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  1. what kind of source do you have in mind here? I considered discharging a bank of large capacitors across my magnet for the same (short term) power serge like your talking about. as far as the Explosively pumped flux compression generator... that thing scares me. It seems unpredictable and produces much more power than I'd know what to do with. Thats all granted that I could get my hands on one of these, if they're even legal....
  2. Unfortunately I don't think he will accept that... The magnet in the diagrams definitely looks like something I could build. What worries me is the 6+MW of power needed. Where would i get that much power??? (I'm having a "1.21 GIGAWATTS?!?!" moment) other than that this looks like a fairly easy setup. Thanks Skeptic.
  3. There was a fairly popular experiment done in 2005 by Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory where they were able to get a frog to float freely inside a magnetic field (a ridiculously STRONG magnetic field). You can read about it here: http://www.hfml.ru.nl/froglev.html I've seen it on TV so i assume you guys know what I'm talking about anyhow. We are currently studying magnetism in my college Physics class and my professor has issued a challenge: An A for the whole semester if anyone can magnetically levitate a frog. I'm sure its near imposable given the resources I have available (and the fact that he's not going to hand out an easy A for an Advanced Physics class) but I'd like to find out what it would take to make this happen anyhow. The famous experiment used something called a Bitter solenoid to create the magnetic field. I'm having trouble finding any information on a Bitter Solenoid What do you guys think?? I'm sure this will take tremendous amounts of current, which is why you cant use a simple wire coil solenoid because the heat would melt the coating on the wire and short out the coil..... But what if the solenoid was submerged in liquid nitrogen? (still air in the core for froggie flight), would that be sufficient enough to keep the coil cool while enough current to generate 16 tesla was passed threw it?? ok ... now I'm just brainstorming out loud, lol sry. im quite determined and (with out boasting) quite sharp. do you think this is possible??
  4. I have just discovered that my HUGE stock pile of accent computer parts may actually be worth something. Old printed circuit boards, and high end boards are covered with GOLD!!!. My question is: How can I tell if a particular bored is made of Gold or something less valuable like copper?
  5. I hadn't thaught of that ... is that the same reason we have to keep updating out antibiotics? to keep up with the bacterias' immunity?
  6. This is an idea some friends and I have kicked around a bit. I realalize this is not rational, but I'm wondering if there could be any validity to it. We say: If you could give every one on the planet AIDS (or any disease for that matter) and we continued to reproduce, passing on the disease. Wouldent we as a spices develope some kind of an immunity to it? ^---- the result of college students what do you guys think?
  7. Recently I had to move to a location where the only option for internet access was good ole dial up. I was just wondering how many people still use dial up?
  8. Recently I had to move to a location were the only option for internet access is good ole dial up. I was just wondering how many people still use dial up to connect to the internet.
  9. Scootie

    LED help

    I have looked into those because you can get ones that produce UV light and I have some UV reactive fans and cable covers already in the case.
  10. In my high school physics class we once talked about the movie Back To The Future and time travel. My teacher was pointing out the "bad physics" in Hollywood, but he did mention that a real "Flux Capacitor" DOES exist. He didn't mention what it was used for, only that the term "Flux" referred to magnetism.
  11. If I can remember back to 9th grade earth science, rocks and boulders come from erosion of solid rock. That solid rock came from other solid rock that was eroded and dropped of as sediments, say at the bottom of a stream. SO if there are boulders there must have been erosion of some kind. This means there could be an atmosphere and weather and water and LIFE!!! .....right? Thats my idea any how
  12. I don't mean to say that the guys here don’t know what they are talking about. I know there are MCSE's (my heros) and a welt of knowledge here; just that google is a great way to get information to explain an error
  13. Any time I’ve ever had error messages that I didn't understand I went to google and typed in the exact message in "quotes". This brings up a ton of info on the message.
  14. Scootie

    LED help

    ..... just so i can walk away having learned something... would i be correct in saying "LED's are not like a light bulb or any other load on a circuit in that they have no resistance" that is why a resistor (or current regulator) is needed to keep the current under control. Highschool physics is the extent of my electronic knowledge but im looking to learn more.
  15. Scootie

    LED help

    resistors it is thanks guys
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