firm and reliable I would like to never contempt again, but would my life expectancy reduce a lot? I would prefer living without this even if the time duration decreases, but not sure about 24h... Do you have an idea of what would it be like to never contempt?
  13. I mean you stay in the air but don't move I didn't know, I'm very surprised I was thinking about why the not moving things in the air would rotate the same as the Earth does, and not just arrive to the opposite location after 12 hours, or just arrive farther If I understand correctly, since Earth's rotation influences the travel duration of aircraft, there is a positive speed value that would never allow you to reach B point? One that would make you just stay at the same location? (And one that would make you go backwards? (but with this one you would reach B...)) Imagining the aircraft doesn't have a minimal speed value to respect for not falling Sorry if Galileo's ship experiments answers to these new questions, I tried to fully read the Wikipedia article, but it isn't translated into my main language and I'm so tired right now, If I read it fully and get the answers to these new questions, I will tell
  14. Hello Since the Earth rotates, what would happen if you take an helicopter, and stay above the surface for 12 hours ? Would you arrive at the opposite of the Earth ? Hmm I guess the wind would bring you with it, so let's say you do circles with a supersonic aircraft, what would happen ? If you don't arrive to the opposite of Earth, because of which phenomenon ? I'm not sure to understand why things above the surface would rotate too, except maybe the wind bringing you with it...
  15. I watched THE MENU yesterday it was pretty cool ps : thanks again for your suggestions and funny comments i plan to try them all
  16. my brother gave me a Bose headphone it's awesome
  17. I think in my case I'm passionate about seeing my ideas becoming realized, but not about the work to do it lol. But I find some parts of the work exciting especially when it's about making some features becoming functional... I think it's the same for me Sometimes I ask myself : wouldn't I be happier if I give up all these crazy projects and go for a simple and "natural" life far from technologies... but I can't resist...
  18. I thank you so much for your messages, it's helping me a lot @Genady I think I could like to see a (reputed) psychotherapist hoping he would help me to feel and be better. I don't have in mind things I would ask them. I used to see some psychologist and psychiatrist (without my asking) and I don't think that helped me. @Phi for All Your message really warmed me, I gave up my app project a few times for a very short time, like when I wanted to quit civilization and go live in the forests, but I never gave up by thinking I will not succeed because it's too difficult. (also did some breaks when I had to move) I agree with you that I am lucky to know what I really want to do. I never get bored... I did a V imagining I enter a room and see people being happy to see me because they enjoy what I did and do, I think it really gives motivation to make it happen @TheVat I agree with you. I think that minimalism helps to be productive. Unfortunately when I go outside I feel instantly bad and the closest forest is pretty far on foot, I think I should really try harder to move to countryside, I lived there when I used to work 10+ hours/day @CharonY I procrastinate, it's hard to really enjoy distractions like watching a movie when you did not have no pain before, like if there is no merit... I think you can't really escape because you keep thinking that you did not do what you had to do... I noticed I enjoy a lot when I worked before I think that the method you mentioned is exactly what I need.
  19. Hello I made some researches on google about this but the results I find don't satisfy me I'm going to explain a situation where someone can't motivate himself to do his work, I hope you to suggest ideas for this person to be motivated, I will evoke some I have in mind This is my situation and I really hope that if I find help here, it could help other people too __________________________ I have a disability pension (diagnosed schizophrenia, live in France), single, no children (I'm 25), live alone in an apartment, in touch with some family members, no driving license, no medication. I have multiple goals, the first one I want to achieve is to create a meeting mobile app, I started few years ago, I made a lot of progress, it got recently clear in my head how the base will work. I used to work 10+ hours a day, had some breaks. I think that smoking weed helped me to stay calm/away from reality and focus in coding, I don't smoke anymore since few months. Actually, focusing like 20 minutes is really difficult... I used to enjoy fixing bugs, searching for ways to do what I want to do... Now I don't work almost every day, but escape reality watching movies and playing video games (stopped drinking like 2 months ago). The sad thing is that I really think that if I success the app, it would help me a lot to do things like activities I love (but requires money), and would allow me to work on my next goals. __________________________ Some ideas I have in mind to help me to get motivated are : - move to a place I feel better like countryside instead of city (I have done the administrative/social procedures, I am waiting for an answer, should take a while) - practice activities I like such as climbing or wild camping (yes what am I waiting for... I climb sometimes but I don't really like the place in my city, I think I don't like the city where I live) - meet a girlfriend, I had girlfriends at school but I stopped seeing all the people I used to know because I think we was not really friends but just people smoking and drinking, I have no social media anymore, I don't like dating apps such as tinder (I'm not making this kind of app). I guess/hope I will meet someone when I will do activities/if I "success" professionally. I don't talk to street/market strangers just because I think they are pretty. I don't really have friends. If you have ideas about how to help someone to get motivated to do the work that he really wants to accomplish, please share.
  20. Hmm I meant creating a blank artificial brain to upload a human mind in it So it wouldn't be AI right ? I think AI wouldn't be a copy of a biological mind but would be numerically created
  21. Hello What would happen if you put an incompressible car in a press that close fully for 100% of the time ? I guess it's a stupid question but I can't resist to ask you
  22. I started to watch How to Change Your Mind It's a documentary of 4 episodes about psychedelics, does someone watched it ?
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