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    CREATARDs https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Creatard
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    Agree it’s a mud dauber. They were everywhere and into everything in Texas. Specifically, on the book, it’s a nest they’ve built Those nests remain even long after any life forms that built them have left or died.
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    Mud dauber nest ----> http://www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_apoidwasps/VaseCellMudDauber.htm
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    Argo As far as I can see you posted essentially the same subject a few months ago and entered into a 5 page battle, posting statements that confused everybody and eventually abandoned that thread of yours without conclusion. In order to try to help your understanding along I suggest you take a long read of this extract from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy about Newton's definitions of Time. Take particular note of the section I highlighted; it says much the same thing as I posted in my original reply to this trhead, wo which you have not responded. There is much wisdom to be had from this text.
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    The problem is that there is no evidence that Spacetime needs to be quantised. The quantisation of energy comes quite naturally out of the equations. That is at least some of solutions to the equations of energy are periodic or quantised. The equations of Spactime, and in particular Einstein's equations are not, and do not have quantised solutions. Rather they require a continuous distribution.
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    I sincerely hope I can get to a point in my life in which someone would want to go through such measures to do that to me
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    And I thought it was something to do with corona
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    Game of Thrones doesn't espouse American politics in their screenplay, but Bill Maher's format does, on every level in every segment. That said, it's true he never speaks at Democratic events, nor is he embraced by the party for his policies and statements. He is old fashioned, even square at times, but make no mistake he's deeply concerned and frustrated by the current state of affairs in the USA and conveys that in meaningful, often hilarious ways.
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    If you get the sense that it was derogatory, then it means the first someone is lumping the second someone in with a group he caricaturizes negatively. AKA bigotry.
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    Alright I'm new to this forum and would love to learn more, to answer the question if its philosophical to ask what gravity actually is. I meant what causes gravitational pull. Secondly, what I meant us living inside of a black hole. The only logical thing that would cause a big bang is a singularity, and since in theoretics black holes have a singularity since the amount of matter being sucked in is in relation to matter opting from high pressure to low pressure (seen in nature countless times) because black holes are initially negative space caused by the star dispersing the rest of its matter leaving a void of low pressure waves. Thirdly. I defend your definition of logical. It's a sound definition, because in this case it works. And cant fault you on that. I created these ideas based on the knowledge I've acquired from small sources of science. Lastly. Thank you for the quick response. And the kindness. I'm not afraid to be wrong. I'm just new. I'm gauging my audience right now. Thank you for the input. I'll be sure to go to speculations when I have enough information to go on with my hypothesis.
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    Neanderthals and Denisovans might have lived side by side for tens of thousands of years, scientists report in two papers in Nature. The long-awaited studies are based on the analysis of bones, artefacts and sediments from Denisova Cave in southern Siberia, which is dotted with ancient-human remains. They provide the first detailed history of the site’s 300,000-year occupation by different groups of ancient humans.https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00353-0
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    Very little. If it had a proper meaning, you wouldn't need to ask.
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    It's largely genetic, you have methods such as adoption studies. Then the Marxist charlatan will throw out Occam's razor because of his a priori equality fantasy and posit "uterine poisoning' or "Venusian beams" or "increasing-with-distance white hatred" some other non-falsifiable imaginary variable to explain an absolutely consistent temporal and spatial pattern that would be noted as obviously genetic in any other (infra) subspecies or race. Sometimes I go out of my house and talk to people, and they seem really dumb. Perhaps everyone seems equally smart to you. Perhaps you have never been outside. Perhaps you are just insane. I don't know.