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  1. Depends on what you mean by "appears to contain anti-depressant properties". If you are referring to the high that people get by taking it, then yes it produces a temporary sensation of pleasure and joy. However, it does nothing to actually treat the symptoms in the long run. yes, and I know of this. It has been considered for use as a pain-killer and to help alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy, for example, and which I stated before. However, the link you provided did not talk about that, rather it was a debate over what role marijuana had on depression. Wel
  2. Here is an article about the suspected causes of autism, and it talks a little about mercury poisoning, which has long since been discredited. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/autism/page2_em.htm#Autism%20Causes Also, this is the list of symptoms of mercury poisoning compared with Autism, which one reason why its regarded as a myth: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002476.htm and http://www.med.yale.edu/chldstdy/autism/autism.html and a list of disorders that mimic it: http://www.med.yale.edu/chldstdy/autism/pddinfo.html#mimic I understand that my
  3. He was talking about his experience with it, and the reason I chose that article because his actions were based on the mistaken belief that Mercury Poisoning was the cause. He then goes on to tell you in the end that it is total crap. He calls them "alternative" because these treatments aren't, as you said, mainstream or proven.
  4. Oh, and one more thing. I have every reason to believe that this Ethan Russo is a total quack. For example, the only reference to his "Cannabis Health 2002 Vol1" anywhere can only be found on that site you put up. Here is the list of his books that he wrote on the subject: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?WRD=Ethan+Russo&z=y&cds2Pid=9481 Some of the titles on there do merit skepticism, because they sound a lot more like they are pushing an agenda rather than focusing on the science.
  5. Just because Meth causes the user to lose interest in activities they once enjoyed does not mean that it causes depression. This is a correlation=causation fallacy. Also, there is far more to depression than merely losing interest. This is the official list for the symptoms of depression: "Depression Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex Decreased energy, fatigue, being "slowed down" Difficulty concent
  6. Neither am I' date=' but I'll calm down. What are you talking about? I never said that marijuana causes depression, or implied that it caused it chemically. What I originally said was: No' date=' not exactly. My comment was based on my knowledge of how depression is treated. Along with medicines that stimulate Serotonin, there are also psychotherapies that are used to treat it as well. Marijuana on the other hand introduces THC into the brain which stimulates areas that aren't necessarily related to depressive symptoms. There is direct evidence that abnormal Serotonin le
  7. Oh really now. Well, let me see this so-called source. While my sources (e.g. British Medical Journal, NIH, RC Psych, etc.) do cite the use of cannabis, or more specifically THC, as a chemical that could potentially deal with side effects of chemotherapy or even AIDS (weight-loss that is), they never state that it can deal with symptoms of depression. Rather, their findings contradict your source and state that such drugs can be detrimental to both physical and mental health. Here is one of many sources: So far, nothing that would indicate its usefulness in treating clinical de
  8. Its presumed impact on autism. Sorry, I should have been more clear . The symptoms of Mercury Poisoning are distinct from those of autism in any case.
  9. Yeah this is true. I googled it. In fact, marijuana use can increase the risk of depression because of the adverse affects on social, academic, and personal life. Again read my earlier statement. There is research, even controlled experiments, revolving around medical uses of marijuana as treatment to ease side-effects of chemotherapy, a pain killer, to help relieve symptoms of epilepsy, and treatment of cancer. Conventional medications are preferred though since they are more effective. Most of the time, they use the active drug THC in their experiments so technically it is
  10. Not sure if this is going to put an end to it, because the global warming deniers seem to be very, very persistent as was witnessed in the other threads. Even to the point where they would just conveniently "misinterpret" your sources :rolleyes:. Same thing happens when there is any discussion about environmental problems in general for that matter (the "A Matter of Time" thread for example). I don't know a lot about climate changes but I'll help you out when the GW deniers start posting, because I'm sick of it as well. But anyways back on topic. From my limited knowledge of climate,
  11. Pretty much, I find that the only reason people think some words are "bad" is simply because "mommy/some other authority figure/society said so". People can't think for themselves! Not only that, but people give these words multiple meanings. For example, the word "ass" can refer to a donkey, buttocks, a fool, or a jerk. It is somehow made more acceptable if used in conjunction or combination of another word or known phrase, such as in jackass.
  12. I've been keeping up on all of this. What scares me about all of this is the fact that the government and the media is willing to listen more to paranoia than to reason, especially since Mercury Poisoning is a myth. Here is a link to the parent site which includes medical or psychological conditions that people exploit. I checked the sources and I'm telling you some of the medical quackery being spread is very creepy. http://www.quackwatch.org/ Yeah, pretty much this whole "autism epidemic" (fine choice of words by the media) is all paranoia, and many organizations and groups have jumped o
  13. You know, it is so obvious that this guy is some sort of spammer.
  14. I chose gardener mostly because my yard is 700+ sq yards. Plus, over half of my back yard is filled with thorny weeds that are difficult to remove. And just recently I had to de-root a tree growing on the side of my house.
  15. Yeah, no kidding, but it is not answering my question.
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