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  1. Updated VETER program, to verify the special theory of relativity is available on the link: url removed VETER program allows for a little different look at the theory of relativity, which can be helpful in the proper meaning of some of the phenomena described by this theory.
  2. I do not understand why the thread "VETER- The program for verification the special theory of relativity …." was closed by Mr Imatfaal along with the removal of the link to this program without any objections to its content. VETER is a simple, interactive computer program (in Excel), which in a clear math way present contradictions occurring in the special theory of relativity. In the first part of the program are presented unexpected, glaring inconsistencies occurring in the calculations, based on the basic formulas of special relativity, which definitely puts into questions the
  3. Extended version of the above program is available now on the existing link <link removed by mod> In the new part added to this program, there is mathematically pointed out an error in the original assumptions of the special theory of relativity.
  4. Explanation and some questions: The GPS system has been introduced for commercial use in the 90s, hence in my calculation was use value of G such that applied to 2002. Orbits of GPS satellites are strongly close to circular, so the average radius of the orbit 26 571 000 m is required in order to obtain an average orbital speed of the satellite 3 873.2 m/s. Such a speed is required in order to provide the GPS satellite orbital period equal to half of sidereal day i.e.11h58m2s . Adopted for calculation the radius of the Earth was as at the equator , because on the equator GPS also needs to
  5. The calculation of the above values can be checked on the basis of formulas: Gravitational time dilation in the orbit Delta t1 = to / (1-2GM / (Rsat * c ^ 2)) ^ 0.5 Gravitational time dilation on the surface of the Earth Delta t2 = to / (1-2GM / (R * c ^ 2)) ^ 0.5 Daily gravitational time dilation of satellites = (Delta t2 - Delta t1) * 24 * 3600 * 10 ^ 9 ns where: Earth's mass M = 5.97 E+24 kg G = 6.6726 E-11 m3/kgs ^ 2 The radius of the Earth R = 6 378 000 m The average radius of the orbit Rsat
  6. In the GPS satellites detuning frequency of the signal generators is 10 229 999.99543 Hz, while the frequency of such generators in ground receivers is equal 10 230 000.00000 Hz. From this it follows that the detuning of generators frequency, gives the time deviation equal 38597.0653 nanoseconds / day. This is not consistent with the theory of relativity, as the required sum of relativistic deviations, resulting from the velocity of satellites and gravity, should be only 38419.1878 nanoseconds / day ( 45629.9702-7210.7824). As you see the difference to the relativity requirements is
  7. Brief mathematical proof, which shows in a clear way that the interpretation of the theory of relativity in terms of time dilation is wrong, is available on the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26262175/TimeDilationIsFalseProof.pdf
  8. Simple computer program that enables a quick and easy verification of the theory of relativity is available on the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26262175/VerificationTheoryRelativity.xlsx The program calculates the delay of the clocks in motion for any speed of timing pulses in these clocks. Very interesting results of the calculations are obtained for example for the pulse rate: 10 m/s, 250 000 000 m/s, 290 000 000 m/s and higher.
  9. An interesting comparison of the images of typhoons and galaxies is shown on link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26262175/TyphoonAndGalaxies.pdf What do you think about it?
  10. Updated paper on the holes in the SR theory is available on the link given in the closed thread: "Clocks do not confirm relativity". Please do not run away from attempts to clarify, if it is possible, troublesome threads. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet, sooner or later the physicists will have to take their position on the holes in the theory of relativity, shown in the above mentioned paper.
  11. Version of the article in my opennig post was a bit of my provocation to ignite a professional discussion on the presented example. Unfortunately provocation was unsuccessful. In fact, only Mr. Janus tried to explaina little but not quite. So now on the link as in post #1: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26262175/ClocksNotConfirmRelativity.pdf is placed the right article on the subject, at 1 and 1/2 pages plus tables and figures. Total 4 pages. Extended article presents a further example of unreliability of SR theory. Once some of the famous physics said somthing like this: "If you can
  12. Thank you very much for your reply, but to dispel my doubts, please confirm what ticks of sound clock in seconds will see observer A, according to the theory of relativity at speed of the ship 260 000 km / s? And what ticks period should see the observer B? I'm sorry, but I must repeat yet my second request for the professional explanations, if it is possible, what ticks of the radio clock (pulsar) should see passenger in the ship and each of stationary observers A and B. I believe that the time spent on the search for truth is not a waste of time!
  13. Your explanation for forvard and return is not clear to me. Could you give the full physical formula for your expression please. What is the parameter e? For transverse direction: Can you prove it by calculation by above formula and show us the value of the sound speed and the ticks period for transverse trip? For radio clock: Can you show your math formula and calculation of the ticks period for radio clock seen by observer A and by observer B?.
  14. On the link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26262175/ClocksNotConfirmRelativity.pdf is presented one-page article, which clearly shows that the current interpretation of the theory of relativity, on the slowing down of clocks in motion and time dilation, is wrong.
  15. There was another question from the internet which, together with an explanation is presented below: Q. On the chart presented in the program Sagitarius BR, there is increased speed ("hill") of rotation of the stars on the edge of the galaxy disk. How to explain it? A. "Hill", or "hills" in the graph occur only if the % difference of the modeled distribution of mass in the disk between successive circles is sufficiently large. At the differences of less than 1% "hills" are unnoticeable. In the case of circle #20, this is especially evident because the circle #21 and the next, have mode
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