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  1. When half the country follows him, that's where the bar is set. Thing is, even when Trump is gone, America will still be what it is. We used to be in the commonwealth. The queen isn't our monarch. We don't pay her anything and she doesn't decree. Trudeau Sr. patriated our constitution a half century ago. Our constitution is a modern document though, something that is not amended and absent of contentious clauses that authoritarians love to cling to, like guns.
  2. Exactly, we'd gain nothing but the unresolved problems of America. We use the parliamentary system, which was protested by Americans. So that begs the question, under who's terms? There's no way Canada would ever capitulate to the American system and I doubt America would re-adopt the old ways. We don't need to inherit America's shitty gun laws, even shittier health care system and hyper-partisan tribalism. There used to be a time when Americans would say, if they wanted Canada they'd just take it. In recent times, America has proven it's unable to secure even the smallest countries (Vietnam, Iraq etc) no less major one's. It's that kind of narrow-minded arrogance that make the discussion a non-starter.
  3. The greatest thing about being Canadian, is that we're not American. Every day, I thank my lucky stars for that.
  4. A senate run is in the cards for a few candidates.
  5. Likewise, I'm sure you'd you would take offense in having any of your policies framed as fascist by default. The right is pigeon-holing every and any policy in that manner. In fact nowadays, you don't even need to express a policy to be called a socialist. It's desperation, intolerance and bigotry when one's core values go out the window to support the party, leadership and ideology. Or to demean others entirely whether by preemptive character assassination, fear mongering, scarlet lettering or racism. Americans always vote the party, not the candidate. It's the biggest flaw in their system. The third party system lets you vote for the man, then coalesce into forming the government. This thread is about Mueller, so I'll close up by saying Mueller was bound by the policy that no sitting president may be indicted. It has no foundation in law, but he went along with it anyway as a matter of direction from the terms of reference laid upon him and look where it left him and the country. No better off, worse even because the gaslight is cranked up to the max as to the outcome. You'd think America was talking about entirely different things. The left claims corruption while the right says witch hunt and hoax, even though they know the former to be true.
  6. We've moved further right than that though. The left still regards what it always regarded as core issues. Health care, education and pollution, for example. The right on the other hand, has deregulated or otherwise defunded all those things while signing themselves up for huge tax breaks, fighting minimum wage (no less providing perks), buying back shares and laying off employees. More than ever from a sense of entitlement and a right, than fairness or privilege.
  7. All the while pointing fingers at liberals for their far left views as though it's a slippery slope to socialism. You know it's gotten insidious, when even moderate conservatives in foreign countries use it as the ideological basis for their talking points.
  8. Congress impeaches, not the democrats albeit a majority in the House. They'd be remiss to not (at the very least) consider impeachment. Dangling it in Trumps face triggers his lunacy whereas his actually doing it would exacerbate his obstinate defiance and his goose stepping followers into more craziness. He is (and the Republican's) best own character assassin. Run out the clock, then the voters will decide.
  9. Including the genesis of the Steele Dossier. Fusion GPS was contracted by conservative political website The Washington Free Beacon to provide dirt on Trump. Funny how they always seem leave that part out.
  10. Republicans love to co-opt the flag as a political symbol. If a stars and bars emoticon follows a comment, one pretty much gathers it's an elitist attitude under the guise of patriotism. Wrapping one's self in the flag, if you will. You and I are a undoubtedly patriotic Canadians, yet we don't feel the need to plaster a hundred Chinese made flags on our homes, yards and shoes to demonstrate that. A simple flag on a backpack or a sticker on a bumper is about as far as we go. Even when we do, it's not to imply I am a patriot are you are not, sort of thing. Other than Canada Day, we generally do no carry a flag at events unless asked, which is a great honor. It's about respect, not political messaging or jingoism. It's a little off topic, so I'll leave it at that.
  11. Or better yet the Trash Can. How is this not Dunning–Kruger spam?
  12. I watched and re-watched the entire series several times. There are also some very good YouTube videos outlining characters and plots. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, insomuch as bewildered why the producers would go though such detailed character development and arcs only to bring them to simplistic, even insignificant plot endings. Foreshadowing was a huge part of the series. I would have hoped many of the loose ends would have been sewn up by twists and revelations, but alas we'll end up with many red herrings. In the last episode, we'll probably not hear about Vary's man in the box, or the identity of Quaithe of the Shadow or the punchline to the Donkey and honeycomb in the brothel joke. They dropped the ball on the Golden Company and elephants. No elephants and dead in one dragon puff. The direwolves came up short too. I'll watch it and enjoy it. I'm sure I'll be scratching my head about several more things, but that may just be a ploy to attract viewers to the upcoming prequel series. All in all, an epic show. Among the best I've seen, despite the weaknesses of season 8
  13. That's right. It was the Republicans who finally put their foot down and insisted Nixon resign after the Watergate scandal. That was different time and place though, unlike the oligarchy they're subservient to now.
  14. Maybe they could just arrange a summit with the Iranians, then Trump would have the biggest bestest newest buddy, espousing how strong Iranian leadership is.
  15. Just his LLCs, I gather. However, he's quite notorious for reneging on contracts or getting them over a barrel and reducing the payment previously agreed to. His word isn't worth shit. He's underhanded and greedy.