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What are you listening to right now?


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Although I can't find a pic of me in high school when I had really long hair, here is a pic of Vadim from Dragonforce and I hanging out after the show here in OKC, OK:




Here's a video of my brother and I playing a song we wrote called "Bound by Fate". This was shot during one of our jam sessions.



Here's another video of me playing one of my warm up riffs



I love listening to metal while I write software. Right now I'm listening to Cemetery Gates - Pantera


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Thanks I'd forgotten about Rush, in my teens I wore out my copy of 2112.

I wore that album out and Hemispheres. Lyrically, I rank Peart with Waters at clever, conceptual writing. They make a complex, sophisticated noise for a three piece rock band.


The Trees is a great political tune:



La Villa Strangiato is a good showcase for their composing and playing skills.


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Just give it a try. Don't judge the cover. Make sure to listen to the whole song. If you've experienced the climax the way you think it should be experienced, let me know ^_^


Frankly it just made me realise why they pay John Williams so much. It was pretty formulaic - not impressed; what were you looking for in it?

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