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  1. For metal heads who have girlfriends or wives who listen to pop: Leo is amazing!!! Check out his other songs:
  2. What do you all like better, the orchestrated compositions or the rock / metal songs that I write?
  3. I've always wanted to surf, but I never got the chance. Instead, I rode skateboards. This song is inspired by a life long dream of catching those waves. Enjoy!!!
  4. Yes and no... Thanks to everyone's help, I was able to get the bone scan, but I will need another surgery to correct the problem. The artificial socket has shifted and is what is causing my pain. Although I raised enough money to get the tests done, cover the office visits, and get some medications, I didn't get enough to cover the surgery. So, I've halted my fund raising and contacted a law firm who is doing a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of various artificial hips. If the model that I have is among the list of hips that are known to cause problems, there's a chance that I can get the money to have the revision done if they win the case. The other option is to try and get social security disability, which you have to be on for 2 years before you can get medicaid, or I can try to find a telecommute job and tough it out until I get health insurance. None of the options are idea, but I really don't have many choices considering that I'm determined to get my hip fixed.
  5. I couldn't help myself... I made a parody of Trump. Feel free to share! Enjoy!!!
  6. I just want all of this pain to end Studiot, and get back to having a normal life! I really do appreciate everyone's help in making that possible!!!
  7. The doctor compared my x-rays from the day I had my hip replacement to today and said that the socket has shifted, which may be the reason I'm having so much pain. He is ordering an MRI and another test, but said we can fix this so that I'm no longer hurting once we are certain what the problem is.
  8. I talked to my doctor today and he is going to work with me regarding the $500 deposit. I have an appt. on the 28th! I haven't met my funding goal yet but, thanks to everyone who is helping me, I am able to go to the doctor. I truly appreciate all of the help. I've been with SFN since 2011, and I've always said that our community is one of the best on the internet! Thank you!!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm getting close to having the deposit that my doctor wants before they'll continue treating me.
  10. Hello everyone! It has been a while since I was active in the forum. Sure, I post a song here and there, but I just can't participate like I used to. I'm still having problems with my left hip even though I had a hip replacement back in April, 2017. Since then, I lost my job and medical insurance because I simply can't sit and write code for hours on end due to the extreme pain in my left hip. I lost my job as a software engineer in the middle of being treated by my doctor and they want a $500 deposit to continue treating me. Unfortunately, I don't have any income, I'm unable to work, and I've blown through my savings on living expenses and doctor bills. Most likely, I will need a revision done on my hip replacement to fix whatever is wrong so that I can go back to work and be a productive member of society. So, I'm reaching out to the community and asking for your help! The following link is to my GoFundMe campaign. I've attached photos of how my surgeries went so you will understand how much pain I'm actually experiencing. It's ok if you can't donate. You can help me out tremendously just by sharing this link! Every little bit helps!!! https://www.gofundme.com/clevelandraymond Thank you all so much! I truly appreciate anything you can do. Not only does your efforts mean the world to me, but also to my family as well.
  11. I finally completed another neo-classical metal song, and this one is even better than my last one! So, if you liked "Starman", then you'll love "Eternal Flames". Enjoy!!!
  12. Awesome! When I can make some time to visit friends and family I have in Fayetteville, NC, I'll have to stop by and say hello
  13. Thanks Guys! I also lived in NC for a few years growing up Moontanman. We used to go to Myrtle Beach, SC and cruise the strip every summer! I'm glad you all enjoy the music! Although I tend to like what I write, music is meant to be heard and enjoyed by everyone.
  14. It's been a while since I released a song. I started writing Starman after Elon Musk launched his Tesla Roadster into space. It's a neo-classical, metal song that is out of this world! Enjoy!!!
  15. Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76 on Pi day, 3/14/2018. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/mar/14/stephen-hawking-professor-dies-aged-76?CMP=fb_us
  16. Yes, it was a joke meme, which is why I posted it here
  17. No problem studiot. I figured I'd bump this thread to test some latex \( f(x)=x^2 \). I've seen the update tutorial, but it just doesn't seem to work for me \[ f(x)=x^2 \] [edit] Well, this post actually worked... However, I did have to refresh the browser like you said! This is unacceptable. The preview doesn't show the equations. So, you have to actually make a post to see if the latex works. I've been wanting to release my work on the Collatz conjecture here on the forum, but there are a lot of equations that I have to use latex to write. Since I can't preview the post anymore, I have to make several edits after posting
  18. It has been a long time since I've used latex on the forum, and now I find I can't get it to work and the preview post doesn't seem to work either. I have to say that the old way of using latex and previewing the post worked a lot better, but it is most likely that I'm not familiar with how the new forum software works. What's really weird is that this post is displaying a horizontal scroll bar instead of wrapping the text... \[f(x)=\frac{x}{3}\]
  19. To put it simply, solving any mathematical problem involves analyzing numbers for patterns. Of course, complex problems involve several patterns that need to be recognized so that one can formulate the equations that predict the behavior of the problem being solved. To be able to recognize various patterns that crop up in mathematics, you need to expand upon your mathematical toolkit such as knowing the Binomial function or how to factor integers. For instance, when you learn something like the quadratic equation, you are adding a mathematical tool that you can use to analyze patterns in numbers. In the end, It's really like putting a puzzle together except you know the big picture and are trying to find the equations that represent the puzzle pieces. The more propositions, lemmas, and theorems you know, the better you will be at extracting puzzle pieces that fit together to solve the big picture of the problem. For unsolved mathematical problems, you strip away all of the known patterns in the numbers until you have either solved for the equations that predicts the behavior of the entire system or are left with a pattern where you don't have the equations that predict the numbers. For the latter case, new mathematics can arise when you finally solve for the equations or algorithms that describe previously unknown patterns. If you cannot find the patterns that predict the behavior of the system, you can sometimes formulate conjectures on how these patterns might behave. I would post an example based on my work on the Collatz conjecture, but I'm having problems getting latex to work in the new forum software. For some reason, the latex isn't being compiled into an image.
  20. Ah... Another trip around the Sun completed!

    1. MigL


      For the Earth or for you ?
      If for you, Happy Birthday !

      ( just noticed your birthdate in your profile; mine is on Friday, the 19th )

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      Happy birthday! The anniversary of your forceful expulsion from your mother's loins!

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