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  1. Nicely put. What I like about her, is her ability to take the rhetoric that's thrown at her to speak the topic. When she does, her detractors usually run away. And it's not just Republicans either. She has a lot of democrats shaking in their boots too. And it's about time.
  2. Gish galloping goes nowhere. She's neither infallible nor chronic. If you hang on an instance for an overall performance standard, then you seriously need some introspect into your party. Clearly a double standard and a broadly distorted one at that. And yet you have not shown your math.
  3. Change what? She's her own person. Genuine in her manners, thoughtful in her responses without the rancor or hyperbole and sincere in her objectives. She doesn't accept PAC money and derides crass industrialism that pollutes or oppresses. Unlike most politicians, that girl practices what she preaches. The more republicans are triggered by her, the stronger she gets. That's the only change I expect from her. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That concept seems lost on so many Americans. They'd rather pay though the nose, after the fact.
  4. rangerx

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    Agreed. I think Harris is a good candidate. AOC is inexperienced and not eligible because of her age, but she a rising star to millennials and the old guard alike. Not only does she have thick skin and brilliant retorts, her mere presence triggers the right into resorting to their childish character assassinations and dog whistle politics. She's a fresh version of Bernie, savvy to Trump's antics and causes other democrats to take heed. I don't know enough about Beto, but they love him in Texas. I never thought I'd see the day when that state goes purple, no less blue.
  5. rangerx

    You think you've got problems America...

    We're far from perfect, but every day I thank my lucky stars I'm Canadian.
  6. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Nice. If only they'd learn to speak Canadian, we'd welcome them to come in legally. There's plenty of landscaping and cleaning jobs available that us canucks are too lazy or too proud to do. No path to citizenship though. Amnesty is off the table and we'll separate them from their children if they think about thinking coming illegally. And of course, we can detain or deport them for no reason or perhaps trundle them off to some non-Warsaw pact country for enhanced interrogation.
  7. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Absolutely. There's a crisis south of that border. They're rapists although I'm sure some of them are good people. If in a couple years America doesn't pay for it, we'll just saddle Canadians with the cost, but first we'll hold government employees hostage. Good plan?
  8. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Then so be it. I'm thinking maybe we should build a wall and make America pay for it. Fair is fair, right?
  9. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Well, the OP is kinda vague. Border wall or fence. Not to be contrarian, but what does that even entail? Pick your poison? Head I win, tails you lose? Is it okay if I call you Betty or would rather be called Sue? Is the absence or discussion of the reasoning for "none of the above" off topic? To that end, I say neither. There are greater priorities at hand than placating republican fabricated monsters.
  10. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    I appealed to MigL to extend his compassion for starving children (in his analogy) to other kids (at the wall) AND gave credit to his Trump position AND you agreed. Now you're both lumping me in with a group who doesn't appreciate alternate points while pissing and moaning about getting lumped into something phony. That's not discussion, that's sore losing.
  11. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    He already reneged on the promise of Mexico paying for it. His die has already been cast. In the meanwhile, it's just damage control.
  12. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Mig, I understand your frustration. I really do. I will give credit where credit is due, understanding that Trump is a dipshit, 800,000 government employees are pawns and a wall is a stupid idea. That said, your concern for children analogy seems to extend only to immediate families even though I'm sure you'd treat a starving child as one of your own of you were put in that situation. So why so perplexed? Sorry man, but your ideology is over-ruling your better judgement, imho. My concern is the democracy itself being hijacked by a tyrant's agenda. I will dare say that if Obama or Trudeau played that angle you'd be screaming from the rooftops.
  13. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Trump is supposed to be the leader. Where does the buck stop with him? Nowhere by that logic.
  14. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Accusing your accuser of what doing what you're doing.
  15. rangerx

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Well, you would know. It's your MO.