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  1. I would prepare for any instability to society or the food supply by: a) accumulating dried foods that could last for 6 months b) buying solar lamps that could give up to 10 hours of light after being charged by sunlight c) buying batteries and torches that can be charged by induction d) buying toilet paper - a clean b
  2. I am not an economist or politician. However, I am hearing rumours of a world economic crash, possibly in the next year, that will rival the 1929 economic disaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBpL2WwGiw4 Harry Dent: Stock Market 40% Crash in April, Nothing Can Save You, Bitcoin to Zero, Gold to $1000 - YouTube We, the public, should be able to analyse and assess how economic changes can influence all aspects of life including political manifestations as well as sociogeopolitical responses by a concerned public (e.g. me) Do others see stability, limited instabil
  3. Wow. This is fascinating. Just out of interest please, where is oxygen formed? Also, does the hypothesis propose if the protein can actually be biochemically active? Good find!
  4. They are referred to as mucilaginous and it is possible that few scientists have fully analysed the sacs. Link Certainly, there are a number of beneficial substances including vitamins and minerals: Paper If you cross-reference the paper, you may find out the information you need.
  5. How typical is this of other hunter-gatherer societies. If a tribal war took place which eliminated the males from a tribe, perhaps the remainder of the women were forced to feed their children by becoming hunters.
  6. I seem to remember something about postviral syndrome, which is prevalent, in a minority of people who have had viral diseases as related here: Despite the word “fatigue”, the symptoms can be broader and more debilitating than simple tiredness. They can include a sore throat, aches and pains across the body, blood pressure changes, gastric upsets such as irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, sleep disturbance, depression, and dizziness. More severe neurological symptoms can also occur, including new sensitivities or allergic reactions, and burning or prickling sensations in the limb
  7. I remember our Primary School teacher telling us that we needed basic English and Maths so that we could get jobs in factories. My response was to do anything to prove her wrong. Most of my colleagues accepted her view without comment. I feel terrible when teachers say this stuff to people. As a teacher (now out of retirement) in my whole teaching career of 22 years, I have never told a child they could not do something. I have always stressed that they could do anything that they set their mind towards. I apologise on behalf of teachers. Sorry about your friend's son, that appears
  8. Redlining and greenlining. Please explain. I grew up in what could be termed a ghetto or "hood" environment in Glasgow. I don't know what your background was, but we were all poor. The poverty was just a temporary shortage of funding as I understood when we grew up. Doctors, PhD's and scholars came out of that environment, yet a large portion of the people believe in the hype of the ghetto and what it is meant to represent - trying a little bit, failing and then giving up. That archetype is what dominates ghetto environments . The way out is to sell drugs and get rich quick, or die tryi
  9. Akala the rapper clearly states that the ghetto or the "hood" is in the minds of the people who live in these areas and that it is more a state of mind in rich Western countries than a reality. I agree with him. What do you guys think?
  10. I am joining this vigorous debate quite late so I just wish to make one point. If micro-organisms are synthesising the phosphine and then undergoing replication exponentially before reaching a stationary phase and remaining in that phase where number of deaths = number of new bacteria then the levels of phosphine would be fairly constant throughout the year, I would imagine. However, if chemical substrates such as phosphine precursors were variable then a prolonged, year-long examination of phosphine amounts should show variation. In the same way, our atmospheric carbon dioxide levels vary
  11. Hey mate, 

    Have you tried using bone conducting headphones?

    When you are out on your bike, you can hear the music and listen out for traffic as well. 

    I bought a set, but the volume is not great. However, they work.

    1. StringJunky


      Cheers Jimmy, I'll have a gander. :)

  12. Cheers StringyJunky, hope you are well mate. Have tried the BB code thing but it failed miserably. Hey there mate, I just cut and pasted the entire youtube link into the post and got this great track:
  13. I have been off the Forum for a while, writing up my book in the summer and also now starting a full time teaching role since the start of September. As a consequence I have forgotten how to embed videos and images. Can one of the Mods or a kindly member reiterate in a step by step guide that can be followed by a simple-minded individual like myself? Cheers
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