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    Your right I spelt it wrong I had to look up an email from 2016. I should have copied and pasted. I'm glad to see that he is still on SFN he seemed worried then that he might not be. Now I'm worried about me. I tend to become aggressively competitive on occasion in discussion. I enjoy it. What bothers me is the effect it has on other people. I don't realize untill it is too late that that I have angered them. During a discussion of differences I do not exactly want them on their best game, but I don't want them angry either, so when I realize it has reached that point. I withdraw. I like point and counter point, and apparently I was too aggressive. When a person responds only with I am trying to pick a fight. Especially when all I did was respond to what I thought was an intentional insult with humor. So, into my shell I ran. I want to apologize to, and thank those who encouraged me. My head is clearing, I don't really want out. I may have mentioned before that SFN is is to me a weakness that I enjoy. Thank you ...
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    Banning is for rule-breakers. Is the site taking up too much of your time, and you want to do something else? His name is Robittybob1, so that's why your search came up empty. He posted in this thread a few weeks ago:
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    FFS not you again with your twisted pseudo science fueled by deeply routed religious homophobia. @nevim, please google the original poster.
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    I really like reading your posts/threads/questions and contributions. You come across as a nice, deep guy. Personally, I think maybe your humour was mistook for an attack earlier. Don’t leave. Please.
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    If by any chance, this change of heart is due to the ongoing discussion in the Political forum, I hope you reconsider. People tend to get very passionate about their opinions, and refuse to even acknowledge that other points of view may exist. I have done it myself, but I make the attempt to consider other, even unsavory, viewpoints. And sometimes it can be a minefield to navigate. I find your questions, and your desire to learn, in the Physics forums refreshing. A lot of them have helped me learn new things also. Looking forward to many more of them.
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    Intelligent Design is a brilliant marketing concept developed as a back door method of getting creationism into school science curricula in the USA. This was clearly and publicly demonstrated in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case over a decade ago. Michael Behe's book is part of that attempt to bamboozle the public. A far better read for "the scientist looking at science for answers" in this field would be something like Kenneth Brown's "Only a Theory" which systematically dismantles the nonsense of Intelligent Design. Darwin formulated his ideas over a century and a half ago - there are bound to be errors and ovesights in his work. Breaking news, in the century and a half since he published his works tens of thousands of scientists have conducted research that has developed his remarkable insight into arguably the most solidly established theory in science. That said, I would be interested to know which particular ideas of his you consider to be "bad science". Perhaps I could then either agree with you that those ideas are outmoded, or show how you have misinterpreted their intent from the few excerpts you have read. (Warning: creationists routinely quote Darwin out of context in order to suggest he claimed something that supports their argument. When such excerpts are read in context their assertions are contradicted.) Note to moderators - I'm not sure if we are even meant to give breathing space to pseudoscientific nonsense by taking the time to denounce it. Please remove this post if it is counter to forum policies.
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    **cough** You uh, spelled singularity wrong.
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    Am I allowed to close my account or do I just avoid the site?
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    The key to longevity is represented by the virtues one develops/attains (purity, compassion, nobleness). Sexual energy can only be sublimated/transmuted by the higher emotions originating from the superconscious mind (higher self). Celibacy is one extreme. Full sexual continence is another (and even advanced monks/yogi have nocturnal ejaculations unless they use very advanced techniques such as Virya Mudra (inserting a tube through the urethra, starting at the age of 14, to the verumontanum area in order to activate the seminal sphincter; for the Vamacari yogi), or Kevala Pranayam a dangerous and extremely difficult method attained by only very few). Uddhiyana Bandha and Oli Mudras (the Sahajoli Mudrasana introduced by Gitananda) can only help so much, for full continence one needs those extremely advanced techniques which cannot be practiced by most yogi. Therefore, one should ejaculate rarely (perhaps once every few months), while sublimating all the while the sexual energy (generative force) to the higher self. Qi/chi/prana is the energy related to the petals of a chakra. Gong/virtues/higher emotions are related to the geometrical symbol of a chakra, a much higher function.
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    Could this also happen to humans? Sci Rep. 2019 Mar 18;9(1):4837. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-41258-2. Prenatal Allergen Exposure Perturbs Sexual Differentiation and Programs Lifelong Changes in Adult Social and Sexual Behavior. Lenz KM1,2,3, Pickett LA4,5, Wright CL4,5, Galan A6, McCarthy MM4,5. Author information Abstract Sexual differentiation is the early life process by which the brain is prepared for male or female typical behaviors, and is directed by sex chromosomes, hormones and early life experiences. We have recently found that innate immune cells residing in the brain, including microglia and mast cells, are more numerous in the male than female rat brain. Neuroimmune cells are also key participants in the sexual differentiation process, specifically organizing the synaptic development of the preoptic area and leading to male-typical sexualbehavior in adulthood. Mast cells are known for their roles in allergic responses, thus in this study we sought to determine if exposure to an allergic response of the pregnant female in utero would alter the sexual differentiation of the preoptic area of offspring and resulting sociosexual behavior in later life. Pregnant rats were sensitized to ovalbumin (OVA), bred, and challenged intranasally with OVA on gestational day 15, which produced robust allergic inflammation, as measured by elevated immunoglobulin E. Offspring of these challenged mother rats were assessed relative to control rats in the early neonatal period for mast cell and microglia activation within their brains, downstream dendritic spine patterning on POA neurons, or grown to adulthood to assess behavior and dendritic spines. In utero exposure to allergic inflammation increased mast cell and microglia activation in the neonatal brain, and led to masculinization of dendritic spine density in the female POA. In adulthood, OVA-exposed females showed an increase in male-typical mounting behavior relative to control females. In contrast, OVA-exposed males showed evidence of dysmasculinization, including reduced microglia activation, reduced neonatal dendritic spine density, decreased male-typical copulatory behavior, and decreased olfactory preference for female-typical cues. Together these studies show that early life allergic events may contribute to natural variations in both male and female sexual behavior, potentially via underlying effects on brain-resident mast cells.