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  1. This note is as much for helping me organize my thoughts as it is for you helping me form a decision. The question regards what model smartphone should replace my current (admittedly basic) phone, and as I see it, I have two very good options from my carrier (Verizon Wireless): The LG Voyager and the Samsung SCH-i760. I am looking to consolidate my gadgets in an attempt to preserve crucial pocket space. Currently, I've got my Zire 71 Palm Pilot, my cell, and my iPod; as I see it, my best option is to replace both my cell and Zire 71 with a smartphone, rather than replace my iPod and cell
  2. Then I've got nothing to do with all these trendy face-masks What if you fell in love with your best friend's girlfriend (or boyfriend...since we're making this hypothetical, and I dont like to exclude) which isnt exactly what you wanted, but it happened just the same, and now she's broken up with him (...or her, your pick) because she (...or he...) doesn't know who she (...or he....) loves anymore?
  3. I wouldnt say that it's an MMORPG (Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Play Game) just yet, because it's still being developed, but to me, that's one of the greatest parts, because you have a chance to play a part in the development of the game, and help shape it into a better game for everyone. The name of the game is Galactic Horde (...not the best title if you ask me...) and it's developed primarily by Melodank Productions (who also produce at least one band: Coriander) On the Homepage (http://www.galactic-horde.com/) there are links pertaining to the backstory of GH and the manual, whic
  4. Im doing a bit of research on lunar landscape, and I was wondering if anyone had access to a good lunar map, specifically displaying the lunar far side ("dark side" of the moon), and more specifically with labels for named locations? As always, all help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. ...just 10? Why, some kind of intelligence cap in your nation? In regards to the topic, Im still thinking on that; might post later
  6. Yarr, I don' need a special day to talk like I do! This be my speech year 'round!
  7. This corresponds with your other point down below, and its a good one, but if you consider how often (say at work) you turn your attention away from your monitor and it goes to a screensaver. The juice would only be used for that often (unless of course you're doing it competitively like some organizations do). I dont mean for this to be competitive, just something to help the greater good on a daily basis I doubt very much that someone will get a prize for the work that distributive computing has done, other than for the work they did in the organization and programming of it. Just
  8. It's good to see at least a few more people joining. I'm not very active on the forums anymore, but I still use my computing programs often Just trying to get the word out; all for good
  9. Just gotta do a little digging (sry to bump it, but its been a while since I was here last, and I was just checking what had been replied to)
  10. Talk about a difference: On one of my systems, Ive got 56k Dial-Up (Trying desperately to get my mom to switch to cable) On two of my other systems, Ive got T3 And on one of my other other systems, ive got fiber opitics (pretty neat actually, but we had to wait about a month before they installed it to our local area.)
  11. "Bush Eats Children".......ready for this?...2,810,000.... I mean come on people, Mike Tyson eating children only gets 92,300!
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