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Are you atheist?

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4 hours ago, studiot said:

I am not sure what this means but she now has an illuminated christmas tree outside her front door all the time.

It means the isolation during the pandemic has made her crazy.

1 hour ago, Moontanman said:

Damn a bunch of naked old men on the beach,

I'll have no part of this sausage fest.
( you can't bribe me with alcohol )

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You cannot be an Atheist. Much as you cannot be a Deist. Unfortunately , many people regard atheism or deism to be opposite logical poles. While , in fact , they are dipoled psychological characterist

Terminology is not determined by the percentage NOR by the number of ordinary people who  do/do not  comply with them . .. .. 

I think a suitable God to be honoured with worship is a God whom one would like to exist, but for whom there is only scanty evidence. Since I live in the dull weather plagued UK this has led to me bec

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