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  1. https://phys.org/news/2018-07-reveals-great-pyramid-giza-focus.html?fbclid=IwAR0NqMZGJadrI9ygXaTiMPM8X9r75exyo-1fEbDr9VZp_fTHx1zZsxpK9Co Some loose internet research portrays phys.org as a credible site. There are some names and organizations listed near the bottom. But it reads like it was written by a middle-schooler and the nature of the article has borderline conspiracy tones to it. Pyramids and energy and what not. I dunno. Anyone have any input?
  2. In other words, nobody is entitled to a mistake? The point could of been communicated far more respectively, especially from a moderator. I wasn't even given a chance to correct myself without getting rained on by snobbery. The point was made quite clearly from Endy's comment and phi's trite commentary was pointless. All you needed to do was wait a little while and I would of clarified. So in actuality he accomplished nothing but satisfying his own warped sense of entitlement. I'm not trying to start a thing here, but I don't believe in keeping silent when the people who are supposed to manage
  3. Nor should my thread be crowded with your quips, but here we are......from a moderator no less. Stunning.
  4. In other words, Mordred is psychic? So basically it's so far out hardly any sun light is illuminating it? And it has to be observed to be located in space? i.e. math can't tell us where it is along it's path? Thats the answer I was looking for, thank you. I assumed every one here would know what I was speaking of as it was brought up recently all over magazines and news feeds. http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/20/us/possible-ninth-planet/ http://www.livescience.com/53432-planet-x-may-be-real-evidence-mounting-for-9th-planet-video.html http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/hidden-p
  5. So Planet X is real apparently. Or at least in the same sense as the finding of the chupacabra. Why are we so bad at locating this thing? Why is this happening now instead of a hundred years ago when the math was still there? And will we ever hear the end of it from conspiracy theorists?
  6. I don't know what you mean by that in relation to what I said? Lucas explained the force by creating microscopic lifeforms within cells that allow the user to manipulate the force. I prefer that explanation over "they just can". Eels generate electricity through cells. This is a somewhat decent place to start. I'm looking for more perspective though.
  7. For the fun of it I've been trying to conjure a way something like dragonballz and/or magic might work, from a scientific perspective. I invite you to help me hammer this out. In dragonballz a single energy force "ki" allows a person to manipulate matter in all kinds of ways. So lets explore how this might happen and what kind of science we'd have to make up to allow it to happen.... So, first the scenario: Human beings carry with them latent energy that can be summoned in a myriad of ways to perform supernatural feats such as......creating plasma, fire, water, wind, magnetism, elemen
  8. I've got a couple simple questions on the matter that aren't turning up in searches. 1. Is the heliosphere visible? If you are leaving the solar system do you see it coming? If I were far enough away from the sun would I see the heliosphere bubble around it? 2. If I was EVA traveling through the heliopause, would I feel any force or anything as I pass through it? 3. If I understand correctly, the particles in the solar wind basically "pause" at the heliopause and create an equal force barrier with the outside medium. So, do particles keep building up at this point? Would that not
  9. Great break down Janus! I understand it now. This makes Kerbal Space Program a lot easier to understand. So if I escape Earth's influence, I am still orbiting the sun. So I'm floating through space like a jackass being carried around the sun at 18.6m/s or something like that form 93 million miles away. From around there I see on wikipedia that my escape velocity for the solar system is 26m/s. So i'm going around at 18.6m/s but I'm going away from the sun at 0m/s. So lets say I steal Sandra Bullock's trusty fire extinguisher and point it at the sun and fire it. I get up to a speed of say 50
  10. I'm still kinda confused. The hook is using energy to keep the guitar from falling isn't it? Or at least the wall or glue that's keeping the hook from falling? If it were a person, we'd be using energy to hold it up or our arm would fall no? Doesn't the same go for an object preventing another object from moving? Like if I were pushing on somebody to keep them from moving forward or even just a wall that I'm leaning on? Why is there no way to harness this in any fashion?
  11. Thanks for all the answers guys! I am wondering why you can't orbit below a certain point? Also, what determines how far something can go before it starts coming down? Baseball pitches stay level until they get to the batter. Bullets stay at a steady height for a good distance. So if I shot a bullet at 1,000,000MPH would it make it around the earth without dipping into the ground? (assuming nothing is in the way of course)
  12. I don't seem to understand this no matter how many explanations I look at online. I've heard different numbers over the years as to how fast you need to get into space. So I think I have it right now. It's 18,000mph to get into low earth orbit, and 25,000mph to break free of earth's pull entirely. I don't understand how these numbers are useful however. So i have many questions are: 1. If I could design a rocket with adequate fuel that maintained an upward speed of 1mph, it would just keep going would it not? And if so, how far away from earth do I need to maintain a 1mph thrust until I ca
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