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  1. Which is more accurate when calculuating current/voltage/resistance?

    An oscilloscope or a waveform monitor will help you measure other things like frequencies and capacitance.
  2. How do I learn to design and make my own electronics

    There are basically two types of circuits, resistive and inductive. Inductive circuits may have some resistive components and branch circuits. The values of each need to be calculated effectively, that they don't overheat or burn out, but also remain stable during temperature variations. Even if wired independently of other circuits, inductive circuits will react with each other. This can cause of interference problems on the "front end" of circuits. Even circuits which are properly designed to avoid reacting with each other may react in other ways with otherwise good circuits at the back end. See Kirchoff's Rules and resonate frequency imaging. A good example would be imaging of radio frequencies. Therefore a good knowledge of how frequencies work and how they are allocated for different purposes. Resonant frequencies can interfere with other frequencies which are operating normally, namely intermediate frequencies. Not only is it good sense to know what spurious or parasitic is, it's also important to understand how frequencies are allocated and the modes they operate. Even amateur radio operators must be certified because they must demonstrate they understand that home built equipment operates in a manner as to not interfere with emergency or other working frequencies and their co-channel dependencies. Thus math and physics are critical. Likewise drafting skills. My teachers taught me, if you can't draw it, you can't build it. Assembly only requires soldering skills, but design requires numerous other technical skills.
  3. It would be laughable, if it wasn't so insidious. :/
  4. He's convicted of serious crimes against the country and serving a prison term. If there was nothing there, he could just rot in jail and no one would care. He knows where bodies are buried and Mueller will undoubtedly dig them up.
  5. Florence the Hurricane

    If anyone was overstating things, it was Trump. "This is going to be a very large one ... It's tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water." But that's the media's fault right?
  6. Never be afraid

    I wear a warm coat to the top of the mountain, not because I hate the cold, but because I fear freezing to death. In that vain, fearlessness is foolishness. On the other hand, some may not swim in the ocean, not because they hate water, but because they fear being eaten by sharks. In that vain, prudence is a loss of opportunity. Fear is relative to the likelihood of occurrence.
  7. Understanding the "God" Concept

    Do you use the term Mother Nature? Many theists, atheists and agnostics use the term, knowing nature to be true. However, like hot or cold, nature is not a thing unto itself... it's a property of other things. The planet and the universe. Free will does not make water hot or cold and despite all of the available variables we can impose, it can only be in one state at any given time. Therefore neither can be wrong. Each have a time and a place for us at different times. It's when we put a face on it, or deny it's existence entirely, is were we go wrong. Hence my position as an agnostic. Jonah being swallowed by a whale is a bunch of crap, as is the great flood, but Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is wise. There is good and evil in everything and that is where free will allows for us to find or lose ourselves as individuals. Most who grasp the concept of nature understand grandeur, beauty, retribution and destruction (to name a few). These are the identical things theists advocate when they speak of god. The difference being, nature does not play favorites, pass judgements nor listen to individual prayers. We understand that when we intervene with nature by actions, there are consequences. Nature does not show retribution for our thoughts, but sometimes for our actions, yet moreover for reasons we may never understand. This we know to be true, as well. An eight year old girl told me once "Big fish eat little fish and that's just the way it is" It's true, wisdom often comes from the mouths of babes. Thank goodness humans developed morals, because we'd otherwise be cannibals or ruthless cold blooded killers. When we apply these morals to nature, we understand there's no need to do certain things, even though we can. In that vain, there's liitle to be conquered or dominated. We accept that some things should just be and it has absolutely nothing to do with any of us, other than being a part of the big picture. I'm a follower of Ed Ricketts, as was John Steinbeck, Joseph Campbell and Salvadore Dali, to name a few. His philosophy was wrapped in the science of the ecology... the economy of nature and like Ecclesiastes, a time and purpose for everything, how necessary voids are filled, that things may be reborn and how species may co-exist.
  8. I read it the first time. Posting it over and over again won;t make it so, it will only get you banned, irrespective of what it's supposed to mean.
  9. Now you're basically back where you were locked. Apparently you haven't grasped the concept of don't bring this up again.
  10. Saying so, doesn't make it so. Not on this forum. Besides that, it's off topic. Yet another transgression. You make this too easy.
  11. No, you're a crackpot for being obtuse and petulant. However time "Transcendence of time and space" is not a thing, so you're just a fool to think that has anything to do with science.
  12. Try a bigger font. It might be more persuasive.
  13. You won't be missed. You're not the first crackpot in a long string of banned crackpots, probably not the last. Just so you know, sock puppetry fails here too, so save yourself that attempt. Tick tick, tick tick....
  14. Shhh. Our handlers have instructed us to not use the c word
  15. What part of your own quote don't you understand? " even if it means I have to decondition some of the emotional investment which atheists" The prerequisite is not the conversion itself, but the act of attempting to do so.