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  1. ANNOUNCING THE EXISTENCE OF THE BIBLE FIELD BY THE BIBLE FIELD HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION (APPLICATION PENDING) It was observed with the Dermatron a few years ago that the Bible intrinsically exerts a subtle energy field with potential therapeutic medical benefits. It is assumed that this energy field is generated by the composite text of the Bible and is of divine origin. Method: The Dermatron (EAV: Electroacupuncture according to Voll) is a diagnostic electroacupuncture instrument used by acupuncture clinicians to measure electrical skin resistance on acupuncture points. In the system used by Voll, many of the classical acupuncture points and those he discovered have energetic connections to various parts of the body. The instrument measures on a scale from zero to one hundred, where fifty is considered normal, below is degenerative (yin), and above is inflammatory (yang), the healthy disposition of the acupuncture point. Also all medications, vitamins, herb, foods, and any other energetic influences can impact the measurement readings in a negative, neutral, or positive manner. Investigations were done routinely by first selecting acupuncture points for control measurement readings. Then an agent was then added to the circuitry if it is usually swallowed, or just exposed from the environment such as sound or light, and subsequent test measurement readings were taken to observe any changes. DISCOVERY: There has been interest initially to observe any beneficial measurements with Christian prayer. A small intestine duodenum point was selected that often show mild inflammatory readings due to food additives. Usually these correct in a few hours for the healthy person as the irritants are naturally cleared out of there. Several church members who profess to be ardent believers usually can improve reading with their prayers. But results usually last for about one to one and a half minutes before initial inflammatory reading returns. This amounts to no practical clinical benefit. Professional faith healers can correct much more severe inflammatory readings that last for days and this usually results in significant temporary, partial or complete cure of the illness, in which case the reading acts like that of a normal healthy one. After it was established that prayer can impact measurement readings in a positive way, there was a curiosity to see if the Bible could do the same. A plain King James Version Bible like the Gideon Bible was chosen for testing. The same small intestine duodenum points were control measured and found to be about sixty inflammatory. Next the Bible was open to John 3:16 and read. The follow-up test measurement reading was done quickly and found to be fifty. Repeated measurement at 10 second intervals held at fifty until it return to sixty in thirty seconds. This was repeated several time and found to have the same results. Next the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 was tested and found to last a little over a minute. Other historical verses had very little or no effect compared to those of more profound content. It was fortunate that this Bible was initially investigated. Other Bibles with copious commentaries, maps, etc were not able to change measurement readings. Using these Bibles first could have thwarted continued investigations. Since then, there have been follow-up investigations on how the individual components of the Bible assemblage as a book and the reading conditions affect the measurement readings. The results has given insight into how the Bible Field was hypothesized. A later follow-up article will discuss this topic depending on the response to this article. Andrew Cheng, Editor COPYRIGHT, All RIGHTS RESERVED March 24,2008
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