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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II It is remarkably ignorant to claim that the victory was solely dependent upon any one country. If Jefferson didn't consider non-white males "men", then Jefferson's quotes are entirely self consistent. He did end up freeing slaves and allowing some to "escape" but he also kept a number. He may or may not have had offspring by one of his slaves. He was conflicted on the issue like many others in his day were. The country and world have changed since then. We still have a ways to go before we all live in liberty and treat the next man
  2. You ask if the country is evil while enjoying the freedom to read and post on a US based and American owned forum. Must not be all bad. So, you don't think it may have had some impact on the Soviet's invasion? Meh, if you take a look most countries have some sort of sordid history and have utilized deception and propaganda. Soviet propaganda against the US being an obvious example.
  3. You are twisting facts and creating straw men. It was the lack of representation, not the tax itself. Generally speaking taxes increased post Revolution. I'm fairly sure I can speak for my fellow Americans on the fact that WW2 was a joint victory as far as the fall of Germany went. Needed Britain to have a safe harbor to offload troops and supplies. Needed the resistance groups to harass German forces and pass on intelligence. Needed Russia opening up a second front. I'm sure I missed groups and sacrifices with the vastness of the conflict, but suffice to say we don't think we w
  4. Alien civilization: Billions of years Human civilization: Thousands of years 1,000,000,000 compared to 1,000
  5. I think it is just hard for a group to keep up a media presence if their site doesn't depend upon the population influx.
  6. I didn't say it was against the rules I said you should refrain. You are constantly citing yourself and worse not adequately explaining how what you are citing relates to the topic at hand. Stick it in your signature if you want, but stop posting it all over the place. Meh, I'm done with this. You'll either change or you won't.
  7. Then you have to obey the rules. You will be asked to provide clear explanations and refrain from linking to your own material. It is that simple. Many many others claiming to have some deep and secret knowledge have been banned here. Keep that in mind.
  8. Is there a stickied post about this somewhere? I've seen this question asked a few times now. Possibly I missed it, thought I had looked through most of the stickied posts though.
  9. That really doesn't follow. The discovery has to come first. Then you can say there is a method. Nobody is saying there isn't one. They are saying there are a number issues with finding one. Because of these issues there are better routes we can explore for treatment. The asbestos is fragmenting. The cells are being damaged. The few things that can impact asbestos also kill cells. Physically dragging the asbestos out would also leave a trail of damaged cells and more asbestos fragments. Most probable solution would be tissue replacement. Far simpler proposition. We about
  10. How you write is as important as what you write. To put it another way even if you have the answer to life itself, you still need to be able to communicate it to others. You keep on and eventually you'll just get banned like many others before you. You are not the first to claim some secret knowledge and you most definitely won't be the last. You want to be a statistic then do so knowing that the world at large isn't going to care.
  11. Endy0816


    It is a case of perception vs reality. If we rendered instances of a "2D" flatland next to each other you could walk along and see past, present and future for the little world. Something existing within the world would observe relative motion. You outside of it observe frozen frames. Their time is your distance. I was mainly getting at black holes. Spacial expansion is another one. The dimensions exist on their own terms, best not get too attached.
  12. Stop dramatizing. You are being asked to obey forum rules not on trial. You seem to have latched onto the number 7 and multiplied an arbitrary frequency by it. If you have something more than that, then present it. Otherwise there is really nothing to discuss and no reason this thread needs to stay open.
  13. Would they be only on the surface or distributed throughout? Might be an idea to test conductivity depending on what resources you have available. I do like the idea of sticking a glaze on metals though. Biological iron production is a decent thought too.
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog_iron I was honestly thinking it was something acting as a sacrificial anode. Might be some combination of both but sounds like silicates are the most probable cause.
  15. Endy0816


    So if there was an object without any spacial dimensions you would expect it not to exist?
  16. Endy0816


    Without a temporal dimension you'd lack the ability to observe events. It would only appear frozen from a 5th dimensional view. Difficult to explain properly but you can't observe an object having a temporal distance of 5 seconds, because you yourself are using time to observe. In theory you could pull it off, but only via sacrificing one of your spacial dimensions or somehow gaining an extra dimension. In either case you still have one dimension you can't traverse freely.
  17. Endy0816


    You are assuming that we are incapable of observing the past due to its non-existance. We could just be incapable of observing the past instead. Universe can be likened to a frozen tangle of threads. We only see our particular slice. What we term the present is the unreal construct.
  18. Sodium Polyacrylate maybe? Mainly figuring based on safety and availability for experiments.
  19. Yeah, better to have our medical technology advance instead. Some of these disorders also shine light onto our genetic history and novel gene expression.
  20. I find my dreams relate to things I have thought about during the previous day. Some external influences can impact them as well. Temperature is a big determinant for me. Very rarely external sounds.
  21. Leedskalnin built Coral Castle. It is a cool site, but I think Leedskalnin was just using the quasi-mystical construction angle to promote his attraction. He had a fair number of neighbors, I find it difficult to believe nobody witnessed construction/reconstruction. Only thing really inexplicable is the perfectly balanced stone gate.
  22. If you could have a second chemical evaporate(before the water does) you could maybe pull it off. Wouldn't really be the microwave doing it alone though.
  23. You are attempting to shift the burden there... This can be proven false by the Retrovirus, which can transcribe RNA to DNA. One commonly known retrovirus is HIV, you may have heard of it. To answer your original question, the odds are good. Start simple, increase complexity while producing enough entropy to keep thermodynamics happy. Entirely within the rules as we understand them.
  24. Just to clarify, the locust designation is given to grasshopper species that swarm. In nature, it is excessive tactile stimulation of their hind-legs(due to overcrowding), that causes the transformation via increased serotonin levels. I generally see evolution as working via a simpler if inexact methodology as compared to a more complex and precise human solution. If I had to guess I would say that the swarming behavior evolved from something more mundane. Considering the range of grasshopper species the trait occurs across, it is probably ancestral.
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