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  1. "See photos" tells us nothing. We need to see the methodology. What was this semiconductor process? We do not know the grade of the untreated sapphire or it's control specimens. We do not know the apparatus used, the method of containment nor the pressure/temperature/duration. How about some gemological data on the finished product that actually alludes to the value add"? Photoshop fails the smell test. If I were you, I'd start there and disclose some real time data, before expecting anyone with a substantial inventory to stumble over themselves, no less ship to an anonymous client. Correct. Natural blues are heated in the ground. Black in subsequent events. Besides that, black have higher value than the blue when they have good clarity or/or stars. And we all know what they mean by the saying "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" Polishing a turd does not always mean added value. The opposite can be true too.
  2. Thank you, JC. Sides doesn't matter among friends, so long as things are civil. I come across as hostile sometimes, but it's more from a place of frustration rather than anything. I only revealed this because I'd hope you'd gather my position that things like Pelosi filing a month late rings hollow and does nothing to address the underlying issue. That being our allies are shot out of the skies, displaced from their homes or otherwise detained while democracy is falling to oligarchs.
  3. Because I am a Canadian and Ukraine is our ally. It matters to me and my countrymen that our allies contribute to war efforts and humanitarian aid in a timely and lawful manner. And I am half Ukrainian. Crimea to be precise. Despite decades and centuries of oppression and violence, the Cossacks (Khazak - loosely meaning "free men, adventurers having the right to travel and associate" and albeit peculiar, it was the only democracy in the region. Ukraine had been meddled by Poland, Sweden ( yeah, Sweden) and Russia, annexed by Austria and occupied by Russia. In WW1, my grandfather had the option fighting for the axis or death by firing squad. He was captured by the allies and released soon thereafter, because he inherently supported democracy. He sneaked back into Ukraine, rounded up the woman he loved and her daughter (who was not his blood) and escaped to the west. That girl was my grandmother. We lost people then and we are missing people now. But why do you care?
  4. Because zap didn't meddle in a foreign country with quid pro quo to interfere with an election, but his countrymen did.
  5. I'm sure Ukraine would beg to differ.
  6. Analogies seem to be lost on you. That's not for me to judge, but for you to present. I didn't make this about you, I made this about your countrymen. You made it about you.
  7. Try taking out the ear plugs when you speak to others.
  8. The bed - sleep analogy. Despite noise laws on the books, your country has allowed drummers to bang away all night. Now, the only alternative available to you is earplugs. You've clearly absolved yourself from any part of that, after all you're not a senator, right.
  9. Rightly so, but I hope you're okay with the new drum set your neighbor bought. I suppose you could just buy earplugs and let everyone else face music.
  10. America made it's bed, now it has to sleep in it.
  11. Mitt Romney just gave notice he will vote to convict Trump. His speech was articulate and from an honest place, as an American not a Republican first.
  12. Little do conservatives realize they've been bilked by a corrupt liberal.
  13. I ask flat earthers what part of the Keplerian Elements (orbital parameters) they don't understand. When they respond with "huh?", I have my answer.
  14. Again, your equivalence is in the gutter and responses obtuse. The Republicans insult the constitution, yet you've equated that with a perceived insult to the jury. Snowflake and absurd. Presidents in history is your interpretation, not historical fact even if it were true, there's a hundred reasons impeachment wasn't brought. Mainly the balance of power. Me avoiding a speeding ticket years ago does not automatically mean you don't get a speeding ticket for being caught doing 60 in a 30 zone. Without proof? Trump ADMITS making the call. The evidence is overwhelming. It's the Republican's claim that's contrived and bogus. Overstating what? if anything, it's understated. Oh, maybe one aspect or sentence was overstated, but that certainly is not any ground for dismissal. Thanks for alluding to my statement about grasping at straws.
  15. Reproach is one thing, equivalence is something yet again. I didn't hear any Dems claiming this is a hoax, attacking the procedure or the institutions bringing it. No advocating to bring a partisan result irrespective of the oaths taken. In practically every breath, Trump slurs derogatory names, lies through his teeth and turns a blind eye to corruption, nepotism, malfeasance and threats. Being quick to admonish Dems for things said as though it undermines the case against Trump, is grasping at straws and little else.
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