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  1. hey.. i was wondering.. since Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva causes the muscle, ligaments, and tendon tissue to turn into bone tissue.. could their possibly be a reverse of it? that causes the bones to turn into soft tissues? id like the name of it if there is a documented disorder like this. could they also use genes from someone with that disorder as a treatment for someone with FOP?
  2. Ok, so those toxins are their food. i was just thinking of it like that blood disease(or bone marrow disease) that causes the white blood cells to start attacking healthy tissue. its a cancer if I'm not mistaken. where the bacteria starts attacking the cells instead of processing the toxins like its meant to. has that ever happened? if so it would have to mutate against a symbiosis that has existed for eons. so its probably so unlikely that its not even considered a problem.
  3. Hey. i have a small question. Has there been any cases in which the "good" bacteria in our system turned against us and caused septicemia?(i think thats the word) Like the bacteria in the colon, it helps to further process wastes eliminating toxins, but also as a bi-product it produces methane. could this bacteria "malfunction" and stop processing toxins? also, how would this effect the PH balance of our body? Biology isnt my best subject, i hope someone can explain this in detail.
  4. Although I'm more inclined to believe in psychokinetic phenomena. Id have to say that these instances are coincidental. Ive had the same thing happen... when i was angry the lights had flickered for a few seconds until i calmed down. Later i found out that the flicker was caused by power fluctuation in the city grid due to a lightning storm. my calming down as it ended was just impeccable timing. But, like others have suggested. test it. if you could reproduce the same results under controlled conditions, then you can apparently manipulate electricity. but for now, its best not to get to excited about it. Another explanation that i can think of, however improbable. is electro-static interference. when a person is experiencing an extreme emotion or adrenaline rush, their brain waves are around 50- 120 Hz. (the frequency of standard electrical systems is 60Hz) also the amplitude of the wave is higher due to greater electro-chemical reactions taking place in the brain to produce the same signal. Like frenquencys of Electromagnetic waves are known to interfere with each other.. this is the reason cell phones, and other Wireless devices are not allowed to be used on planes.. for they can interfere with the transmitions between the cockpit and the tower. the interference from your bio-electric field acted as a dampener. This explanation however is rather improbable, because of the field intensity of the human body. According to current Studies, the Magnetic Field of the brain is only a few femtoteslas.
  5. Yes.. and with a population of approx. 6.5 billion.. and fast transportation like airplanes.. diseases can spread with much more fervency.. also people are in frequent contact with someone else.. even if its simply bumping their arm, or coughing in a crowd. so that exponentially increases the speed in which a virus can spread. making the CDC's job that more difficult. Yes. But since our technology has nearly eliminated viruses as a factor...(in advanced countries.) other means of population control are forced to come into play.. ie. Genetic disorders that inhibit reproduction, cancerous cells caused by pollutants in our diet, respiratory disorders caused by the increased amount of CO and CO2 in the air(not to mention other such pollutants, sulfides, nitrates, ect...) these and other factors are quickly becoming a means of controlling our population, and if left unchecked, could become a major threat to our entires species.
  6. I somewhat agree with this statement.. as I've come to the same theory. If they could make a network of computers, each computer connected to dozens of others around it... they could... with the right programming.. make a very accurate replica of the human mind. perhaps. just one neuron has thousands of connections to the neurons around it. so an exact replica of the human brain with computers as each neuron would be impossible in todays economy. perhaps in the future when computers have become smaller and more intricate. such a program would be dangerous in my view because with programing to emulate the human consciousness, it could likely become self aware because of the data that is streaming back to its self from outside sources. it would be interesting to construct a network like this, but no country has the money for such an endevour.
  7. in my absence from theses forums, I've done quite a bit of studying. i also had the pleasure of reading a original copy of Charles Darwin's, Origin of Species. a fascinating book to say the least. it got me thinking about diseases and survival of the fittest. the people who a virus or bacteria kills shows quite clearly that they did not have sufficient immune responses to fight back the pathogen. yet as some die of diseases like Ebola, others survive. although not without some long tern effects from what I've read. thats survival of the fittest from a purely biological point of view given that there is currently no cure for Ebola that I'm aware of(please correct me if this is wrong). our increased cognitive skills allow us to understand and therefor take steps to boost our bodies natural defenses. when a person gets sick there is only two outcomes.. they either die, or they survive with a stronger immune system then before. Sickness needs to be controlled of course otherwise it would stand a greater chance of eliminating humanity from this planet. (speaking of course of the more deadly sicknesses) but even with a dramatically decreased population from such an epidemic, there would be some survivors. and those would be a stronger breed of humans. so one can say... that overpopulation is partly due to our medical technology "saving" us from dieing at the hand of a virus. if we had no technology they we would only have our immune system to defend us, immediately making survival of the fittest come into play. in my view this natural law applies only to natural defenses, not the technological shell we've created. i myself seem to have a good immune system. As others in my house get a seasonly flu, i most often don't get it unless i've done something that weakened my immune system, eg. sleep deprivation, not enough nutrition, ect. anyway, getting back to the subject. the avian flu alone has a 75% mortality rate. Ebola has a 90% mortality rate. so at least 10 out of 100 people that get it will survive. pathogens such as these are natures way of controlling population and filtering out the genes for a weak immune system. another example of survival of the fittest and natural selection is these goats that have a gene that causes them to faint when scared or startled. in the wild, these goats would be eaten, thus keeping that gene from being passed to later generations. Humans on the other hand don't have only genetics and biology. we have technology and the intelligence necessary for such advancement. so we have made our own problem. we are AIDS to this planet, because we haven't made out technology "aligned" with natures systems. this is all i can think of right now... ill have more when someone replies.
  8. i remember being aware, but it was a lower level of awareness, i was aware of the "emptiness" that i was in for that moment. but as far as reality, i wasn't aware of anything. maybe the Consciousness leaves or simply disconnects from the brain. if only they could measure the brain waves at that moment. to get a better picture of what is happening. Both bombus and Bascles descriptions of consciousness seems to allow for the possibility of seeing the future or Remove Viewing. they would make sense if consciousness was part of Space-Time.
  9. I know the blank feeling your describing. when i was 14, there was a large pool were we lived, a small water slide too. like 10 tall, nothing to fancy. anyway, we thought it was fun to jump from there into the water. i had gone a few times before, and wanted to go again. there was probably about 15 people there at the time, cant be sure, i wasn't really paying much attenention. anyway, i waited for enough space to jump, when i did jump. a split second later my cousin jumped in from the side of the pool, not knowing that i was in the air. i remember wanting to stop. thats when i blanked out. no senses, nothing, just blank. it almost feels like dreaming. it was probably one of the brains many defensive mechanisms to keep me from feeling the impact of the concrete, because my being as scared as i was, it may have given me a heart attack. it may not be the same with you, but it feel like a long time before i "woke up"
  10. Many of you may not like my question because there is no definitive answer. is our consciousness simply the result of a network of neural circuits? or could it be a electro-magnetic energy "in-phase" with this space-time dimension. even still, could the brains impulses be generating that energy? or are the impulses a result of extra-dimensional em stimulation. Physicist's have already observed particles "popping" in and out of existence. apparently phasing to another dimension. so does the act of a particle in the brain coming back cause a chain of neural networks to fire? could this explain spontaneous human combustion? Hallucinations? even the visions that psychics claim to have? where does the consciousness go when a person is in a coma? is it still there? Will we ever know what our consciousness is? how it works? what its potential is? There has always been someone who does not fit into the typical templates of psychology and science. I'm asking for both conventional and non-conventional thinkers to answer this post.
  11. Edtharan. if that kind of technology was made, it would solve alot of problems people have. reasorces. just out of curiosity, how far off to do you this kind of technology would be, looking at current nanotechnology.
  12. so, would it be similar to a SME? (i think thats what their called.) if so, how would such a phenomena effect earth? if it was just outside the solar system. yes, thats the fun part.
  13. That makes since, because of the creation of a black hole any matter that survived the collision and got thrown off would probably be pulled back. that would definitely be interesting to observe first hand.
  14. What would happen if two neutron stars collided? what effect would that have on the surrounding space? if i remember correctly, neutron stars are extremely dense, so two colliding would probably cause a shock wave of some sort. assuming they collide at high speed. Also, Don't neutron stars usually collapse into a black hole?
  15. over time humans have bein able to survive every other disaster thats come our way, Ice age, Metors, Catagory 4&5 Hurricanes. Tornados, Earthquakes, ect ect. im resonably confident that humans will be able to survive whatevers coming. Unless of corce there is a huge nuclear war. that would be difficult to survive through. although not inpossible.
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