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  1. Tesla used conventional generators... There are more straightforward ways they could have used hydro power without involving electricity. Grinding, irrigation, hydraulic pressure much more plausible than lighting. Plenty of blind painters out there.
  2. Essentially correct. Typically the water used to produce steam is freshwater. Minimizes corrosion potential and salt buildup. Seawater is used for cooling the steam back down. You want to maximize Temperature Hot and minimize Temperature Cold to get as close to maximum efficiency as possible. Can't recall how steam power stacks up in terms of efficiency. I recall looking at it at one point and not being particularly impressed. It is also nominally thermally polluting the ocean when you dump heat there. Lot of ocean available but one could make a case out of it.
  3. As the Man wakes to the Sun, so too does the Sun wake to the Man. Metaphors can be thought provoking, but you are likely better off here sticking to more understandable communication.
  4. Control could be done via a mind-machine interface. Would reduce the number of sensors needed by the suit as well as give the user the option to change its properties at will. Probably some sort of nano-tech for the fabric. For power I would probably just claim ambient or avoid mentioning it altogether. If you really want biologic, swiping energy from the blood stream would be more efficient than tapping the brain. Most of us have a good bit extra to give that would otherwise end up as waste or fat.
  5. I think as long as there is causal trail backwards, from point A to B, then the moment was real even without a living observer. Our observation of the present is the sum total of everything that has happened in the past. There are events that could end up out of reach, unknowable. When spacial expansion outpaces light speed, or if there is a "period" of nonlinear time. Tricky things to try and discuss :/
  6. GEB - An Eternal Golden Braid Fully agree. Borrowed it from a roommate and was up all night reading it. I can truly say I felt transcendent afterward.
  7. That was one of the more illuminating books I've ever read.
  8. Most of the older movie preshow ones are pretty adult in nature. Was probably the advent of Saturday morning cartoons that started their association with children's programming.
  9. So these Greek tourists would have been using soot producing lamps to explore the Great Pyramid. From your statement here we can conclude this: is mistaken. As can be verified by the numerous pictures of soot inside the Great Pyramid. There was at least a sarcophagus left inside the Great Pyramid. The mummy was probably looted in the past. We have used old bones as relics, medicine, and pigment(aptly named mummy brown). Would be a greater surprise if there was a mummy still inside of what had to be the most obvious target for ancient tomb raiders. Piezoelectric refer
  10. Caused by different pollutants acting in conjunction with radiation in the upper atmosphere. I have not read about any process faster than naturally occurring ones to get rid of them, that we can do efficiently over the amount of area involved.
  11. You are assuming that the line itself can't expand. Imagine walking down a 5 kilometer road and someone drops in an extra kilometer on you. At your end point you've gone 6 km without ever traversing the same point twice. In the hypothetical external view, there is probably nothing to see. The Universe either has no external surface area or no mass-energy has reached you.
  12. If you want to get a bit zen, it is expanding into itself. Distance can be stretched or squished. It isn't the fixed quantity you are thinking of it as.
  13. Steam power is one thing. Ancient technological wizardry is just fantasy. All evidence suggests it was just a giant tomb for the Pharaoh.
  14. The Universe is adding more space internally. A-------------B A--------------B Both letters are stationary, but by adding a " - " I have increased the distance(space) between them. It is better to think of space-time as a taffy than the fixed construct we deal with in everyday life.
  15. Popcorn: You need more saleable skills. I am unsure if what you are saying is true, but if it is then people really aren't going to pay you for what you are willing to do for free. There are all kinds of jobs out there for those who want them. I am personally not putting my knowledge of refrigeration, hydraulics, diesel engines, Oxygen generation, network engineering or coding, to use. I am still however getting payed and could pay off all my debts tomorrow were it of value to do so. I really don't see a lot of effort coming out of you to actually change your situation. Ran
  16. The "no-soot hypothesis" is bunk. At the very least tourists since the Greeks would have used conventional lamps. The Egyptians themselves used a low soot producing variety. Olive Oil lamp with a covering. A number of the tombs would have been open to the sky during construction and could have easily been painted with natural lighting. http://www.world-mysteries.com/sar_lights_fd1.htm No piezo crystals. Possibly they meant pyroelectric which would make more sense, considering the fire and all. None of those mentioned either but at least they would make more sense.
  17. Maybe look for an internship or working in a tech support role?
  18. I'm of the opinion the amount of total work will increase until the economics balance. Humans in the service/arts/science sectors, robots in manufacturing. Main issue is transitioning the workforce. Similar to the problem outsourcing poses.
  19. You lost me at ELF That Rule 110 demo was pretty awesome though: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn I want to try making a game like this one: http://dabblet.com/gist/2076449 Moveable character on a game pad using only CSS
  20. I thought iNow's response was good. You really have to take your answers as you get them online. Drugs that block cholecystokinin, will have some impact on the effect. Effectively blocking an increased sensitivity to pain. Also acts as a hunger suppressant. Might be a clue there. ie. "Don't look for food if in potential danger." More to it than that though. How evolution got from hunger to pain sensitivity is beyond me. I just don't see Big Pharma as being interested in funding the research. Nor do I see private grants being awarded to study something so variable and
  21. I just don't hear any concrete action being taken(budget, requesting debt reduction, payment plans, etc). Best I've seen in terms of free resources offered: http://creditboards.com/ It is perfectly normal to end up in a hole, nothing in the world that says you must stay in one. There's plenty of wealth concentration shenanigans going on, but at the same time there's people merely putting their money/credit to work for them. Still work and has its own set of rewards.
  22. Allows you to simulate memory with only a styling language(CSS). Clicking the image will cause the text to show up. Dragging the image will cause text to remain. Works in Firefox and somewhat in Chrome. http://jsfiddle.net/w7B6S/2/ Typically more appropriate JavaScript is used instead, so kind of novel. There are similar tricks out there, this is just the first time I've seen this particular method put to use. Technical: In Firefox if you drag an image, the active state remains until you click elsewhere. If you drag in Chrome, it will only last until you move the mouse
  23. What all have you done to get out of debt?
  24. I mainly just don't see what the other trait(s) might be. Somewhat relates back to the existence of it's nicer twin, the placebo effect. If you've got some ideas I'd love to hear. Seems a fairly important area of evolution that has been overlooked. Most of the focus is on drug trials and how the effects can impact results. Placebos outscoring actual medicine
  25. I really haven't seen much out there in terms of actual research as to the "why" it exists. I suspect evolution just found it to be of value at some point. Cause a physiological change based on perception, positive or negative. You see me react badly to an unknown plant and your brain is likely to treat it as poisonous regardless. It could just be me that had an allergic reaction, but with limited knowledge it is more advantageous to err on the side of caution. Quite a few cases in history where we've managed to determine beneficial practices without knowledge of the underlying cau
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