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  1. It's good that you are reading with a critical eye. This will serve your studies well. The studies were performed on the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and the authors assumed that a wider number of species would show similar trends. As far as the article being peer-reviewed, if you had read to the end of the Science Daily article you would found the following reference: I hope that the journal Nature is stringent and peer-reviewed enough for your liking as it is quite well known. I think the research and the conclusions are not alarmist but quite pragmatic and, if they are found reproducible from a number of different scientists, overturn my old fuddy-duddy beliefs about so-called neutral mutations. Thanks for the reply. The news was published in 2022 and is quite dramatic. If proved, Biology books at school level would have to rewrite sections on genetic mutations.
  2. Guys, Thank you for the replies. I have tried MECM - Movement, Exercise, Collegiality and Meditation. The exercise bit was accepted and she did exercise daily. However, the other 3 were rejected. I then set micros-targets - shower, clean your house etc... and these were followed because they gave an element of control to the person. However, most importantly, I am the person at the other end of the telephone, or in person, who will listen - as long as it takes. I think the friendship element is lacking in a society which is being shattered into individual sections, isolated from each other by technology rather than coming together. Loneliness is, IMHO, a contributory factor to the disconnectedness of the individual from society and the subsequent retreat into the world of their thoughts. I will keep trying as I would do with any friend. I am hoping that something I will say will "click" and then the road to mindset change will become wider. If I can be of use to anyone in this Forum, please do not hesitate to ask for my advice. Best wishes
  3. Someone close to my family has had years of depression which they refused to treat and has now fallen into a deep and sustained depression. I am trying to help through coaching and encouragement but my efforts have failed totally. Is there any non-pharmaceutical method to help this person out of their depression? I am struggling to find methods which will result in a quick alleviation of this mindset. Any help welcomed.
  4. Oof! Getting numbers and facts wrong should really result in a withdrawal of the paper surely? Who peer-reviewed the original paper? Surely they could have double-checked a few of the numbers included and questioned the methodology? I have often wondered if educational research which looks for significant numerical confirmation of hypotheses is open to bias in favour of mathematical and scientific subjects instead of opening up conclusions to all other subjects where increases in marks due to a given experimental intervention are not always clear. Furthermore, IMO, a rise in computer use in students over the last 20, or so years has not led to a huge increase in achievement for students.
  5. I just want to address the OP. ccdan referred to Popper and was struggling to find relevant data where a hypothesis was falsified in the Popperian hypothetico-deductive method. Firstly, do you believe that there is some Objective Truth about phenomena or objects? Something that is independent of the subject and subjective bias? IIRC Popper believed that an Objective Truth could be reached through a deductive scientific method because induction was not enough. So a hypothesis is made, tested experimentally and then, if proved false, is modified and re-tested until it is close to an Objective Truth as possible. I think Plato already indicated a sense of doubt about the reliability of observation and even getting close to an Objective Truth is valid science in my opinion. My sense of ambivalence about the subject arises because I have seldom seen scientists go out of their way to falsify hypotheses. Quite the opposite. If a cell line did not show the hypothesis to be correct, a few scientists have been known to go out of their way to find the "correct" cell line. Nevertheless, the iteration of hypothesis, observation, deductive conclusion until you get close to the Objective Truth, is in stark contrast to induction. An example of painstaking attention to Popper's method is described below: According to Popper, to test this theory a scientist would now have to prove it false. As discussed above this can be done in two general ways: 1) predictive analysis; or 2) by way of experimental manipulation. Each of these methods has been applied to this problem and the results are described below. Predictive Analysis If the theory is correct, we should find that in any tidal marsh plant community that contains Scirpus americanus and Carex lyngbyei that the spatial distribution of these two species should be similar in all cases. This is indeed true. However, there could be some other causal factor, besides flooding frequency, that may be responsible for these unique spatial patterns. Experimental Manipulation If the two species are transplanted into the zones of the other they should not be able to survive. An actual transplant experiment found that Scirpus americanus can actually grow in the zone occupied by Carex lyngbyei, while Carex lyngbyei could also grow at lower Scirpus sites. However, this growth became less vigorous as the elevation became lower and at a certain elevation it could not grow at all. These results falsify the postulated theory. So the theory must be modified based on the results and tested again. The process of testing theories in science is endless. Part of this problem is related to the complexity of nature. Any one phenomenon in nature is influenced by numerous factors each having its particular cause and effect. For this reason, one positive test result is not conclusive proof that the phenomenon under study is explained. However, some tests are better than others and provide us with stronger confirmation. These tests usually allow for the isolation of the phenomena from the effects of causal factors. Manipulative experiments tend to be better than tests based on prediction in this respect. Source of article for Popper's method in action
  6. The DNA code can have changes in it called mutations. DNA sequences specifically codes for amino acid sequences which are built into proteins. Proteins control the development of organisms from a starting point to final organism itself. If the DNA mutations are in areas of the DNA code which can cause changes in the amino acid sequence, the final protein could be faulty and affect the final organism. Diseases such as Sickle cell anaemia or cystic fibrosis are caused by a harmful DNA mutation arising from a single letter change in the DNA sequence. I have grown up, and taught to my A-level (K12/13) students that some DNA mutations which do not affect the amino acid sequence are "neutral", "silent" or harmless. To my surprise, I read this recently and wanted to share it. ScienceDaily
  7. StringyJ Excellent, classical scientific technique. What are you really getting at...?
  8. Good find beecee. This article seems to be crossing the abiogenesis -biogenesis divide. Just a couple of questions. 1. Which organelles form this way in a cell which is approximately 90 percent water? 2. Presumably these experiments use pure reactants. Have they extended a similar model towards a "noisy" cell environment? I don't have time to read the whole article but presume you have mate. Cheers
  9. Sorry to wreck your party but your Speculations belong in the dedicated thread. At least please look up your topic on Wikipedia before posting. Good luck with the answers.
  10. I hope and pray you will get better mate. And that the pain decreases to a tolerable and controllable level so that you can think clearly again. I look forward to your posts. I find heavy rock music to be cathartic when in pain....

    1. Moontanman


      I've been about to drive my neighbors crazy with rock music, Thanks for the good wishes i do appreciate them. No one who hasn't been through this can understand waking up beside the love of your life and she's dead.

  11. Great find Hans. The microbiome of communities of bacteria in the gut are so important as indicators of health and sources of future preventive medical strategies. A pity it did not get more hits. The study you included is fascinating and I hope the FMT had a long-lasting and not a transient effect.
  12. I would prepare for any instability to society or the food supply by: a) accumulating dried foods that could last for 6 months b) buying solar lamps that could give up to 10 hours of light after being charged by sunlight c) buying batteries and torches that can be charged by induction d) buying toilet paper - a clean bottom is a prerequisite to face any social disorder (also clean underwear in case you are asked to undress at the doctors )
  13. I am not an economist or politician. However, I am hearing rumours of a world economic crash, possibly in the next year, that will rival the 1929 economic disaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBpL2WwGiw4 Harry Dent: Stock Market 40% Crash in April, Nothing Can Save You, Bitcoin to Zero, Gold to $1000 - YouTube We, the public, should be able to analyse and assess how economic changes can influence all aspects of life including political manifestations as well as sociogeopolitical responses by a concerned public (e.g. me) Do others see stability, limited instability or widespread instability?
  14. Wow. This is fascinating. Just out of interest please, where is oxygen formed? Also, does the hypothesis propose if the protein can actually be biochemically active? Good find!
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