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  1. The article you cited also mentioned that fullerenes had also generated interference patterns in 1999. I do not understand how this experiment will lead to a new era in quantum biology. Could you please give us your perspective on their findings.
  2. This seems to refer to a 2D model of blood flow to the brain of a patient using relatively cheap equipment and laser pulses instead of electrodes to the skull and that is all. No mind reading.
  3. I don't know. Of course I see the advantages, but how far do we go? Do we then get to the point where people can pay extra to have their babies engineered to have superb muscles or desirable features or to have super-learning abilities. How far before economic decisions affect the children we have. Will Western people then start a savings account for college and another for genetically engineering their children? I am in two minds here.
  4. As long as the dragon has provided scriptural exegesis in the form of three or more books revealed by the messengers of the dragon to three or four unusual individuals and which serves to give peace to one quarter of the world's population and offers a story to why humans are on Earth and provides them with a purpose and moral parameters - yes. If the dragon also states that love of others, mercy and forgiveness are the order of the day and that the dragon's personal qualities of mercy and generosity are to be reflected by its creations-yes. If the dragon offers a way to true peace on Earth with a promise of the essence of a soul reaching an eternal reward- yes. You cannot just posit an invisible dragon and then assign no personal qualities to it. The acceptance of the dragon is contingent on its absolute, and not relative qualities.
  5. Agreed, IMO, he thought that belief had an infinite reward whilst the opposite had a negative effect.
  6. It probably had more importance in Pascal's times about 350 years ago. You can live a perfectly moral life for the sake of it as I said earlier but in Pascal's time, there were only two choices to the gamble.
  7. I agree, you could lead a superb life for the sake of it and it would be rewarding as well. However, and I am hoping I do not misquote Pascal here, you would need faith in God, real or not, to get to Heaven. But I suspect that you are going to answer that a version of Heaven and peace can be attained in this existence and I would respect your belief, if this is the case.
  8. There are some real scumbags on my estate. One of these stole my Carrera bike from my back door. Initially, I wanted to throw a brick through the suspect's window but I rationalised that if I did not take the higher moral and rational ground, I would have become a scumbag as well. And I could not have that on my conscience.
  9. I will have to refer to the OP, before we go off on to a tangent: If God does not exist and we follow a moral code, which, in the West, is based on the old Christian moral code, we then live a moral existence before the end of our existence. We, as moral characters of action have had a positive effect on society.
  10. Well, if you go along with the wager idea, and it has been criticised of course, then the Abrahamic religions would consider Heaven to be eternal, eating grapes, playing the lyre etc...
  11. It is a bet a wager, but the two sides of the coin land on eternity in Hell or eternity in Heaven.
  12. https://www.gotquestions.org/Pascals-wager.html So you may or may not believe in God. However, rationality or reason cannot take us all the way to pure belief. Disbelief may not be 100% either. does Pascal give us a reasonable way to live, with eternity in the afterlife to follow?
  13. Are the prices on this site too expensive? Wholesalers
  14. Now retired early after 22 years of Science teaching.  Emotional farewell to classes last week. No time for leisure - bills still have to be paid!

    1. zapatos


      Congratulations! Hope you enjoy this next phase of your life!!

    2. jimmydasaint


      Thank  you zapatos. I went back to the school today just to look at it and remember all the fun experiments I did there.  It was my chance to say goodbye but I still felt a tug to the heartstrings.  I will be now hanging my "arse out of the window" as they say in Scotland by going into the tutoring business. 


    3. Moontanman


      Congratulations Jimmy! Retirement is always bitter sweet... 

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