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  1. Yes, Yes, YES this is what I want to do! I always wanted to meet someone who would say “Leave the Impossible Science To Me. You go on and do your athletic career.” You are right. I can’t do it alone, and I should not. The big question now is Where do I find these scientists? What keywords should I google? Thank you very much for the insight! You are right! My approaches to this weren’t clear. That’s why I made this post. To get clarity and remove the foggy beliefs I had about this matter. I have a goal but I’m overwhelmed by the foggy beliefs and wrong assumptions that I don’t know where to start. At least this was the case.
  2. Please don’t make me upset more than what I already am. It’s my life my decision. I came here to get insight. Not to argue. I have strong desire to be a biological mother. People have to accept that. I am what I want to be. Not what others tell me to be.
  3. Listen to me you weakling! Crazy people innovate okay?! Don’t you dare call me a troll! This is considered Cyber Bullying! If you saw my About Me section, you will know me better! I want to empower myself! Got that?! You really hurt my feelings! To be honest I shouldn’t even be studying this field! I should’ve been born a girl and become a female athlete as well as a wonderful mother! Just like how I was originally meant to be so! YOU DONT KNOW GENDER DYSPHORIA! Look at this post i made yesterday and think twice before you come at me with this crap! 🖕 HAVE A LOUSY DAY!
  4. Are you saying I’m crazy?! I am not sure…. This was from 2012 before…. I’m only speculating… That’s why I’m here, to look for answers.
  5. I don’t have a clear understanding and when I try to find information, none occur. That’s why I post. Change DNA…. I have heard that CRISPR can be a tool? How about RNA as a tool? What are the exceptions that you say? My goal is to get pregnant and birth a child successfully. I am trying to acquire female organs without usage of immunosuppressants. I have a hunch that Stem Cell Therapy can be a tool? Please let me know your thoughts.
  6. I have a belief that changing DNA can alter organ production. For example if I replace the Y in XY with a X to equal XX; the long term result will be the former XY person growing female organs. Did I get it on point? Looking forward to your replies.
  7. Nah, I’m Honduran , Latin American country.
  8. I am just an aspiring athlete who wants to play Ice Hockey and Track and Field for Team Japan. I have always loved Japan as a whole with passion. I must say that I have talent in both Ice Hockey and Running Sprints. I also happen to be a transgender woman with strong aspirations to raise a family in Japan and live the Beautiful Japanese Dream. I came to this forum to learn genetics and the anatomy of existence. However I’m not a bright student as I have both ADHD and Stargardt Disease. My preferred way of learning is through self education and coming here to ask questions. I can’t get degree of GED as I just don’t connect with that style of system. I know Thomas Edison didn’t go to High School or College, and he succeed with his inventions. So why not me? A degree means nothing at the end of the day! This is The True Underdog! I like genetics because I feel like they determine sex. I want to be all woman and I also want to conceive a child the authentic way. Feel free to ask me questions, send me Friend Requests and chat with me!
  9. I have a belief that changing DNA can alter organ production. For example if I replace the Y in XY with a X to equal XX; the long term result will be the former XY person growing female organs. Did I get it on point? Looking forward to your replies.
  10. Inactive SRY gene kills testes creation But no 2nd X chromosome prevents ovaries from creating This was my takeaway from a YouTube video Now my question is how can I create the 2nd X in XX chromosome?
  11. As I write this I researched on coronavirus. The MRNA is genetic material that makes the coronavirus multiply inside the infected one. Now I wonder if this MRNA can be used to shut off SRY gene and to start multiplying XX chromosomes? What do you think about my Theoretical Idea?
  12. I assume that I must go beyond regular education to get to my endeavours… So be it. Life is not easy but I won’t give up. @Phi for AllThank you for the insight!
  13. No no no, I’m not the type that trolls. I guess I just needed to get reacquainted with academics.
  14. I ask because everything after the pandemic has changed. Also the last time I went to school was back in 2011. I couldn’t finish high school because of severe anxiety… You can say that I have been living under a rock.
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