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Idiocracy sequel in the real world..


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I promise that he doesn't really represent half the US citizens. There are those of us who can count past five and understand about colors other than black and white. Some of us can show strength without bluster and bluff, and we have the integrity that lets us ignore insults designed to drag us into the mud. He has to do these provocative things to avoid a French Revolution while he helps rig the game to favor the wealthy, because apparently huge amounts of cash just don't cut it these days. It's not morally questionable when the POTUS has no morals, and it's not illegal when you're writing the laws.

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1 hour ago, Phi for All said:

He wants a bigger naval, but he'll settle on playing with his bully-button. 

I bet the military guys that keep their eyes on the nuclear trigger have quietly put in a new layer of idiot-proofing.

"President Trump  was reported to have had a funny turn earlier today and is resting in a mental health facility... and for our next news item..."

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On 3.01.2018 at 5:48 PM, EdEarl said:

An officer, who is always nearby the president, carries a briefcase with the codes. No need to remember. 

Code-locked briefcase also.. ? ;)

ps. It would be quite "unpleasant" to wipe out nuclear rockets starting to launch... from the sky... so better keep them on the ground.. ;)


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