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  1. True, Perhaps "ASTROLOGY" could be condensed to those born under the Sun & those born under the Moon. like the saying, "As different as Night & Day". No worries, My brain is anchored to the physical, My mind has a mind of it's own.
  2. Once again, the sun is a "celestial body", which has a great effect on humans/animals I myself do not agree with the modern interpretation of Astrology, & 30 day period, even the light/neutrinos/energies from these star systems/signs, take far longer than 30 days, so I would not expect people born under each sign to have more similar life experiences, but it does not mean this "celestial bodies" have no effect upon the humans/animals. I just believe on some level, there is some truth in almost anything.& open to all points of view.
  3. I think Astrology, has a greater right to be in a science forum than religion, there is LESS science for a god, than for Astrology. Some times when i do pop to this forum, there are more posts on religion, than there is science. Astrology: study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. The moon is a "celestial body", there is some science to how the moon effects animals & people, animals I suppose more to do with the tides, but the moon is the nearest celestial body, so I suppose
  4. Video by David Butler, This video is one of the best I have come across, that explains empty space/force fields & their particles/quarks/Higgs boson, it has helped me better understand the concept of fields/spins..in terms most will understand/enjoy.
  5. You used to buy bitcoins for pennies, now they are over $2400 each, Virtual currency is here to stay, to late to invest in bitcoin, but do your homework, there is alot of money to be made in virtual currency, http://www.finews.asia/finance/24552-fintech-virtual-currency-mufg-japan Or invest in a start up company, Drones & VR are looking promising. Also keep your eyes open for new materials being created, which you may be able to invest in.i the early stages. http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/metallic-nanowire-is-true-1d-material/155661/
  6. I have been thinking on semi/super conductor elements/compounds and processes, I know there is a lot I do not understand, but would like to ask the odd question, My first, which will help me refine/dismiss a few ideas, Is about the effect of magnetic fields, and whether they do or could play a part in what temperature a element/compound has to be cooled to? or the amount of pressure needed to phase change? I ask this has a believe rightly or wrongly that magnetic fields alter the electrons orbital, either slowing/speeding up, or altering its radius, Take for instance 2d Boron, whic
  7. I was also wondering the same. This Metallic Hydrogen, was produced with an Diamond Anvil cell, using 495 gigapascals of pressure, These anvils can and were producing 640 GPa of pressure in 2012, Plus shock wave techniques can produce 100,000 GPa of pressure, I do not know if the shock wave technique would work on Liquid Hydrogen, Or whether it would have to be a sustained pressure? But I would have thought, if it needed to be a sustained pressure, we could never then create and use metallic Hydrogen. I also wonder, but cannot find any information, Would a magnetic field, ha
  8. My "2 pennies worth", In my view, "Space" is expanding at every point, So has you blow the balloon up, your allowing a place/volume for space to expand into, the space already in the box is/was continually expanding out of the box.
  9. Yep:),But...,I found it seemed to work after 5, but 2 & 5 would still give me all prime x primes of 2 & 5: 2 x31 5x5 etc. @strange @Imatfaal, Thanks for info, did not fully realize(understand) about unique-prime-factorization theorem, &"composite numbers" where the plus 30 fails 35,49,77 etc, I just found it interesting,that these composite numbers are the product of just "2 primes" that went to a sort of order, 5x7 7x7, 11x7, 13x7, etc, so has i went higher up the primes, I would use 7 & every other prime 7x103, 7x113, 7x131etc. Then 11 and every other prime, Then 13 a
  10. Just messing around with primes+30 to give next primes, some +30's do not equal a prime, but if not, they always equal a prime x's a prime? when this happens, I add 30 again, which gives a prime, unless it is once again a prime x's a prime. Example: Prime 19 + 30= 49, not a prime, but a prime x's a prime =7x7=49, but then add 30 again will give me prime 79. So no prime x's prime can equal a prime? why does adding 30 to a prime, always give a prime, unless the answer is a prime x's a prime, but adding 30 again gives a prime? prime plus 30 prime x prime
  11. NOAA Head Refuses to Turn Over Documents That May ShowManipulated Climate Data http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/noaa-head-refuses-turn-over-documents-may-show-manipulated-climate-data Perhaps there would be science to discuss, if NOAA turn over the documents. NO, It will be through truth & transparency.
  12. For to long the science community has been run science like a cult, you are attacked if you dare question what they tell you, but that time is coming to an end, the old liberal guard are on their way out, new blood is coming into science, science will not be held back by the few, who twist the truth and only care about their funding. http://www.nature.com/news/science-lies-and-video-taped-experiments-1.21432 The revolution is upon us, long live true science.
  13. No, People like you are the problem, anything or anyone, you do not agree with is either hateful or racist, these are tired liberal left arguments, The whistleblower is a man called Dr John Bates, who until last year was one of two NOAA ‘principal scientists’ working on climate issues.also the data is now under investigation IN CONGRESS, You are a bigot,
  14. At the moment congress is investigating https://thefederalist.com/2017/02/10/congress-investigates-federal-climate-change-study-after-whistleblower-exposes-fake-science/
  15. Climate change:more globalist spin, costing UK over 300billion by 2030. It seems @certain scientists love to fudge the figures, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-4216180/How-trust-global-warming-scientists-asks-David-Rose.html Thank god for Trump.
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