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    i need someone to bounce ideas.

    Alright I'm new to this forum and would love to learn more, to answer the question if its philosophical to ask what gravity actually is. I meant what causes gravitational pull. Secondly, what I meant us living inside of a black hole. The only logical thing that would cause a big bang is a singularity, and since in theoretics black holes have a singularity since the amount of matter being sucked in is in relation to matter opting from high pressure to low pressure (seen in nature countless times) because black holes are initially negative space caused by the star dispersing the rest of its matter leaving a void of low pressure waves. Thirdly. I defend your definition of logical. It's a sound definition, because in this case it works. And cant fault you on that. I created these ideas based on the knowledge I've acquired from small sources of science. Lastly. Thank you for the quick response. And the kindness. I'm not afraid to be wrong. I'm just new. I'm gauging my audience right now. Thank you for the input. I'll be sure to go to speculations when I have enough information to go on with my hypothesis.
  2. i need to bounce ideas off of some people, like what gravity actually is, and if we are inside an equivalent of a black hole within a black hole. no proof, just rudimentary logical hypothesis