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    Yes, life is rough for us old white men. We live in fear because everyone in this country is out to get us.
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    Glad it helped. In fairness, I’m pretty sure you already knew what you wanted to do even before opening this thread.
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    What good is an idea only you ever know about?
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    That's a pretty fair analogy. As soon as you introduce x and y, they have values, and every pair of values is unique.
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    Yes possibly. Strange's comment supplied the formula (I know it has an equals sign) for the circumference of any circle. That circle may be anywhere, hanging on a tree, spinning on the ice, just chilling in a deck chair. or even referenced to an x-y coordinate system. If you choose to reference it to an x-y coordinate system you can properly call the expression with an equals sign an equation. And you can then do much more with it. But you have to get the algebra right, so you need to revise your algebra. Furthermore once you have referenced your circle to a particular x-y system, it can no longer be anywhere. You have fixed it in space. Also you have to work with x and y , you can't just switch them into something else and bring in a freewheeling formula.
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    Are you familiar with the Gish Gallop? Please, focus on the things that matter instead of introducing a bunch of bullshit irrelevant to the discussion taking place.
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    Such predictions as the one in the quote were dismissed as alarmist. Blaming the scientists is misguided, at best. Political inaction happened despite the predictions, not because of them. The article also points to the problem of using "wrong" as attached to scientific results or predictions, as if this is a binary condition. Most of the time it isn't. Science tends to quantify things, so that one can see how close results are to predictions.
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    That we are thinking in the wrong way about it. We are still living with the religious concept of free will, meaning that humans can act completely independent of their (neural) physiology, which of course is pertinent nonsense. This concept was needed in Christian theology to make humans ultimate responsible for their actions. The problem was that otherwise God would be responsible, because He is almighty, all-knowing, and just. Now sure, this kind of free will does not exist. But it is also irrelevant in modern days. The modern concept of free will is different: a short version of it is 'being able to act according your own wishes and beliefs'. This definition is fully compatible with determinism, event stronger, without determinism free will would be impossible. It would break the connection between what you are and want on one side, and your actions on the other. Also, if you are striving for something, you'd better know the causality involved to get this something done. Without strict causality we would not be able to anticipate possible futures dependent on our actions, because we would simply not know what the consequences of our actions would be: without causality it could be anything.
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    I thought it was the other way round.
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    I don’t know I consciously chose to call 911 about 4 days after having an internal debate questioning why anyone would want to live eternally with the world being the way it is. I was questioning buddhism assuming an atheist point of view. Why want to go through it all again for the sake of a possible improvement? Now I’m wondering did I exercise free will by calling 911? Yes I believe I did, but didn’t I also answer to a basic animal instinct to live? Three stents later my heart still beats. Now, I’ve made a conscious decision to wear a box designed to shock the hell out of me should it become necessary. The box itself scares me. I had to be talked into wearing it . So is wearing it an act of free will, or is it once again animal instinct? I have become somewhat opinionated and short tempered. I would think that if These are signs of animal instinct than perhaps I was exercising free will before the heart attack and maybe the surest sign of free will presents as animal instinct. I think that if a person chooses to attach the choice of free will as a gift from a supreme being then a person shouldn’t be surprised that the animal instinct to survive might present as an act of free will even if it is entirely human trait to consider eternal life an option readily accessible through free will and a benevolent supreme being. Now I question. When before I simply wanted to know and was willing to accept reality at face value when told I was wrong I still wonder why anyone would want to live forever but I suspect should I wake up soon on an operating table, or in a recovery room that I will instinctively yield to all their poking a prodding accepting that I have absolutely no free will to build upon if it can’t coexist as animal instinct. Otherwise I don’t know what to think about free will.
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    Well none of it's my fault. I have the heater and air conditioner on full blast all the time in my Humvee, and I give off methane everywhere I go. If the planet freezes over, I will have a clear conscience.
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    I’m familiar with the term kiss ass. It’s the family motto so kiss ass.
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    I don't deny any religion. I'm just waiting for decent evidence. And the burden of proof is on the believers.
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    There is a concept of "irreducible complexity". Meaning that some biological systems could not be produced by incremental steps. Evolutionists really can't explain an evolution for almost any of internal organs. Go look for yourself. How 2 chamber heart evolves into 3 chamber heart, how lungs evolved, how bactrium evolved a flagellum. This is very simple stuff, and yet evolutionists can't provide an evolutionery path to any of that. And yet they manage to live in small illusion that they got it all figured out. Actually evolutionists have nothing. They can't explain anything really.
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