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  1. True, Perhaps "ASTROLOGY" could be condensed to those born under the Sun & those born under the Moon. like the saying, "As different as Night & Day". No worries, My brain is anchored to the physical, My mind has a mind of it's own.
  2. Once again, the sun is a "celestial body", which has a great effect on humans/animals I myself do not agree with the modern interpretation of Astrology, & 30 day period, even the light/neutrinos/energies from these star systems/signs, take far longer than 30 days, so I would not expect people born under each sign to have more similar life experiences, but it does not mean this "celestial bodies" have no effect upon the humans/animals. I just believe on some level, there is some truth in almost anything.& open to all points of view.
  3. I think Astrology, has a greater right to be in a science forum than religion, there is LESS science for a god, than for Astrology. Some times when i do pop to this forum, there are more posts on religion, than there is science. Astrology: study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. The moon is a "celestial body", there is some science to how the moon effects animals & people, animals I suppose more to do with the tides, but the moon is the nearest celestial body, so I suppose it would have the greatest effects. science does not completely rule out yet unmeasurable effects of celestial bodies upon humans & animals., Plus Astrology has never been taken seriously by the science community, so no in depth studies have been made. I would guess that when certain star signs are in the sky, we are bombarded by neutrinos from said system, we are told neutrinos pass through us with no measurable effect, but there may be " yet unmeasurable effects". I won't get into gravitational effects, because we still do not yet fully understand gravity. Anyway Astrology deserves more respect than the "Trash", if Astrology goes in trash, then so should Religion.
  4. Video by David Butler, This video is one of the best I have come across, that explains empty space/force fields & their particles/quarks/Higgs boson, it has helped me better understand the concept of fields/spins..in terms most will understand/enjoy.
  5. You used to buy bitcoins for pennies, now they are over $2400 each, Virtual currency is here to stay, to late to invest in bitcoin, but do your homework, there is alot of money to be made in virtual currency, http://www.finews.asia/finance/24552-fintech-virtual-currency-mufg-japan Or invest in a start up company, Drones & VR are looking promising. Also keep your eyes open for new materials being created, which you may be able to invest in.i the early stages. http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/metallic-nanowire-is-true-1d-material/155661/
  6. I have been thinking on semi/super conductor elements/compounds and processes, I know there is a lot I do not understand, but would like to ask the odd question, My first, which will help me refine/dismiss a few ideas, Is about the effect of magnetic fields, and whether they do or could play a part in what temperature a element/compound has to be cooled to? or the amount of pressure needed to phase change? I ask this has a believe rightly or wrongly that magnetic fields alter the electrons orbital, either slowing/speeding up, or altering its radius, Take for instance 2d Boron, which is only a atom thickness, but would have to be cooled to 10-20 Kelvin, Would a magnetic field have an effect, on its electron orbitals? Perhaps then not needing such a low temperature, to reach super conductivity? http://spectrum.ieee.org/nanoclast/semiconductors/materials/2d-boron-is-an-intrinsic-superconductor
  7. I was also wondering the same. This Metallic Hydrogen, was produced with an Diamond Anvil cell, using 495 gigapascals of pressure, These anvils can and were producing 640 GPa of pressure in 2012, Plus shock wave techniques can produce 100,000 GPa of pressure, I do not know if the shock wave technique would work on Liquid Hydrogen, Or whether it would have to be a sustained pressure? But I would have thought, if it needed to be a sustained pressure, we could never then create and use metallic Hydrogen. I also wonder, but cannot find any information, Would a magnetic field, have any effect on the pressure needed, As a magnetic field can effect an electrons orbital?
  8. My "2 pennies worth", In my view, "Space" is expanding at every point, So has you blow the balloon up, your allowing a place/volume for space to expand into, the space already in the box is/was continually expanding out of the box.
  9. Yep:),But...,I found it seemed to work after 5, but 2 & 5 would still give me all prime x primes of 2 & 5: 2 x31 5x5 etc. @strange @Imatfaal, Thanks for info, did not fully realize(understand) about unique-prime-factorization theorem, &"composite numbers" where the plus 30 fails 35,49,77 etc, I just found it interesting,that these composite numbers are the product of just "2 primes" that went to a sort of order, 5x7 7x7, 11x7, 13x7, etc, so has i went higher up the primes, I would use 7 & every other prime 7x103, 7x113, 7x131etc. Then 11 and every other prime, Then 13 and ever other prime, etc. But then again it does help if you know your "prime x's tables". cheers anyway, back to drawing board.
  10. Just messing around with primes+30 to give next primes, some +30's do not equal a prime, but if not, they always equal a prime x's a prime? when this happens, I add 30 again, which gives a prime, unless it is once again a prime x's a prime. Example: Prime 19 + 30= 49, not a prime, but a prime x's a prime =7x7=49, but then add 30 again will give me prime 79. So no prime x's prime can equal a prime? why does adding 30 to a prime, always give a prime, unless the answer is a prime x's a prime, but adding 30 again gives a prime? prime plus 30 prime x prime 5 35 5x7 +30=65 = 5x13 +30=95 = 5x19 +30=125=25x5 +30=155 =31x5 +30=185 =19x5 7 37 11 41 13 43 17 47 19 49 7x7 +30=79 23 53 29 59 31 61 37 67 41 71 43 73 47 77 11x7 +30=107 53 83 59 89 61 91 13x7 +30=121 +30=151 67 97 71 101 73 103 79 109 83 113 89 119 17x7 +30=149 97 127 101 131 103 133 19x7 +30=163 107 137 109 139 113 143 13x11 +30=173 127 157 131 161 23x7 +30=191 137 167 139 169 13x13 +30=199 149 179 151 181 157 187 17x11 +30=217 =31x7 +30=247 =19x13 +30=277 163 193 167 197 173 203 29x7 +30=233 179 209 19x11 +30=239 181 211 191 221 17x13 +30=251 193 223 197 227 199 229 211 241 223 253 23x11 +30=283 227 257 229 259 37x7 +30=289= 17x17 +30=329 =47x7 +30=359 233 263 239 269 241 271 251 281 257 287 41x7 +30=317 263 293
  11. NOAA Head Refuses to Turn Over Documents That May ShowManipulated Climate Data http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/noaa-head-refuses-turn-over-documents-may-show-manipulated-climate-data Perhaps there would be science to discuss, if NOAA turn over the documents. NO, It will be through truth & transparency.
  12. For to long the science community has been run science like a cult, you are attacked if you dare question what they tell you, but that time is coming to an end, the old liberal guard are on their way out, new blood is coming into science, science will not be held back by the few, who twist the truth and only care about their funding. http://www.nature.com/news/science-lies-and-video-taped-experiments-1.21432 The revolution is upon us, long live true science.
  13. No, People like you are the problem, anything or anyone, you do not agree with is either hateful or racist, these are tired liberal left arguments, The whistleblower is a man called Dr John Bates, who until last year was one of two NOAA ‘principal scientists’ working on climate issues.also the data is now under investigation IN CONGRESS, You are a bigot,
  14. At the moment congress is investigating https://thefederalist.com/2017/02/10/congress-investigates-federal-climate-change-study-after-whistleblower-exposes-fake-science/
  15. Climate change:more globalist spin, costing UK over 300billion by 2030. It seems @certain scientists love to fudge the figures, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-4216180/How-trust-global-warming-scientists-asks-David-Rose.html Thank god for Trump.
  16. Cheers, interesting link, @swansont, Sensi, from what I understand, you are saying 56fe will never decay, would 56fe last all of eternity? I read in stringjunky's link about quantum tunneling, which suggests will happen to these iron star cores, turning them into black holes, which would over time evaporate via Hawkins radiation? But if protons do eventually decay, would this mean that 56fe would also eventually decay? or does it mean that while protons are in the form of 56fe, they will not decay, even if free protons do decay to leptons? If protons do decay, they would turn to leptons, and if 56fe does not decay, and has leptons are subject to the other three fundamental interactions: gravitation,electromagnetism and the weak interaction, Would these iron remnants attract these decay products leptons/protons etc. which over time, would result in stars forming around these super dense iron cores? similar to galaxies around super black holes? Also I was wondering, when all/most matter has decayed, how would this ,effect space-time, stars/galaxies/black holes twist and bend space-time, would this result in a flatter smoother universe, that would make it easier for these decay products to gravitate together?
  17. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/102124-why-do-elements-want-to-achieve-a-stable-state/ I was just reading above thread, wanted to ask a question. @swansont I understand that lead & iron are classed as stable elements, but will eventually decay to Hydrogen/Helium. but will take trillions of years? I believe Hydrogen is a stable element that would never decay? So when all the stars/planets burn out, would their cold cores eventually decay to hydrogen/helium over trillions upon trillions of years? If the above all do decay to Hydrogen/helium, would these now very dispersed hydrogen atoms, eventually have the gravity to create a singularity & ignite a new universe? Or would these hydrogen/helium atoms eventually just form new stars/galaxies? If all the hydrogen(from old decayed universe) once again formed new stars/galaxies, They would be spread out across the new universe, forming where the old hydrogen had gravitated/condensed enough to ignite stars/galaxies, Would this look any different to our universe looks now?
  18. The world is going through a change, but many cannot change, they only break. This forum is getting so liberal left, it is like a sickness, You ban, suspend, lock or belittle anything or anyone that does not follow your doctrine. MSM have had a kick up the arse lately, with the rise of alternative news media outlets, including Youtube, which can be a great source of information, If your head ain't stuck up your self righteous overbearing arses. "Scientists" no longer have the monopoly in science, the people have awoke, they are no longer following blindly what they are told, they are asking questions, the revolution has begun. Truth or Fraud http://www.optionality.net/mag/apr98a.html Dark matter invented to save bad gravity theory http://www.naturalphilosophy.org/site/dehilster/2015/07/31/dark-matter-was-invented-to-save-bad-gravity-theory/ Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data http://news.stanford.edu/2015/11/16/fraud-science-papers-111615/ The gravy train is coming to an end.
  19. As you know, it is mainly a synthetic element, but able to be created, because there is a place for Plutonium, but the universe still has to expand/evolve, to allow Plutonium to leave the potential of dark matter, and join the ranks of naturally occurring elements, I expect soon we will find naturally rich plutonium galaxies. Your proton mass prediction is 8 MeV off from the measured value. That's a problem. (Top quarks 173 GeV) The opposing tables go from z1 to z172, -z172 to -z1, these tables overlap from z81 to z92(last naturally occurring element+/-) which is 12x173=2076, which is 6.767% of 172 x173=29756, this is a neutral zone, within proton, where forces are cancelled out. So if we take 6.767% away from 1 gev, gives me a value for a proton of 930.232 MeV. but I realise I made a mistake, 6.767 % off 1 Gev is 932.33MeV, a bit bit closer, but the difference of 5.8, I put down to plutonium/neptunium that are on the cusp, I know some will still not understand, but once you learn the layers of these "fractal tables", you can take them to the plank and beyond, If I take both "Naturally Occurring Elements+/-" z1 to z92 and -z1 to -z92, these gives me 8464-/+ protons, this is 28.521% of overall fractal protons within system, that leaves 21992 "potential -/+ protons", which is 71.479% 71% potential -/+ matter.
  20. This is a good idea, and something I shall work on, below a couple of my calculations to known data, these are just a few, until i work out the best way to show in graph; standard mine elements z118 z172 2 8 18 32 32 18 8 2 8 8 18 18 32 32 18 18 8 8 2 proton 938.272 MeV 930.232 MeV natural occurring 15.5 % 16 % matter dark matter 84.5% 84% Top quark 173.34 GeV 173 GeV W bosons 80.4 GeV 80 GeV Z boson 91.2 GeV 91-92 GeV Higgs 125.09 GeV 126 GeV Diameter 1.68-1.74 1.73 proton femtometers femtometers This is something I am trying to understand, I "see" the process, which is alright if I don't need to show to anyone else, I have ideas how to explain it, but I first need to understand "dipole moments" within the system, I don't yet want to say "This is how it works", It is why I started this thread to see thoughts on whether all "PARTICLES" have an anti particle, "connected but separated(entanglement). My "charts" are but two extended periodic tables, z1 to z172, you may not agree with them above z118, these charts show the correct proton/electron sequence for each element, the steps within the tables are the groups, Each group begins with an Alkali element: lithium, sodium, potassium etc "outer electron shell 1". this is where opposing tables overlap. Each element on left as a opposing element the add to 172+1. The 92 elements are coloured in the table to their chemical group(left corner), these are the known 16% universal matter, z1 hydrogen to z 92 uranium. I shall now spend some time, understanding this Casimir effect/Penning trap, I have ideas what cause these fields "homogeneous axial magnetic field and an inhomogeneous quadrupole electric fields" within my system. So I shall now leave it until I can show some type of graph as Bignose suggested.
  21. I am a great believer in that we are "co-creators of our universe", It is just the definitions that we use to explain this that the problems arise, Magic/science, Our thoughts are controlled by a few, who shape this world to their liking, Magic to me, is just an understanding of how this universe works on the quantum levels, And learning to tap into these energies. To me there is always a balance between good/bad positive /negative energies, the clash of these energies create the world we live in. I try my best to always send out good thoughts, sometimes not always easy, but then again I rarely see anything as a physical object, to me everything is energy, the physical world is the illusion we have all created, We are not just clumps of walking elements, We are multi-universal entities, living out this shared reality, that we all had a part in creating.
  22. There was no question, Strange's "questions", where just veiled attacks on my character and mental abilities, nothing to do with the topic at hand. And I think complex math, will eventually be needed within my model, I am not disagreeing with the standard model, I just believe there is another way to look, at how it all fits into a repeating fractal system. Nice video, quite easy to follow, perhaps I should start converting these energies myself, But I tend to use online converters. I see, yes I understand the abundance of elements,I have spent years looking into the abundance of elements within the universe, stars, planets, ourselves, I have looked into the abundance of elements within almost anything you can think of. For a while I have been working on the "Oddo Harkins rule", and how this fits into my system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oddo%E2%80%93Harkins_rule
  23. You should have more belief in yourself, Your bitterness comes through in many of your posts lately. 3rd child?
  24. I think you miss understand me, I do not think an author "intentionally" complicates the math, I agree with your statement 100%, And I greatly respect those that do the math. I am afraid I do not have that skill set to any high degree, even though, I still enjoy reading math and physics papers, which would be lost without the math. I just think there are other ways to interpret the data we have collected, which is what I am trying to do, I, in no way shape or form, belittle the hard work needed to achieve those levels in math, ideas like mine, can only happen when others have done the math first. .
  25. No, I understand most of the math, I know what most equations mean, but I believe we overcomplicate science with equations that very few people understand, all my tables represent the proper energies within the so called standard model, All my electron sequences are right, the energies for all quarks/particles are right, It explains the hidden dark energies to the exact %. I am just finding it hard at the moment to define this field that cloaks anti matter from matter. It is why I try to ask questions, but get replies like yours. that offer nothing but to derail my thread. I am ready to answer questions, but tired of replying to attacks of "nonsense", just because it is something you do not understand. From such a "senior liked member", I expect more from you. I do not come to these forums to argue, I come because I believe there are some who can help me understand "parts of my model", that needs more of a "standard approach".
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