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  1. rangerx

    Game of Thrones

    I watched and re-watched the entire series several times. There are also some very good YouTube videos outlining characters and plots. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, insomuch as bewildered why the producers would go though such detailed character development and arcs only to bring them to simplistic, even insignificant plot endings. Foreshadowing was a huge part of the series. I would have hoped many of the loose ends would have been sewn up by twists and revelations, but alas we'll end up with many red herrings. In the last episode, we'll probably not hear about Vary's man in the box, or the identity of Quaithe of the Shadow or the punchline to the Donkey and honeycomb in the brothel joke. They dropped the ball on the Golden Company and elephants. No elephants and dead in one dragon puff. The direwolves came up short too. I'll watch it and enjoy it. I'm sure I'll be scratching my head about several more things, but that may just be a ploy to attract viewers to the upcoming prequel series. All in all, an epic show. Among the best I've seen, despite the weaknesses of season 8
  2. rangerx

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    That's right. It was the Republicans who finally put their foot down and insisted Nixon resign after the Watergate scandal. That was different time and place though, unlike the oligarchy they're subservient to now.
  3. rangerx

    Potential Iran Conflict

    Maybe they could just arrange a summit with the Iranians, then Trump would have the biggest bestest newest buddy, espousing how strong Iranian leadership is.
  4. rangerx

    Trump tax records. - A Billion in losses.

    Just his LLCs, I gather. However, he's quite notorious for reneging on contracts or getting them over a barrel and reducing the payment previously agreed to. His word isn't worth shit. He's underhanded and greedy.
  5. rangerx

    Trump tax records. - A Billion in losses.

    Losing $8,999/minute is a small price to pay to own the libs. Not to worry though, they'll recoup it from evil socialist entitlements like our grandmother's medicine and child's school and call it a win for capitalism and democracy.
  6. rangerx

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    Which people? If so, under what guise? Operatives or agents? Unwittingly or by collusion?
  7. rangerx

    William Barr, Trump's New Fixer

    Barr made the assertion that Mueller's letter was about media perception. It wasn't. The letter objected to Barr's summary and makes no mention of media. That's perjury x2.
  8. rangerx

    William Barr, Trump's New Fixer

    Merely because one flubbed questions does not excuse the fact Barr perjured himself before congress. We need to hear from Mueller himself. Barr's assertion his summary was not a summary is unacceptable. The question posed to him previously whether there were concerns from the OSC. Clearly there were concerns. Apparently Chairman Graham didn't read the report in it's entirety, but prejudged the issue as a done deal. That tells anyone all they need to know.
  9. rangerx

    William Barr, Trump's New Fixer

    I'm watching as we speak. Somehow they think pissing and moaning about Hillary's email and fake news will save them. It's no wonder Rosenstein resigned in haste once the letter from Mueller came to light. Barr is floundering to answer truthfully.
  10. Censure might be in order. Does congress need the senate to confirm that?
  11. rangerx

    Assange! Free at last!

    Right, a whistle blower is an affected employee, often representing other employees going over the heads of their supervisors to report an incident, negligence or other inappropriate action. I'm inclined to think that commissioning a hack for unauthorized access, downloading classified documents and redistributing personal information would disqualify whistle blowing. More of a criminal matter than a civilly disobedient one. The public interest wasn't served. Most whistle blowers aren't disappeared or convicted. They're usually end up losing their job/career or otherwise blackballed in some way. One thing I can say about Assange, he's got no reason to lie. He's pretty straight up with his douchebaggery. I am curious to hear what he has to say about Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, G2 and a few others in the Trump/Russia orbit.
  12. rangerx

    Assange! Free at last!

    Edit- Assange was holed up in an embassy, not a church. My error.
  13. rangerx

    Assange! Free at last!

    I never liked Assange from the get go. He took whistle blowing to the corrupt extreme. He literally cajoled Manning to hack access to the servers, then stole 10's of thousands of documents from the US govt. When he didn't get his way exploiting it, hid behind a faith based sanctuary to thwart extradition on other charges then colluded with Russian interests and subsequently divulged emails hacked from the DNC during an election cycle. By his own admission, it's espionage and treasonous. No less on the very same day then candidate Trump called for him to do just that again, but with Clinton email as well. Trump doesn't seem all that keen on bringing him back.
  14. rangerx

    Gun control, which side wins?

    In Canada there are no sides. Though some squawk this or that, we're all pretty much on the same page when it comes to gun laws. If anything, the collective outrage toward the long gun registry caused it to be eliminated. It did more harm than good. In America it seems it's more about individualism and entitlement than common sense and public safety.
  15. rangerx

    John McCain

    Yeah that. He knows his goose is cooked, but insulting McCain is just the tip of ice berg of his scorched earth policy. No stoop too abysmal. McCain, gained the nomination when American conservatives needed a moderate candidate. That went out the window when he had Sarah Palin imposed on him by his donors. Now you flip the narrative on me as though I'm unaware of that fact? It's rich for you to soapbox Ten Oz about perceived insults while openly using absurd insults on others. Hypocrisy at it's height.