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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodom_and_Gomorrah#Historicity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flood_myth#Claims_of_historicity Red Sea was something to the effect of an earthquake causing a tidal wave to form. As the wave moved up the Red Sea the water drained out before it. Moses was able to cross, Pharaoh pursuing was caught directly in its path. Not the best quality evidence but reasonably plausible or I wouldn't have mentioned it. You would end up with only facts though. Freedom to believe or disbelieve is dependent on having something you can't explain.
  2. Division of the loaves and fishes? Pillars of salt? You could debate whether they were speaking literally or not, but you could make that same point about any of the assorted miracles in the Bible. Some of the geological and medical miracles maybe. Some of those explanations make "Goddidit" start to look reasonable, but I'll allow the possibility. I just think it violates some essential human element attempting to explain everything away. If you can explain every miracle you deny yourself a degree of freedom. I figure I'll find out(or not) in due time. My own random thoughts on the matter, feel free to believe what you will.
  3. On the flip side scientists are developing a method to turn female bone marrow into sperm. It will only be a matter of time until we have a whole generation of little messiahs running around. I honestly don't doubt that some recorded events had a real world cause. A fair bit of evidence for that. Sodom and Gomorrah, Red Sea, Flood, etc. My issue comes when people attempt to explain all miracles away in the same fashion. If they were all caused by natural phenomenon then they need to be repeatable. If they are repeatable, they aren't miracles. Leave God some kind of gaps.
  4. The Omega Point theory is not widely accepted as being true in the first place...
  5. Are you talking about wireless charging using radio waves, or an actual zero energy input device?
  6. Yeah, easier to just store electricity and then emit the light on demand. Plasma based weapons could be another option to explore.
  7. Main issue is that this isn't a Scientific Journal or even one of the less than Scientific Journals out there. The next Einstein could publish here and would have a rough time of claiming credit, let alone a Nobel prize. Most of what you write is also vague. You don't get points in science for vagueness. The guy who says: "Hypocortisine in a 5 mg dose along with a 30 mg dose of Thetrazine, will cure Trewq Cancer in 9-10 days." will get the credit. Besides that as has been mentioned your "cure" would kill the person and then some. There are real world novel treatments out there that are safer by far. That's what is going to get the research.
  8. This is absolutely correct. As you are now on record for stating this we can stop debating the matter. Galilean transforms stopped being used because they didn't accurately describe reality. That's it. No grand conspiracy, they just didn't work at the observed speeds.
  9. Got it exactly right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decay_chain
  10. Our world population growth has been quietly slowing as of late. IMO the only issue we'll have to deal with is a finite population. Presents social problems for countries, but ecologically we'll be better off. They've been making inroads on intercity gardens and skyscraper farming. Not sure on how it stacks up in terms of efficiency, but is a promising development. I think we actually have enough resources for everyone. We'll probably end up with a renewable energy and recycling based economy. There's a whole lot of "garbage" sitting out there we can process. Any additional material we can use plants/microbes to produce/extract for us. Easily enough material goods available for everyone and we're already moving away from material possessions anyways.
  11. If you right click on the axis you should have an option to format, then need to adjust the interval between tick marks. Hard to be sure this is what you want without looking over your shoulder.
  12. 1 Foot The Foot is a unit of measurement. 1 Q The Planck Charge is a unit of measurement. Bit redundant but to be clear that bolded part is the reason that Planck charge was invented. It is less arbitrary than a unit based upon a human appendage, but it is still arbitrary.
  13. Advertisement dollars, promotional books, kits, research funding, etc. Big business selling people snake oil. I'd do it myself if I could stomach the hypocrisy. Einstein also said, "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." The 3 laws of thermodynamics are the rules of the game. Within those rules you still have a ton of room to maneuver. There are real world novel energy sources you could apply your intelligence to instead. Microbial, human bio-energy, tidal, etc. Pseudoscience will just rot your brain.
  14. Original page - translated Fraudsters! Just who I would want to lend credibility.
  15. Just to note, most posters here dislike video "proofs". Serious time sucks. There is ambient electricity. The problem is tapping it in an efficient manner. Mainly thinking Telluric currents, Earth's magnetic field and your neighborhood leakage. Mostly low energy sources or come with high inefficiencies. The easiest issue to pinpoint in SEG is that the permanent magnets would lose energy. You certainly could get something to spin for awhile running off them, but it wouldn't go on forever. For that matter if you did have a free energy source that for whatever reason required magnets, electromagnets would be more reasonable to work with instead. ...and there are some impossible things. You cannot breath in a vacuum no matter how much you believe. Your thoughts can impact reality and your perception of that reality, but reality still has the final say.
  16. Really nobody knows for sure, so you are free to believe whatever you want on this one. My own thought is that a singularity wouldn't be a singularity anymore in an environment without space itself existing. MU/0 => MU Cyclic universe theory with an entropy reset going on in between. Best fit in terms of observable phenomenon. There are plenty of other theories out there though. God, vacuum fluctuation, colliding branes, you name it.
  17. Once more unto the breach... So from this we see that these units were made up wholesale for a specific reason. 1Q = If Planck Charge(Q) did not have this property it would not be Planck Charge. It must equal 1.875 x 10-18 coulombs or it would not be Planck Charge. Electric charge does not equal this, thus, it is not Planck Charge. This allows us to say something like 5Q instead of 5 times that entire mess up there. It is purely for convenience. In no way does it somehow dethrone Electric charge. This came off stronger than I typically care to write, but I really see no other way of getting through. Please for your own sake take it to heart and consider your stance.
  18. They can obtain location data legally from public information your phone broadcasts, legally from the provider and less than legally through hacking. Might as well give up the ghost on that one. I was just thinking an anonymous database for everyone located within some radius of a crime. When something occurs an automated non-binding request for assistance goes out. Something reasonable that balances both privacy and security.
  19. We commonly don't do this in the US for many of the same reasons listed. Considering the religious and human rights issues I strongly doubt there will be any national implementation. I find it more than a little concerning that other countries think we're happy to microchip ourselves. IMO more useful would be tracking all the phone GPS data. Would help to rapidly narrow down potential suspect/witness pools.
  20. You can get them on Amazon and ibuydinar.com. Please only purchase if you have a genuine need.
  21. Federal Deficit: An excess of the federal government's spending over its revenue A deficit may lead to debt, but they really are two different things. You reduce a deficit through balancing revenue and spending. You reduce a debt by making payments. The payments could come straight from tax dollars or you can increase the total amount of money in circulation. Either option is equally valid if not equally wise.
  22. A version of Hyaluronan, produced by the naked mole rat and another one that cells are unable to digest(simulating starvation). The name of the second escapes me at the moment.
  23. Qpl^2 / ( 4*pi*ε R) != h–bar* C / R (3) This is true. If two things were not equal in the first place they won't be equal in the end. You doing the equivalent of saying: 1 = 2. I don't know any other way to put this. Whatever you think, the two terms are referring to different values. They are not the same. You cannot set them equal.
  24. The pathway for apoptosis itself can suffer from mutations. There might actually be nutrition based preventative measures. Neither of the two sugars I know of are in anyone's normal diet though.
  25. You've posted on this going back to at least 2008, across assorted forums and discussion boards... Yes, as far as it goes, Gravity is a force. You would be best off looking at the principles of orbital mechanics, aerodynamics and atmospheric phenomenon. Based on historical evidence I doubt this will occur, but one can hope.
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