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  1. Gun control, which side wins?

    Maritime and Admiralty law, the right to volunteer, the right to clean air and water, the right to seek compensation for injuries and loss of opportunity, the right to intervene in international incidents are scarcely one narrow area of the law. I'm certain you understand proving negligence is no small task, it's massive and burdensome. Does it apply to gun laws? Not directly, but it might or could apply in under some circumstances but that's not the point I'm getting at either. My point being it's an underhanded tactic of dismissal from the discussion in the absence of facts and intellectual dishonesty, by presuming my knowledge is less than theirs or others. They are still attacking me personally. by suggesting I refuse to accept anything. Even going laying down conditions that whether I respond or not is contingent on my acceptance. That's objectionable, especially in light of the fact I've been introspective and admonished on points in the past. Take MigL, for example. Largely, we have polar opposite view points and I was unduly harsh. Once he articulated his view on gun control, did I realize there are no sides when it comes to gun control in Canada (only fringes, but certainly not across the board) and took back what I said about him in earlier discussions. Ten Oz objectively deconstructed my assertion on why I and others may believe why Trump was elected largely because of his lack of PC. On revisiting that, realized my point was rhetorical and took it back. That is also objectionable, as needlessly offensive. He is attacking me personally, not the points I make. I am critical of what he says, not who he is. It's not fair.
  2. Gun control, which side wins?

    No, but I've consulted with my lawyers and other pro se claimants during the case and with other lawyers and legislators about the case, subsequent to it's conclusion. I also sat on a royal commission by our government about this incident to apprise both legal and legislative authorities in this country about the proceedings and that no layperson such as myself should be caused to make this kind of representation on behalf of my county, in absence of our government or the assistance needed to undertake it. Being a representative in a class action lawsuit for an international incident (that originated in the USA) on my own dime is about as high level as it gets for just about anyone. The assertion my knowledge doesn't exist or not entire is beside any point. I understand this is a science forum and citations are necessary to support assertions. To dispel any doubt, I am willing to do so, but not publicly, because the case is my name v defendant and my home can be deduced by it, hence I have fears my life could be threatened. The case is public record and I will gladly post the links to you in PM, where you'll be able to match the name with the email address when I signed up for this forum.
  3. Gun control, which side wins?

    I doubt you are done and who in the hell are you to tell me I am too worried about anything? I will not stand for you insulting my intelligence on any level. Refusing to accept anything? Another blatant lie.
  4. Gun control, which side wins?

    You're just talking in circles about something has nothing to do with anything I've suggested. And just who knows "entirely". Even the most learned judge's knowledge isn't entire. Why does that standard only apply to me, if not for being singularly dismissive?
  5. Gun control, which side wins?

    That's not a fair assessment either. My comment (a suggestion and a question) were spun into something else entirely. Raider raised the issue, speaking from the standpoint of corruption detracting gun safety laws by his state legislature by thwarting or straying from gun safety measures. He even went as far to suggest his state does it because "they believe the feds are corrupt". I suggested and asked if they agreed upon taking legal (no less social) measures to nip it in the bud, but responded as no, being solely reliant on SCOTUS to sort it out. To me, that read as maintaining the status quo, not pro-activity as they claim to be, because controversial laws can take years to resolve or may not be resolved at all and in the meantime, people may die. I also prefixed the comment, that state and local police still make arrests and detain suspects, irrespective of which level of laws were broken. It's not as though anyone has to give up protection from law enforcement and It's not as though they turn a blind eye, in anticipation of maybe the feds figuring it out. In opening their response, they had the audacity to insult my intelligence by suggesting I don't understand American law, thus perpetuating their pretense my opinion has no bearing in this or any discussion. Even going as far as claiming to have taken some so-called 9 month course, making them the legal authority in the this discussion. Subsequently, proven themselves as a wrongfully accusatory and needlessly hyberbolic. I fought a long, acrimonious class action in an American court to infer negligence and maintain standing, not for the money. They tried every underhanded tactic and procedural obstacle they could present and spared no expense trying, yet I prevailed. That's considerably more experience with the American legal system than probably the greater part of this forum and certainly the average American would ever endure. Their assertion (not the only one on this board) that I am anti-American is patently false.
  6. Arming Teachers

    A fair point, however that very small subset can do an inordinate amount of damage, so long as military style weapons are readily available to them.
  7. Arming Teachers

    I totally agree. One bad investment, an unfaithful partner, a terrible accident, an unfair decision etc. are but a few of several reasons an otherwise law abiding and rational person can crack at any time.
  8. Gun control, which side wins?

    First you you said the states have the ability to place their own laws if they think the federal laws are corrupt. Then said the states can't because the supreme court will over-rule them. Then I suggested and asked if you supported proactive measures to prevent your state from doing that in the first place. You responded with a no, by putting reliance on the federal courts to correct it instead. Meanwhile, kids die waiting for the status quo to be maintained, rather than dealing with the underpinnings of the problem. THAT is what I'M saying. And who said I downvoted your comment? That's an outright lie and a personal attack.
  9. Gun control, which side wins?

    By your own admission to this thread, you've very clearly said your state government was complicit in thwarting federal laws. Corrupt was the exact word. So invoking any measures (legal, moral, education or otherwise) to prevent your state legislatures from even attempting to thwart the law is off the table then? You seem to be upholding the status quo, not a catalyst for change is how that reads.
  10. Gun control, which side wins?

    That's not my opinion or what I said at all, quit putting words in my mouth. I said DID (in the past tense) NOT DOES in the present and future. FFS.
  11. Gun control, which side wins?

    That what I said, FFS. How does that suggest anything other than the feds over-ruling state laws when they are wrong? Arguing over something we agree on. For shame. Quite obviously, your comment was driven by the narrow-mindedness that because I'm a Canadian I have no idea about your legal system, even as far as throwing the odd anti-American epithet (from the other thread) into the mix for no other than to disqualify me from the discussion. This is a science forum, fallacies fall flat on this board.
  12. Arming Teachers

    We could substitute the word school for uterus, so they'll advocate for whats inside them.
  13. Gun control, which side wins?

    Of course. I was suggesting local and state police still make arrests and detain offenders pending escalation to the feds for charges. Not necessarily for ongoing investigations, but certainly in cases that rear themselves on the spot.
  14. Gun control, which side wins?

    Cut with the false narrative. I understand the US legal system more than you think. I represented a class action against an oil company in the 9th Circuit and Appellate Court for more than 10 years. And prevailed.
  15. Arming Teachers

    The good guy with a gun thing has been debunked long ago. SWAT sees a teacher with a gun amid dead bodies, dead teacher. Even most strong gun advocates point out that issue as problematic.