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    Just when you thought you could sleep at night... An asteroid more than a mile wide will pass by Earth on Wednesday while travelling at a speed of about 19,000 miles (30,578km) an hour. The space rock, known as (52768) 1998 OR2, is expected to make its closest approach at 10.56am BST, when it will be just 3.9m miles (6.3m km) away – about 16 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Although the asteroid is classified as a potentially hazardous object (PHO), scientists have said it will not pose a danger to the planet. Dr Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, said: “This asteroid poses no danger to the Earth and will not hit – it is one catastrophe we won’t have. While it is big, it is still smaller than the asteroid that impacted the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.” Source: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/apr/29/asteroid-passing-earth-1998-or2-wednesday-near-4m-miles-face-mask-fly-by
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    It seems highly unlikely that you would be able to explain observations and experimental results regarding gravity using electromagnetic theories. But please feel free to post your attempts. General Relativity is well established. If you are aiming at replacing that theory with something that has the same predictive power but is based on electromagnetism then my guess is that the probability of success is zero. Some quick notes: Gravity can't be shielded. Gravity is not modelled as a force in General Relativity Elementary particles with zero charge are affected by gravity Etc. Experts in this forum may also explain more fundamentals regarding the mathematics of tensors; source of gravitation is a second-order tensor, the source electromagnetism is a first-order tensor
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    This is where my head was UNTIL I read that previous post of yours. “Nah, they were just there like at a rally... sure, they doubt the election results, but whatever. They’re just regular old Tom, Dick, and Sally’s out holding signs and taking photos.” But you made a point that gave me pause... that made me view things differently. Majority of them DID want to overturn a free and fair election, to throw away votes they didn’t like, and circumvent the process. That in itself is a type of sedition. It’s a desire to overthrow our democratic principles and our republic. Sure, everyone exists along a spectrum and some were more aggressive/extreme than others who were meek and mild, but NONE of them were there supporting our legal processes or allowing the justice system to sort through the claims of fraud. The sincerity of their beliefs isn’t relevant. They felt they knew better than those in charge and were acting like vigilantes who desired to replace the actual election results with their own personally preferred winner. In short, they were trying to overthrow our government. That’s a well made point I can’t simply ignore or dismiss. Dude, I’m an experienced wood worker now. I wear safety glasses. No splinters in these eyes. Matthew 13:13 Therefore I speak to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand
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    Interesting but somewhat confusing. You want a differentiation between the mathematical description, and actual, physical space. You have stated we have the mathematical description, but haven't yet tackled what we mean by actual, physical space. IOW, we have the model, but what is the actual reality ? ( and Dad says we don't know, which you agree is valid ) I would assume, as a scientist, you know how science works. We build models ( mathematical models, not toys ) and test them against reality to find their limited areas of applicability. The only model that is 100% applicable is the reality itself. I have to ask, how else would you model actual, physical space, if not mathematically ??
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    As a lay person with an interest in science and the scientific methodology, my perhaps simplistic view is as follows....Space is what exists between you and me, or between the planets and their stars. Time is what stops everything from happening together and the means by which the intervals between sequential events are measured. Spacetime is the four dimensional framework against which we locate and calculate events. The concept of spacetime follows from fact that the speed of light, "c," is constant and does not vary with the motion of the emitter or the observer. It is essentially a description of reality common for all observers, while at the same time, the measured Intervals of space and time when considered separately will vary between observers and different frames of references. Gravity of course as GR tells us, is the geometry of spacetime in the presence of mass/energy. All are essentially real: Space is expanding and the source of what we know as Dark Energy. Time is essentially interchangeable with space and is a variable quantity. Spacetime can be bent, warped, curved, lensed in the presence of mass. Any errors, alterations or corrections? Please be gentle with me. 😜
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    Dr. Yamagishi and his team came to this conclusion by placing dried Deinococcus colonies on display panels outside the ISS. Samples of various thicknesses were exposed to the space environment for one, two, or three years, and then tested for their survival. Three years later, the researchers found that all colonies larger than 0.5 mm had partially survived in space. Observations show that although the bacteria on the surface of the aggregate died, it created a protective layer for the bacteria underneath, ensuring the survival of the colony. Using survival data after one, two, and three years of exposure, the researchers calculated that a granule greater than 0.5 mm thick could live 15 to 45 years on the ISS, thus proving the possibility of natural interplanetary transfer of microbial life that would otherwise called panspermia.
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    If you had stopped there, I would have given you a +1 also. Unfortunately you misguidedly went on about 'whataboutism', when some of you guys are the biggest offenders. Anytime JC or I ( and a few others ) mention mis-steps by American progressives/Democrats, your first answer ( as well as Swansont, Phi, and a few others ) is always "But the Republicans do much much worse; they can't even be compared. So why are you even bringing it up ?" If you can't think of the times you've done this, I can post numerous examples/quotes. If that is your attitude, it is going to be a boring 4 years in the Politics Forum. Everytime someone criticized the new Government, your first response will be "But D Trump did much worse during his Presidency." And then I'm told I have biases
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    Yeah. Let's make it clear that taking over parts of cities using intimidation and violence, and excluding authorities and police, can only reasonably count as "protest" and not insurrection. Orwell would be proud. Can we not condemn both violent extremes, regardless of whether we believe one is worse? Does not condemning one not help ignite the other? Or 1936, the Spanish Civil War. Absolutely brutal and based on ideological extremism, with atrocities common on both sides. This is what we are capable of. Not directed at anyone: Can we not condemn both violent extremes, and be a little more tolerant towards those in the middle seeking civil discourse?
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    I guess the answer is science doesn't know. Why guess?
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