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  1. the whole Freedom Fry thing was petty I totally agree with you and I think it COMPLETELY taught people, especially young kids to HATE. We're always baosting about how we are fair and we are the land of oppotunity...what BS! I am actually ashamed when someone asks me where I live and I say "US" Im just glad I wasnt born hereI think it really helps me be more open minded about all of this
  2. REPUBROCRATS all the same cant wait to get out of the US.... people who've never lived outside of US just dont seem to see some things. like how for the most part, were being laughed at (justly) by other countries (ie. we have a pretty bad rep...and YES i think that does matter!) and we have huge egos...and for what? we're really arent as great as we say we are. brag? what the hell for? land of the free my ass! people who are born here sure. (not always)..but others, turned away. Theyve got it really hard. I dont want to be a part of it. I choose Kerry over Bush...but hey, after college, Im out and I wont give a rats ass.
  3. ...yeah....you sound real sorry.
  4. yeah, it might be "coincidence"...but its happened so many times! those are just two small examples... I guess theres no way to fully explain to others. Youd just have to have it happen to you. thanks for the link. I never really saw TK and PK as very scientific, but more of a "spiritual" explanation...maybe thats just me. I dunno. Got a lot of thinking to do.
  5. Well I know what you mean. I started college a few months ago and If I stay up into the early ams I am WAY more alert and I can do my work more thouroughly and completely. But I admit, I have an ED, and people with EDs sleep very little or oversleep. Never seem to do it normally. Lately Ive been sleeping very little. And Ive been able to do very well in my classes! But there have been times that Ive slept 18-24+ hours (and Im not talking jet lagged either!) But there was something Ive read about this...I was really big on it last year. When I mentioned it to my english teacher she got all prissy. "That really makes no sense. explain yourself! immmmpossiblllleeee!" (she thinks shes all high and mighty...pfft) Im sorry i dont remember. Im going to look thru my favorites files to see if I have a link or something saved.
  6. (sorry if this is in the wrong board) Hello, I have a question about my force field...or I am just guessing that this is what it is. I've done things that I can NOT explain to myself. I wonder about them a lot. For example: today, I walked into my English class and no one was in there. The lights were off. But right when I stepped in the lights all came on. The lights closest to me flashed on and the lights came on in rows. The furthest came on last. Like a wave. It was very eerie to me (just not knowing what was happening.) And the switch for turning the lights on were DOWN! This has happpened before. ANd also, I got into a very heated argument years ago with my younger sister. This time was like no other time...it was just about the most frustrated Ive ever been. I screamed and clenched my fists and all the ligts in the house turned off. We stood there for a second...and clicked at the light switch a few times...but the lights stayed off. Only when I left the house, the lights were able to be switched on. Is this what a "human force field" does? How does this work? Is it controllable? For me, these events just happen. I feel like I cant control it or know when itll happen. It just does, like suprise! I would like a SCIENTIFIC explanation of this...not religious (because I'm not...hint hint, thus the username.) has this happened to anyone else here? Im sure it has. I just havent gotten any stories from others. Im all ears
  7. 5'3" (well, just a HAIR under) I wish I was taller. How can I grow taller damn it! lol These darn genes. My dad is 6'4" ...BUT my mom is like 5'1" thanks mother +
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