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  1. What is this logical fallacy called?

    Hasty Generalization. Making assumptions about a whole group or range of cases based on a sample that is inadequate. False analogy. An error in reasoning occurs when claims are supported by unsound comparisons.
  2. 1- Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the oceans have absorbed approximately a third of the carbon dioxide we have produced 2- Anthropogenic ocean acidification to our knowledge, it is at least 10 times faster than any natural acidification event in the past. This current rate of CO2 release is the fastest in at least the past 55 million years. 3- Overall, ocean acidification has been shown to negatively impact more marine organisms than it helps. In particular, marine species that need a compound called carbonate to build skeletons or shells are negatively impacted because as seawater acidity increases, the concentration of carbonate ions in the water decreases. As this happens, it becomes more difficult for corals, shellfish, and other calcifying (carbonate-requiring) organisms to make their hard parts. https://www.oceanscientists.org/index.php/topics/ocean-acidification Conversely, instead of being rhetorical and broadly dismissive in your opinion, can you be specific?
  3. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Indeed. Especially given Peter Stzrok was fired from the FBI for doing something similar (to a much lesser degree) you'd think that would be true. But no, we're seeing a glaring double standard instead.
  4. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    I don't know what's worse. Firing or elevating them to high positions. Sen. Graham: "If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay" I guess by holy hell, he meant being appointed Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee? If that's not corruption, nothing is. Besides that, the Saturday Night Massacre is now the day after the election massacre. You know what they say about ignoring history.
  5. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Yup. Socialism v capitalism (even fascism as you put it). Little do Americans realize they are one of the more socialist societies in the western world. Schools and libraries, fire fighting and police. Disaster relief. The courts and public defenders. The VA, medicare and medicaid. Welfare and food stamps. The Transportation Safety Board. The FAA and the FCC. Radio and TV stations, cellular networks and internet providers use public air waves. Stadiums for sporting events. Harbors for ports, rights of way for trains. Roads are a social construct. If socialism is so horrible, then every road should be a toll road, where land is purchased and controlled by private interests for profit. Commercial and recreational fishing are social constructs. As is game hunting, foraging or parks. Hydro electric power and drinking water depend on public lands, rivers and lakes. Even wells are a social offering apart from surface rights and land ownership. Mining depends on exclusive access by corporations to public resources. Forestry and agriculture are heavily subsidized as are many secondary industries. Ranching is a socialist thing, after all it's done (broadly) on public land by private interests. Land use fees, stumpage, taxation and pollution controls are supposed to balance profits with job creation and spin offs. Tax breaks and relaxed pollution/safety regulations are looked upon as entitlements or privileged exceptions rather than compensation for losses of opportunity by others. Yet many who's dependency stem from those things, deny socialism even exists, so long as it's in their self interest. When religions use politics to convey their messages, they should pay property taxes like anyone else. Let's not forget the trade war, where governments put a hand in everyone's pocket by applying tariffs. Then of course the biggest, baddest taboo of all, universal healthcare and the slippery slope to the gulags, even though the majority of the countries that have it are capitalistic. If those are not a false equivalences, nothing is.
  6. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Accepted. it's in the past. From a personal standpoint, I mainly rely on Reuters. I don't subscribe to FOX or MSNBC, but CNN is thrown in with my TV package so it gets watched more often than not, as I do CBC, CTV and Global. You don't need to remind me about the CBC thing. I get it, though I only partially agree with it, so let's leave it at that. I'm pretty sure the average person can sort out what's what based on their own observations when they watch CNN. No so much for FOX or MSNBC. Being constantly beat over the head with accusations of fake news or enemy of the people got old really fast. It's ultra-extremism and undermines otherwise reasonable discourse. It "Godwins" the debate. A last resort, often invoked as a primary talking point. It's understandable that folks get defensive when needlessly beat over the head with it day after day, after day. It's a fucking lie that's not even remotely grounded in truth. A false equivalence. The left wing has an agenda, but I don't see anyone mailing bombs or shooting up synagogues by it. As bad as it is, nobody is accusing FOX of being an enemy of the people, though. That is the bottom of the barrel for inexcusable, if not entirely reprehensible IMO, especially when it comes from so-called rigid constitutionalists or the president himself. Now right wing rhetoric involves kicking around the 14th Amendment likes it's some scholarly consensus instead of the eschewing the ramblings of a narcissistic man baby for reneging on his oath and duty. If they had any idea how much that undermines the 2nd, they'd STFU in heartbeat. The slippery slope if you will. It's an invitation to take their guns. I'd dare say the rhetoric would be ramped up tenfold if the show were on the other foot. The left is rather adept at dehumanizing too, but not to the degree we've seen from the right wing of late. Disagree as you may, but my opinion that it's a false equivalence stands.
  7. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    I dropped the nitpicking part when I rephrased. My point that CNN is infinitely more objective than FOX and MSNBC stands. Ten Oz clearly spelled those reasons in his comment, so it needs no rehashing. While you didn't mention MSNBC, my assertion is that is the true equivalence. Had you suggested that, we'd be in agreement. Your assertion of FOX is in the tank for republicans and CNN in the tank for Democrats is a false equivalence. If you disagree with what I say, a simple --no, I disagree-- will suffice, you don't even have to explain why. If you don't understand my point, the rules on this board provide that you ask for clarification or ignore it. I took back the disparaging part when I rephrased my comment following the mod note. You lectured me on disparaging your point, by disparaging me personally, insulting my intelligence and coherence rather than speaking to the point. Do you take that back?
  8. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Fair enough. I will rephrase my point. CNN is infinitely more objective than either FOX or MSNBC. The false equivalency is substituting CNN with MSNBC.
  9. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Tell me String, as an objective contributor on the outside looking in, do you think my comment about CNN, MSNBC and FOX was out of line?
  10. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    He accused me of disparagement and implied incoherence (no less in a snide manner). He did not criticize my point. That cannot be allowed to stand.
  11. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Hogwash. My point was clear as day. If you don't understand something about it, state it. Cut with this insulting my intelligence bullshit.
  12. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    Got anything better than a facetious insult?
  13. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    CNN is an apple and you are an orange. What does that have to do with the OP? To bring it back on point, by your own admission, FOX has much more effect on voters than CNN, correct? The false equivalency is substituting CNN with MSNBC. CNN is infinitely more objective than either FOX or MSNBC. Endlessly nitpicking CNN in the absence of context is bias, yet here you are criticizing bias with bias.
  14. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    I'm not the one who brought it up the Cuomo example, maybe you can discuss that with Raider in another thread because it's off topic here. If they claim they hadn't implied it was a false equivalence, why bring it up in the first place? It's off topic if not a bait-and-switch tactic to derail the dialog. Whataboutism perhaps? In that case is just another form of false equivalence whether it was implied or not.
  15. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    And yet you did, by equating bias to accusations of racism. Had you left it at extreme bias, your point would stand without contention. But no. Instead undermined it by lumping it in with something else entirely, if not just negative reporting. This thread is about false equivalence, not a one-off report by one media outlet. What is the false equivalence in your comment? Never mind. It's probably better to just drop it, because it's off topic anyway.