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What are you listening to right now?


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Enya? You are kidding Stringy? Normally I would listen to something that would rock hard - Guns N Roses, Gun,Thunder, UFO, Metallica, Dream Theater...But Enya? What happened? Even on a dark day I would never play this stuff. .

If there are Enya fans out there I apologise to both of you.

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A friend of mine is dying.
The song goes like this

The Grim Reaper who never forgave me
To have planted flowers in the holes of his nose
Follows me with a foolish zeal.
While surrounded closely by funerals
I thought it best to update my will,
Pay me a codicil.

[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Dipped in the blue ink of the Gulf of Lion,
Quenching, tempering your pen, my old notary,
And from your best handwriting,
Note what it would might happen to my body
When my soul and it will no longer agree,
On one point: the rupture


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

When my soul has taken its flight on the horizon
To that of Gavroche and Mimi Pinson,
Those of titis, grisettes,
That to the native soil my body back,
In a sleeping Paris-Mediterranean
Terminus in Sète station.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

My family grave, alas! is not new,
Vulgarly speaking, it is as full as an egg,
And by that time when someone will leave it,
It may be late and I can not,
Tell those good people: "Push yourself so slightly,
Place aux jeunes somehow. "


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Right on the sea, close to the blue waters,
Dig if possible a small hole, soft,
A good little niche,
With my childhood friends the dolphins,
Along strike where the sand is so fine,
On the beach of the corniche.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

It is a beach where even his angry moments
Neptune never takes itself too seriously,
Where when a boat sunks,
The captain shouts: "I am the master on board!
Sauve qui peut, first the wine and the pastis,
Each one with his bottle and courage. "


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

And this is where past fifteen years old,
At an age when alone is not enough fun,
I met the love affair premium.
With a mermaid, a woman-fish,
I received the first lesson of love,
Swallowed the first bone.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Keeping deference to Paul Valéry,
Me humble troubadour him I renchéris,
The good teacher please forgive me.
And at least if his verses are better than mine,
My marine cemetery more than his,
And no offense to the natives.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

This tomb between the sky and the water,
Will not give a sad downside,
But an indefinable charm.
Batheress will use it as a screen,
To change clothes and small children,
Say, "woaw, a sand castle!"


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Is it too much to ask: on my little plot,
Plant, I beg you, a species of pine,
Parasol pine preferably
Who will guard against sunstroke
The good friends that came to my concession
For giving an affectionate reverence.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Sometimes from Spain and now from Italy,
All loaded with perfume, beautiful music,
The Mistral and Tramontana,
On my last sleep will pay the echoes,
Villanelle of one day, one day fandango,
Tarantella, of Sardana.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

When taking my mount for a pillow,
A girl will gently slumber,
With less than nothing suit,
I apologize in advance to Jesus,
If the shadow of my cross a little layer above it,
For a small posthumous pleasure.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

Poor Pharaohs kings, poor Napoleon
Great extinct lying poorly in the Pantheon,
Poor ash result,
You will envy some eternal summer visitor,
Who pedalo on the vague dreaming,
Passing his death on holidays.


[Toum tam dim tapadap]

You will envy some eternal summer visitor,
Who pedalo on the vague dreaming,
Passing his death on holidays.


[tsoum- applause]


Ah, the title: Supplication to be buried on the beach of Sete

(Sete is the town on the Mediterranean where George Brassens was born.)

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