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  1. I guess i have a critic because someone down voted my first post for my latest composition "From the Heavens"... ROFL!!!. I guess you can't please everyone I wrote this next song July 27, 2015 and posted it here at SFN. It's a really beautiful piece of music that was inspired by all the talk about the moon appearing blue at the time. Enjoy!!!
  2. Continuing with the online concert, this next song is one that I wrote June 27, 2010 when I only had Cakewalk to compose music. The digital instruments that I had back then are no where near the quality that I have today. This song is called "A Father's Love", and it's a lullaby that I wrote for my boys when they were little. Enjoy!!!
  3. As long as you don't use my music in commercial projects without my consent, I encourage you to share it as much as you can. I'll check to see if there is some kind of setting in YouTube that I have to set to disable any warnings about sharing my music, but you definitely have my permission Moontanman. This next song is one that I wrote way back in high school. Now that I am a lot more skilled, I added new harmonies to the song. I finished the rewrite August 11, 2015 and shared it here at SFN. Enjoy!!!
  4. I wrote this next song for a good friend of mine as a birthday present. She really loves my music. So, I wanted to give her something special because she has always been there for me. I wrote this song July 5, 2015 and posted it here at SFN. Enjoy!!!
  5. Thank you Zapatos! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I use Garritan's orchestra packages and XPand2 to compose music in Pro Tools. Everything you hear is all digital, but I write my music from the heart and draw inspiration from life experiences. I wish I had access to a real orchestra because these recordings would be a thousand times better. For now, I use what I've got. This next song is one that my brother and I play on guitar. After he injured himself on the job, he wasn't been able to play guitar. So, I rewrote this song for an orchestra. It's called, "Forged by Destiny" because it portrays that, although we forge our own path through life, we are ultimately bound by fate. I orchestrated this song December 12, 2014 and posted it here at SFN. Enjoy!!!
  6. This next song is one of my finest works. I took the theme from the beginning of the song, transposed it in key, and then varied the music. I wrote this song August 14, 2014 and posted it here at SFN. Enjoy!!!
  7. I wrote this next song August 5, 2015 and posted it here at SFN. It was inspired by a good friend of mine after discussing Jupiter and its moons and how they do a cosmic dance. Enjoy!!!
  8. I wrote this next song because I was missing my boys very much. It's called "I Will See You Again", and I posted it here at SFN on March 24, 2014. Enjoy!!!
  9. This next song is called "G Minor Blues". It's based on a fusion of classical and blues scales and isn't really a true bluesy song. Regardless, it was fun song to write and had 7 independent voices. I posted it here February 27, 2014. Enjoy!!!
  10. This next song is my first composition for the pipe organ, and I absolutely love baroque music. I wrote this song February 23, 2014, and shared it here at SFN. Enjoy!!!
  11. Thank you studiot! I appreciate the comment. The next song I'm posting right now, is called "Resolution" because in 2014 I made a New Year's resolution to write more music. I'm happy to say that I kept my promise and I now have over 19 finished compositions in my Finished Compositions playlist on YouTube with 21 completed songs. I originally posted this song here at SFN January 29, 2014. Just 14 days after my birthday. Enjoy!!!
  12. This next song is an arrangement of a folk song that Externet requested here at SFN because his grandfather used to sing it. He found the sheet music but could not find a recording. So, at his request, I recorded the main melody and wrote a violin part to accompany the existing music played on guitar. This song is titled, "A Casa D'un Drapaire", and it was a really fun piece of music to work with and share here on the forums. Enjoy!!!
  13. Check out my latest composition! It truly is my finest work yet!!! http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/98721-a-concert-by-deadalus/

    1. Moontanman


      Great stuff people! Very enjoyable!

    2. Daedalus


      Thank you Moontanman! I definitely appreciate the comments and I'm glad you enjoy my work. :D

  14. I've taken a little break from writing my paper on the proof of the Collatz conjecture to work on some new music. From now on, I'm going to post all of my music to this thread. So, I will be making posts throughout the week of all of my music here. This online concert begins with my latest composition that I wrote for someone who I completely adore and is one of my best songs yet. Enjoy!!!
  15. I'm now light years beyond the Collatz conjecture ;) I just proved 5x+1 using the same mathematics that I used to prove 3x+1, which also works for 1x+1. Now, I'm almost done proving 7x+1, and hope to have the proof for m x + 1 by this weekend :D

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    2. Daedalus


      That's awesome StringJunky. I used to have a a Marshall full stack and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier full stack, but we never listened to the radio through them because of the lack of voice coils in the speakers.

    3. Daedalus


      So far, the pattern is holding for odd times X plus one. I'm now working on 9 x + 1. Once I work out the complete proof for odd x + one, I'll try to modify the pattern for O1 times X plus O2.

    4. Daedalus


      However, I already know that O1 x + O2 has cycles for odd integers greater than one if O2 > 1. I just need to determine how many cycles occur.

  16. After a few more pages, I'll be done writing my proof of the Collatz conjecture. I know it has been almost two months since I proved it, but I had to do a lot of research to write this paper. Plus, I still have to work and take care of day to day life. However, I will be posting new software that I'm writing that uses my equation to list all possible trajectories of a given height. This stuff is really awesome, and I even have a reporter from KOCO that wants to do an exclusive on me a...

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    2. Mordred


      Keep at it, it is always nice to see some of our advise being applied in a positive direction of advancement.

    3. studiot


      I'm impressed to see your objective brought to fruition.

      I followed your original htread on this but the subject is not my scene so I dropped out early.

      But congratulations on succeeding.

    4. Daedalus


      Thanks for the support Mordred and Studiot. I'm hoping to have the paper submitted by the end of the month. :D

  17. Well, technically division by zero is indeterminate and its behavior depends on the function. Considering this, we can easily show that [math]\lim_{x\rightarrow 0} \frac{2x}{x}=2[/math]
  18. Afterwards, he changed his pants and went to the distillery to turn water into wine...
  19. Just got back from lake Thunderbird where my niece, her boyfriend Owen, and I got to see a spectacular show put on by the universe! The Perseids meteor shower was not disappointing tonight! Tomorrow, I'm going to take my boys out to my dad's place where the light pollution is much lower than at the lake. Tomorrow's viewing should prove to be even better than what we seen tonight.

    1. StringJunky
    2. Theoretical


      Lucky! I didn't see one here in Los Angeles.

    3. Daedalus


      It was awesome! We seen even more at my dad's place. He lives way out in the country where you can actually see the Milky Way. So, we even seen the faint ones and several meteors that streaked across the entire sky!!!

  20. This goes out to AJB. I'm so sorry for you loss!
  21. Although I can't find a pic of me in high school when I had really long hair, here is a pic of Vadim from Dragonforce and I hanging out after the show here in OKC, OK: Here's a video of my brother and I playing a song we wrote called "Bound by Fate". This was shot during one of our jam sessions. Here's another video of me playing one of my warm up riffs I love listening to metal while I write software. Right now I'm listening to Cemetery Gates - Pantera
  22. Rock on AJB!!! I didn't realize that we have the same taste in music. \m/
  23. Although I can walk anyone through the proof with ease, I've never written a paper for publishing in a journal of mathematics. Sure, I could submit a written paper to Arxiv and establish priority, but it will most likely not be in a format that is par with mathematical papers. The proof is actually quite beautiful. It is based on well established concepts. So, I'm sure it's correct. If this can be verified, I'll post the proof along with the Mathematica file that I used to crunch the numbers.
  24. Those that know me, know I wouldn't bolster such a claim without having the equations to back it up. Discoveries by Daedalus Daedalus' Sixth Challenge Daedalus' Fifth Challenge Daedalus' Thirteenth Challenge Daedalus' Twelfth Challenge Daedalus' Eleventh Challenge Daedalus' Tenth Challenge Daedalus' Ninth Challenge Daedalus' Eighth Challenge Daedalus' Seventh Challenge Daedalus' Sixth Challenge Daedalus' Fifth Challenge Daedalus' Fourth Challenge Daedalus' Third Challenge Daedalus' Second Challenge Daedalus' First Challenge Submitting to a magazine isn't the way to go. Such a paper needs to be scrutinized by a proper journal.
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