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  1. Shoulda just checked the snopes http://www.snopes.com/photos/supernatural/strangesounds.asp
  2. I haven't been able to find anything on this recently, nor have I heard the noise. Anybody care to discuss this and looking back at it did we have more geological activity? I hadn't heard about it until just now. http://www.sott.net/article/240863-Strange-Sounds-in-Sky-Explained-by-Scientists
  3. Working on my BSE to teach middle school science!

    1. imatfaal


      Brilliant - good luck

  4. I don't agree with people blaming everything that happened to their kids on vaccines, but if it's within a day after it should raise a red flag. Just because I can't prove it, doesn't mean I'm not entitled to raise the argument. You say it's unlikely because the statistics say so, thus it's not true or connected. Yes the statistical data says that, I've yet to see the studies done to attain statistical data, which is what I requested. Tell me, which death rate exactly are you referring to? Other than whooping cough for infants, I'm not sure of what you could be referring to? CDC websi
  5. I turn 21 Sunday!

    1. MonDie


      I learn plenty gerunds with some play.

  6. Here's some things that has really bothered me, besides the immature name calling. Accusing me of using a straw man argument. I have in no way, built up an argument that you might agree with that's not regarding to current topic and then attempt to defeat that argument. Or accusing me of any other such arguments, as circular reasoning, cause for cause, or B happened after A so A must cause B. Here is a picture book in case you're confused - https://bookofbadarguments.com/?view=allpages Now listen, please just read this and think. A majority of vaccine injury cases are entirely bull
  7. If you wanna talk statistics, I know my son is more likely to get measles, mumps, other viruses if he isn't vaccinated. I'm not saying "Hey everybody, don't vaccinate because it's bad." In my opinion it's a pick your poison kind of deal. I'm not the one living in fallacy, bad reactions to vaccines are very real and they do happen. You're all hypocrites if you say otherwise. http://www.immunizationinfo.org/science/measles-mumps-vaccination-and-hearing-loss http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9521728/Rogue-strain-of-MMR-vaccine-caused-deafness.html I've personally spoken to someon
  8. Well I guess everything one of my favorite teachers in highschool told me was wrong. He gave a big presentation on Jobs after his death and then showed us his speech to a graduating class at Harvard. Jobs creating the company is what I meant, reckon I was wrong though.
  9. I have no reason to lie about the parents we personally know. My soon to be wife is an intactivist and lactivist who has her own local mothers group and part of other moms groups. The people she has personally met and told us their stories is pretty compelling. I stood with a pro-vax standpoint but after talking to them, I've changed my mind. Call me ignorant or even delusional believing in fallacy. The small amount of parents I've talked to who had horrible outcomes after vaccinating is enough to sway me not to. I guess I'm done here, not much more to say unless ya'll have more belittling
  10. You're taking the death statistics out of context. Here in America where children aren't malnourished or don't have bad immune systems to things such as HIV. I've looked at the death statistics for measles and mumps here in America, have you? We have personally talked to parents who vaccinated their children and had horrible reactions. There is a reason that on the main page of the CDC, center for disease control's website. Their main page has a link to handle legal matters involving vaccine related issues, which millions of dollars are given to families each year. We are not putting my s
  11. Specifically, I'm not really sure. The best I can come up with is establish trade between goods for them to produce and a consumer population for them to buy. Compare Einstein to Jobs, I don't think it's that off of a comment to make. Steve Jobs had so much to do with computer software we use today, it's not even funny. Steve Jobs invented the mouse, the whole concept of being able to have a free cursor to move around with. Steve Jobs invented Pixar and had alot to do with the development of 3d graphics. Steve Jobs has not made the contributions to man kind that Einstein has, ho
  12. Measles, mumps, these viruses aren't necessarily life threatening. Extremely uncomfortable, yes. She makes a good argument.
  13. I'm pretty sure if a Country or even extremist group is stupid enough to launch an intercontinental ballistics missile at us, we would be okay. They however, wouldn't. The U.S military receives more funding per year than the rest of the worlds militaries combined. With Nuclear missile defense and our spy satellites. I think we can use our defenses to keep the warfare conventional, dismantle their communications, and bring them to a yield. ISIS needs to be taken care of though in my opinion, but that's a whole nother story.
  14. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time until Africa as a continent or a majority of the countries their are industrialized. With that being said, it won't be a bad idea to go ahead and influence a plot of land with potential. If we do this, energy subsidies, pollution, and waste could be avoided. Help the growing area's develop trash systems like Swedens - https://sweden.se/nature/the-swedish-recycling-revolution/ Part of our problem with clean energy is economically we're very dependent on other sources. Money along with jobs could potentially be harmed in a massive transition of fossi
  15. I'm using Libre Office. Word is what 10$ a year or something? I should probably look into that. However if I spend a few days on Wikipedia, should be able to get a better grasp on my English. Might not end up needing word. I'm not too keen on winning a literary award, my vocabulary is rather inadequate anyways. Above all, I'm having fun with this. I have really enjoyed weaving this story together, foreshadowing events, and reflecting upon humanity. The writing has been some work and not all play. I am having fun with this though, writing it for myself, and hoping to appeal to others.
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