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  1. Question; Motion is the integral principle to all things. The planet's orbit the sun (We start here for brevity), The Solar system moves in accord with the center (Black hole) of it's Galaxy, The galaxy is in motion due to inflation, can we then conclude that space (Dark matter/energy) also, is in motion?. The distance from Earth to the Sun is 149,600,600 km. The distance of the Solar system to the center of it's galaxy, we can say is incalculable. In consideration of totality of distance's, between matter's, within the whole of the universe. We can assign "various" distance as, 3.14159. (
  2. Greetings, Pavelcherepan. explanation 1 is a non issue, Magma in the mantle, lava at eruptions terminology aside they are one in the same. If we say Magma is floating around within the mantle, then my question would be how does it get to be Magma? Science say's there are two types of Magma 1. Primary 2.Parental They both originate within the Mantle, they both are melts due to Heat and pressure, this original post suggested that the heat and pressure stems from contact of some portion of the mantle, with the Outer core, In the case of rich organic sediment, which is taken as Oil
  3. E=MC2 divided by QM (Theory) in 5D= E x cold% = 1. It can't be zero. In the absence of E what accounts for non E (Dark matter).
  4. Science agrees that lava pushed through the surface of the crust by gas, is the process for volcano's. This seems to suggest that the lava is already in place/in motion, or that perhaps the lava is on escape from the outer/inner core of the planet.This view doesn't prove itself, since the outer core is said to be made of molten metals (2) and the inner core of molten metal (1). The lava eruption however is proven to be igneous rock. Safe then to hypothesis, that Lava does not come from the core's. So either it's everywhere and self sustaining, waiting for a gaseous release, or it is formed
  5. I can't give truth a value based on perceptions which may or may not be in fact be true. A witness identified the perpetrator as the one who committed the crime, said witness was 100% positive of their identification. DNA result show that the perpetrator had nothing to do with the crime. The real criminal was captured and charged. This is just a sample of the outcomes, when truth becomes of value outside of the objective accompanying fact. Truth by perception, feelings etc cant be valid. @ Gees, A massacre is a victory, and a victory could also be a massacre. who writes it doesn't matter s
  6. If Dark matter accounts for the majority of space, can we theorize that matter within this space are in analogy, "like a gas bubble in water". Contained fields of matter, held in place by dark matter. And that this containment is inverse, Thats to say that instead of the force being from the core of the matter outward (Gravity), it is inverse, from the borders of it's interaction"s with the surrounding dark matter, inward. All planets and it's various materials, are but bubbles of elements and compounds and other forces like electromagnetic force, contained in the fabric of da
  7. The definition of creation stands as the act of bringing something into existence. So when we automatically see the word creation, we also go straight to creator/Deity. A more proper definition would be creation=Causality. for that definition science would say, Theories exists to explain this, but as of yet we simple do not know. Some would say as in previous post, that not all things have cause, I would reject that since all things in existence has cause, otherwise why exist. Now whatever this cause may turn out to be through research, that would in fact be our creator. To the h
  8. In the above you give truth a meaning separate from objective fact, and gives it a external existence outside of physical reality "Fact"
  9. In contemplation of this argument, the best that I can add to it for the side of creationism, is the need, those who have stock in this position require. I suppose for their overall well being in some way. This need may in fact, have no verifiable objectiveness to it through science, and connected to evolution only in opposition of. So to those who support it for the need it fulfills, I then considerer it necessary. perhaps you others find it necessary to beat it down with a stick, sorry I don't.
  10. @ Commander And how does that differ from the objective fact? which earlier you state that it is not. An example of your argument please.
  11. @Tar. So the "correspondent theory"/ Redundancy theory" of truth is agreed upon by our views. which is to say, truth is objective. a mere predicate of the sentence. The truth is, Bob is upset.
  12. If that was the case Strange, there is nothing you can do about it, under no circumstances, on any day of the week, so why the indignation? However the question of racial intellect, can only be viable to me by the policy "Might" would provide a particular race, over the others, through self preservation, interest etc. How climate, agricultural factors or anything other then dominance of force, is not be considered here is beyond me. Especially since that facts of history and wars speaks to might, and therefore the perks of the victor.
  13. So basically the gist here is that since the one thing has some support of facts, and the other does not, then the one things is all that is. Quite an elite position to take for men of science. but thank you for your opinions.
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