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  1. Hi paganinio, Thank you for the reply. The mouse is now having the same problem in Linux, so it must be a hardware issue. I suppose I will just need to get a new mouse.
  2. It's just a regular optical USB mouse that came with the computer. It looks like this: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?sku=310-9679 This is the only USB mouse I have, and the computer doesn't have a port for an older mouse. I couldn't find any sensitivity settings. All I see in the Control Panel is the double-click speed and the pointer settings. I tried adjusting the double-click speed, but I'm still having the same problem.
  3. The USB mouse included with my Dell Inspiron 530S has recently been adding extra clicks. For example, a lot of single-clicks will register as double-clicks. When I double-click, the mouse will sometimes click three times. Other times, the mouse will be working fine. I don't believe this is a hardware issue because the mouse works fine when I boot into Linux. I tried adjusting the double-click speed in the Windows Vista Control Panel, but that didn't solve the problem. I also reinstalled the mouse driver, and ran Spyware and Anti-virus scans. I can't think of any running programs that could be causing this. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know why the mouse keeps clicking extra times?
  4. Untarring Firefox to a new directory doesn't seem to work either. I'll probably just stick with the old version because I don't use the computer for browsing very often. It's mainly just a test server. Thank you for your help. I've always wondered, why don't most Linux programs come with installation wizards? Would it just be too difficult with all the different distributions?
  5. It's Fedora Core 4. I sometimes use the computer as a test server to make sure my scripts will work with hosting companies that still have the old versions of Apache and MySQL.
  6. Can someone please explain how to install Firefox 3 on Fedora? The Windows installation was simple, but I can't find an executable installation program for the Linux version. I tried running "yum update firefox" in the terminal, but that only downloaded Firefox 1.0. I also tried manually copying the FF3 files over the FF1 files, but then Firefox wouldn't open at all. Is there an installation wizard for the Linux version?
  7. What if an atheist writes a book and quotes part of The Bible to discuss logical fallacies. Will that give the book a magical forcefield?
  8. That was my first thought, but Dell had preconfigured Google as the default search engine. If I misspell a domain, I am automatically redirected to Google.
  9. I was just looking at the cookies folder through Windows Explorer. The domain names listed in the cookie files themselves are: http://www.live.com msn.com windowsmarketplace.com zune.net
  10. Hi Cap'n, The cookies are created no matter which domain I browse to. It happens when I visit http://scienceforums.net/forum and it also happens on my site when I go to a folder unless I add a trailing slash at the end of the URL. The names of the cookies are Live, MSN, Windowsmarketplace, and Zune, so I assume they are associated with those domains.
  11. While testing one of my web sites, I was monitoring my cookies folder and I noticed something very strange. Whenever I use IE7 in Vista to browse a folder's index page without adding a trailing slash, four Microsoft cookies are automatically created. For example, these cookies would be created if I visited "http://scienceforums.net/forum" instead of "http://scienceforums.net/forum/". The cookies are Live, MSN, Windowsmarketplace, and Zune. Why were these cookies created when I didn't visit these web sites?
  12. Multi-core processors are a huge improvement over single-core processors since modern operating systems run so many background processes. Virus scans and automatic updates significantly affected the speed of other programs on my Pentium 4, but I don't even notice them on my Core 2 Duo. I don't believe that the typical PC user will benefit from more than two or four cores at the moment. Until more individual programs are structured to use more threads, the Core 2 Duo is probably the best choice for PCs. In my opinion, computer hard drives need the most improvement for speed. My CPU usage rarely reaches 100%, but I'm always waiting for the hard drive to load programs and files.
  13. One advantage of this UPS is that it includes a version of the PowerChute program that works with Linux. Will this perform a graceful shutdown and prevent data corruption?
  14. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. Do you think this one would be good: http://apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SC1500&total_watts=25 It would be nice to have a longer backup time, but it seems to be the best one under $500.
  15. Hi Cap'n, Thank you for the information. So, I only need to have one of the power supplies plugged in? Also, what type of backup battery would you recommend? I was looking at APC's web site, and they have many different sizes and types. I would like to have several hours of backup power, but many of those only support 300 watts.
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