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  1. ccdan

    Where to start?

    You'll find lots of jobs related to "syhthesizing new chemicals" and virtually none specifically related to quantum physics (only university professors and a very small number of researchers have anything to do with quantum stuff - almost exclusively on a theoretical level )
  2. ccdan

    Your personal definition of science?

    I wouldn't really call paleontology (as it is right now) a science because the fundamental aspect of science, the testing of various hypotheses using the scientific method, is pretty much non-existent.
  3. It's not scientific at all. Science uses the scientific method, verifiable evidence and some pretty clear and rigid rules in order to repeatedly test and confirm or reject various hypotheses. That kind of stuff has nothing to do with the scientific approach.
  4. ccdan

    Line between Sane and Insane

    @mooeypoo: I don't understand what you mean! and you seem to be extremely "selective" with your "observations".... the fact that PhDWannabe called me a "troll" for absolutely no reason, means nothing...
  5. ccdan

    Want to know stuff about BPD

    Very interesting! So you admit that you know just about nothing about psychology (and implicitly psichiatry), but for "some reason" you don't want want to " have this thread turn into that kind of discussion"... WHY? Moreover, you're not even curios to find out why I said that there is no science in these fields... as such, you seem interested in this subject, in thes same fashion religious people are interested in religion... well, that's a bit unexpected, beause we are, supposedly on a "science forum"
  6. ccdan

    Line between Sane and Insane

    Oh! So... approaching this subject in an objective, rigorous and scientific manner (I guess you know my older posts) is called "trollig" ... interesting! As, for your "doctoral program" it's not really a surprise... there are PhD's in "fields" like theology, philosophy and in some countries even in astrology... and who knows what else... apparently, if there are enough people preoccupied by certain "subjects" no matter how non-scientific and nonsensical, there could also be PhD programs for those things...
  7. ccdan

    Line between Sane and Insane

    You're being dishonest... you should admit openly that you can't diagnose anything (from a distance or not), simply because there's no objective, verifiable and scientific criteria for such a thing! Everything in psychiatry and psychology is based on pseudoscience, subjectivity and imagination.
  8. ccdan

    Want to know stuff about BPD

    Just like any other "disorder" defined by the DSM, it's just an arbitrary term for an arbitrary set of so-called "symptomps" with no real scientific basis! As such, there's no real disease (or "disorder"), and of course, no "treatment"
  9. ccdan

    The Scientific Method Applied To Society

    the scientific method cannot be applied to society, because the society is made of irrational and subjective beings... the venus project is itself the brainchild of extremely irrational and subjective beings, who don't have even the slightest idea about the nature of the human being, the nature of economics, money and so on...
  10. ccdan

    You can cut science!

    the average individual is far too dumb to have any saying on this matter... just look at the number of people who believe in some supernatural entity like god...
  11. because they're not fed too much irrational crap like religion as it happens in the western world, middle east, africa, etc... the same holds true for japan, south korea, ...
  12. ccdan

    what causes schizophrenia?

    if your approximations are real(I seriously doubt that), they're based on zero science! there are no so called "dissenters" - this kind of terms are specific to anti-science extremists who try to advance their personal and irrational beliefs misleading the general populations with unfamiliar terms Your very use of the term "predisposition" speaks volumes! Informed scientists should be completely aware that relative concepts like correlations don't prove absolutely anything! There's no such a thing as "good evidence" or "bad evidence"! There's only one kind of evidence: physical, unfalsifiable and undisputable! Being extremely rare, tons of crooks try to fabricate it! conclusions in science(including medical science) are not expressed using terms like "indicates", "suggests", "promote the hypothesis" and so on... these are mere speculations without any scientifically proved basis!
  13. ccdan

    what causes schizophrenia?

    And you sound like islamic fundamentalists who "found" an "apostate" The so called "anti-psychiatry movement" is largely the equivalent of the people in medieval times who opposed religion, superstition and various irrational and illogical thoughts related to a variety of subjects, including to what we now call "communism" ... in short, critics of anti-psychiatry are themselves extreme irrationalists fearing that their own irrational and abusive systems of beliefs would collapse! this is not a mere question of opinion, but something purely objective and verifiable! "the reach world of fantasy" is still extremely present in the western world under the form of religion(particularly the US), communism/socialism(France, northern Europe and others) and nationalism (most western nations) That is entirely fasle! Before talking about "brain diseases" you should make sure that such conditions do exist from a strictly scientific (an implicitly objective) perspective! To date, there's not a single so called "mental illness" scientifically confirmed! All such claims are purely subjective social constructs!
  14. ccdan


    social...ists? perhaps socialist ecologists? no, those are not very intelligent I'm afraid
  15. maybe because they have less dangerous jobs, get less often into physical fights, drink less alcohol, eat less fat and other unhealthy things, smoke less, like guns and other weapons less, are far less aggressive and take fewer risks in dangerous situations, use pills (likely to fail) for suicide instead of blowing off their brains or jumping off from buildings, drive less fast, etc? all in all there are fewer risks in their lives due to their far less aggressive and more healthy lifestyles... men on the other hand do the opposite and are more likely to lose their lives sooner..