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  1. Damn! What a shame! Have nanoparticles ever been used in vivo Charon?
  2. I think the assassin molecule is central to the development of Huntington's disease but that a short exposure could destroy cancers before the brain is affected. However, it is poignant that people who desperately need the treatment have to wait for Science to come through.
  3. These findings need to be confirmed by other labs but are stunning if they are correct. This discovery could provide a low cost solution to many cancers. Will Big Pharma pick upon this or ignore it? siRNA
  4. Global Warming and India:

    How long do they have to monitor actual monsoons to show that their hypothesis is correct? Ten years? Twenty years? What would be confirming data?
  5. New class of virus found.

    The ancient viruses discovered are a complete game changer in Biology and represent an as-yet uncharacterised influence on oceanic and Earth-based ecosystems. No-one knew because they did not grow them in the lab properly. Awesome find Moontanman!
  6. First of all, can you get pure samples of each genus? If you can get hold of pure samples then you can do some old fashioned protein SDS PAGE made against secreted antigens from each genus. These are probably few enough so that you end up with a reasonable protein profile. If you make radiolabelled antibodies against the secreted antigens, you have a fine control of the secreted proteome from each genus. Then you can use some fancy reverse genetics to make a DNA probe for each genus and then finally use your chosen method to identify genus/species specific DNA. I am assuming that there is enough genetic difference to classify the cyanobacteria into distinct criteria. http://jcm.asm.org/content/38/12/4453.full https://www.nature.com/articles/srep32209
  7. God and science

    First of all best wishes for the New Year to you and your loved ones. Of course you are correct in saying that we don't need God to live in harmony. I think many people would need a perfect archetype or paradigm against which they can measure the evolution of their Ego, Will, Love and Knowledge, so I referred to an absolute embodiment of personality and qualities in the form of God, rather than humanity, often painfully lacking in both. My aim was to present a picture of God in a scientific context. I don't know if I succeeded or failed in my efforts.
  8. God and science

    My own tuppence worth as a believer for about 34 years now. Science is a set of techniques which can be used in a hypothesis/falsification/new hypothesis method to find objective truths. It is neutral to the existence or absence of God The Universe, as we know it, is either infinite or finite. If it is infinite then my whole argument falls apart. If it is finite, then it had a start. That start is a hypothesis called The Big Bang. Science has given evidence of the existence of a Big Bang -for example, cosmic microwave background, Hubble red shift of galaxies The Laws of physics apparently came into being at the Big Bang and then became pretty much immutable. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. God created matter and cannot be then contained or trapped by His Laws. Space-time was created by God. The Bible and other revelations spend time telling us what happens at the end of "Earth" time so God has seen all of Time as it passed before Him. God's revelations appeared in all three theist religions but as metaphor and allegory not in complete factual detail. God gave a spark to the start of the Universe and let his revelations and Laws do the rest. God gives meaning and purpose to the lives of billions of people on this planet, including myself. If you do not believe or seek a scientific proof for God, it is not there. What would be the point if we have something called free will if a Father like figure showed His presence all the time - it would be restrictive in the extreme. But if you are an atheist, I respect your views. I love my belief system because it enables me to live with my Ego, Love, Will and Knowledge in a harmonious manner with other people and the Universe (most of the time, unless they really get irrational when I lose the plot slightly). In short, I have hope for the future if I align my moral compass with the intrinsic qualities and personality of God.
  9. What is inner-peace?

    dimreepr, if this is what you are saying then I agree with it. Also, I think it is quite pleasing to "live in the moment" and to understand that feelings come from thoughts and our relationship to the thoughts we generate can change our perceptions of the world. What I have achieved, through self discipline and from a hard life is a sense of calm and gratitude; maybe that is as close as I can come to inner peace but it is a subjective inner peace.
  10. What is inner-peace?

    dimreepr, you appear to a guy who is my age group (50-55?). Inner peace as you feel it seems to be easier with more age as you have passed the age of reproduction and searching for the ideal job etc... From looking at the last page of posting, I guess no-one has inner peace as an absolute, but they have moments of peace in their lives (IMO). I just need some "me" time and I can confess to a feeling of peace. A bit of meditation with intent and I feel close to peace. But, when I am knackered at the end of a long working day, fraught with troubles, and return home to a traffic jam of epic biblical exodus proportions, it is OK to let off some steam and then return to peace later. We are only human my friend; imperfections make us human (if I remember my first series of Star Trek as a youth).
  11. Well done. I have given you a +ve rep
  12. Positive Benedict's test without heat

    As the Benedict's Test is for monosaccharides and maltose ( a disaccharide), I would have thought that heat would be needed to thermodynamically favour the linear form of the sugar which is able to reduce the Cu++ ion in the Benedict's reagent to Cu+ causing the colour change from blue to brick-red. The mechanism seems to be as follows (with the sugar in the aldose form instead of the ring form and then oxidised into a carboxylic acid with the simultaneous reduction of Cu++ to Cu+)): http://laboratoryinfo.com/benedicts-test-principle-reagent-preparation-procedure-interpretation/ If it is true that heat is needed to open up the closed ring structure of monosaccharides, the reaction might not take place at room temperature. I am not sure about this point.
  13. Finally? A Test for Quantum Gravity:

    beecee, I think that this comment gets to the heart of what the scientists are trying to do at what can be considered "low" energies in comparison to the energies used in the LHC (50-7-MeV IIRC): For people who need a simple explanation of non commutativity, I highly recommend the following: https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/10362/how-does-non-commutativity-lead-to-uncertainty The following is a phase shift from an oscillator: from THz oscillator. Physics bods, help us out with an explanation of the proposed new experiments....
  14. Finally? A Test for Quantum Gravity:

    Thanks for that info Strange. I am now going to try and summarise, from a layman's point of view, the Classical Model of physics using an explanatory diagram: Credit : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Wiki From my limited viewpoint, the Classical Model uses the theories of Newton, Maxwell and Einstein but does not provide a link between behaviour at large scales (e.g. stars, planets, humans) and at an atomic/subatomic (quantum) scale. Quantum mechanic theories (e.g. string theory) do not lend themselves to experimentation normally but this experiment may be able to explain something about gravity at quantum scales without using energy at higher scales than the Large Hadron Collider. Right so far? If so, let's consider the simplified version of the paper supplied by Strange...
  15. Finally? A Test for Quantum Gravity:

    I don't understand the Abstract mate. Can you present the theory in your own words to the best of your understanding Thank you.