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  1. I'm thinking this may have been caused by wear. Would need the manufacturer's information to work back from maximum pressure to a temperature.
  2. I just meant that this can make it difficult to sustain a social networking drive. Not impossible but more difficult than otherwise. We cycle back and forth between the first and second spot in the search results and Alexa traffic analysis suggests this is the primary source of new users.
  3. I see it as the indeterminate denominator as what causes the problem. 0 / (X != 0) = 0 I still managed to develop a system of math with it(black hole equations) but there were unresolvable issues past the very basics. Something to do if you're bored if nothing else.
  4. It would need proof of existence before we can talk about gaining access to it. Just to clarify this is normally talked about as a 5th dimension. The 3 space and 1 time dimensions, being the ones we are aware of at present. I do like Asimov but his science fiction was just that. No positronic brain Roombas running around.
  5. Light flashes and sound can be incorporated(to varying degrees). http://dreamscience.org/idx_science_of_dreaming_section-2.htm I think the best we can do externally is to try and shape the dream and increase recollection. Lucid dreaming would be needed for actual control. The meditative state the mind machines put you in would probably help towards that end.
  6. I can see no downside in this.
  7. Maybe formalize the teams and require short weekly status reports on what their teams and they as individuals did in the lab that week? Just try and get into a minimum effort mindset to analyze whatever system you decide on.
  8. I had a dream where Morgan Freeman was the host on a bizarre mash-up of Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. While Freeman lauding the achievements of an umbrella and referring to his days fighting the Taliban, was entertaining; I can only hope my experience of heaven is in no way similar.
  9. Dopamine plays a role in religious practices too. Not the wisest idea to start talking about "treatment".
  10. I really don't appreciate being attacked while asking for more information... I(and others smarter than myself) have attempted to read your papers and gotten nowhere. I am asking for further explanation. If you can not or will not provide it, then what are we here to discuss?
  11. A number of members including at least one moderator, have mentioned an inability to understand what your posts reference. I am trying to see that corrected. Personally I find myself unable to form an opinion as to whether your argument is of a scientific nature. I cannot evaluate your argument based on what has been presented thus far, therefor I have not offered an opinion on the matter. I am asking that you use other sources besides yourself so that your argument can be properly evaluated. http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/information-culture/2012/07/24/on-self-cit
  12. http://arxiv.org/help/moderation Moderated yes, peer reviewed no. I want to see a discussion take place here. Present the basics in one short paragraph. Then present what evidence you have in the next. This thread has been going for over 5 years, time to either end it or move it forward.
  13. ArXiv(Archive) is supposed to be for drafts of scientific papers. Papers there are looked at by editors but not peer reviewed. I become concerned when I see papers from there that have not been published elsewhere. Can you explain your hypothesis in simple terms and give evidence(not another self citation) that supports it? Otherwise this thread is just going to continue as it has for literally years now.
  14. Then stop with the straw men and start acknowledging that there are explanations to many if not all of the points you've brought up. That is the behavior that defines science denial.
  15. Has any of this been published in a peer reviewed journal?
  16. Most of what comes to mind are the more obvious uses. Detection of nuclear radiation, smoke alarms, signal recievers, etc. A bit out there but maybe a jeweled personal radiation detector, if it could be made simple enough, Glow red = danger. I could see a number of locations in the world where that might appeal at present.
  17. Endy0816


    Two pieces of yarn. I lay one down and I lay the other so that they both intersect at one end. > From a 4 dimensional viewpoint, neither piece of yarn is moving. From a 3 dimensional viewpoint I see two dots moving closer together. Motion "real" in one dimension becomes unreal when considered from a higher dimension.
  18. ^stable. Although now I am wondering how a fresh black hole would taste.
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II It is remarkably ignorant to claim that the victory was solely dependent upon any one country. If Jefferson didn't consider non-white males "men", then Jefferson's quotes are entirely self consistent. He did end up freeing slaves and allowing some to "escape" but he also kept a number. He may or may not have had offspring by one of his slaves. He was conflicted on the issue like many others in his day were. The country and world have changed since then. We still have a ways to go before we all live in liberty and treat the next man
  20. You ask if the country is evil while enjoying the freedom to read and post on a US based and American owned forum. Must not be all bad. So, you don't think it may have had some impact on the Soviet's invasion? Meh, if you take a look most countries have some sort of sordid history and have utilized deception and propaganda. Soviet propaganda against the US being an obvious example.
  21. You are twisting facts and creating straw men. It was the lack of representation, not the tax itself. Generally speaking taxes increased post Revolution. I'm fairly sure I can speak for my fellow Americans on the fact that WW2 was a joint victory as far as the fall of Germany went. Needed Britain to have a safe harbor to offload troops and supplies. Needed the resistance groups to harass German forces and pass on intelligence. Needed Russia opening up a second front. I'm sure I missed groups and sacrifices with the vastness of the conflict, but suffice to say we don't think we w
  22. Alien civilization: Billions of years Human civilization: Thousands of years 1,000,000,000 compared to 1,000
  23. I think it is just hard for a group to keep up a media presence if their site doesn't depend upon the population influx.
  24. I didn't say it was against the rules I said you should refrain. You are constantly citing yourself and worse not adequately explaining how what you are citing relates to the topic at hand. Stick it in your signature if you want, but stop posting it all over the place. Meh, I'm done with this. You'll either change or you won't.
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