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Theoretical Idea on Genetics: SRY Gene and XX chromosomes

The Researcher

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As I write this I researched on coronavirus. The MRNA is genetic material that makes the coronavirus multiply inside the infected one.


Now I wonder if this MRNA can be used to shut off SRY gene and to start multiplying XX chromosomes?


What do you think about my Theoretical Idea?

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4 hours ago, The Researcher said:

Mmm what kind of issues would arise?

Be in the range of either Swyer or Turner Syndrome.



XY gonadal dysgenesis, also known as Swyer syndrome, is a type of hypogonadism in a person whose karyotype is 46,XY. Though they typically have normal female external genitalia,[1] the person has functionless gonads, fibrous tissue termed "streak gonads", and if left untreated, will not experience puberty. Such gonads are typically surgically removed (as they have a significant risk of developing cancer). The typical medical treatment is hormone replacement therapy.[2];




Turner syndrome (TS), also known as 45,X, or 45,X0, is a genetic condition in which a female is partly or completely missing an X chromosome.[2]

Signs and symptoms vary among those affected.[1] Often, a short and webbed neck, low-set ears, low hairline at the back of the neck, short stature, and swollen hands and feet are seen at birth.[1] Typically, they develop menstrual periods and breasts only with hormone treatment, and are unable to have children without reproductive technology.[1] Heart defects, diabetes, and low thyroid hormone occur more frequently.[1] Most people with TS have normal intelligence; however, many have troubles with spatial visualization that may be needed for mathematics.[1] Vision and hearing problems occur more often.[5]



In theory, if we understood things better we could reprogram without causing issues though. 

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