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  1. The term 'ballistic' implies little, or no, terminal guidance. That makes them very ineffective against targets that can move. Even at Mach 12, the missile would need 15 min to reach the target ( M 3 is approx 2000 mph ). Which at 20 mph, would be 5 miles away from its original position.
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  2. ! Moderator Note Posting to advertise your site is a violation of rule 2.7.
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  3. A. The FFs aren't constrained by what anyone else meant by the phrase, only what they meant by the phrase and B. What the FFs meant by the phrase is not the final metric, as the right has been shaped by court decisions; the phrase is vague and also the context for it is shaped by society as it changes. Does freedom of speech as defined ca 1791 include this conversation, seeing as electronic communication of any type wasn't yet invented? There's a whole host of kinds of speech that have come into existence, or at least been acknowledged as speech, since that time. For instance, I
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  4. Alternatively, perhaps the currently available explanation is the correct one and people just refuse to accept it as valid for various reasons.
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