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  1. One person told me that modern physics support solipsism. I do not believe it. Does modern physics support solipsism? Does modern physics have any evidence that solipsism is true?
  2. If the hypothesis of the brain in the vat is correct, this means that we cannot touch another person or object. The point is that it doesn't matter whether these hypothesis are correct or not. The only thing that worries me is how the touch happens if in the real world it is the interaction of atoms (in particular, electrons). thanks
  3. I heard that relapse can happen if you don't practice, right?
  4. When a person touches another person, do the atoms of the hand come into contact with the atoms of the skin of another person, or will there be a thin layer of air around all the objects that will impede the contact between the atoms of the hand and the atoms of the skin of another person? Or will almost all of the air be pushed out and there will be direct contact? thank
  5. could it be said that heterosexual people have no sexual attraction to other men but there is some other attraction and the pupils expand from this?
  6. but straight people say that they are not excited by the male body and since childhood they have been attracted only to the female body. If they are not attracted to the male body, then how can they be beaten mostly with straight or bisexual people?
  7. how can there be moral disgust, if everyone like it ?
  8. the question is if if studies show that all people are bisexual, why then do many people say that they are not attracted to the same gender?
  9. we can say that orientation is a choice and all people are bisexual, but what about the red-violet scale, the Kinsey scale, and the fact that sexuality is not a choice and is influenced by factors such as geniuses, hormones, and social factors?
  10. many people said they were not attracted to the same gender, but studies show that heterosexual men are excited by watching other men porn, how can I understand?
  11. what is mean:"Not Sure about full on sexual attraction but definitely an appreciation for the other sex, if that makes sense"? That is, they will not have any sexual attraction to the same sex?
  12. you want to say that 80 percent of heterosexuals in the world have sexual feelings for the same sex but just hide them?
  13. Excuse me but if all people are bisexual, why talk about the spectrum. Why, then, about 80 percent of people say that they are heterosexual and do not prey on any feelings for the same gender?
  14. Is it true that no one is totaly straight? What it is mean? https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2018/03/14/no-one-actually-100-per-cent-straight-new-study-discovers-7386358/amp/
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