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  1. rangerx

    John McCain

    Yeah that. He knows his goose is cooked, but insulting McCain is just the tip of ice berg of his scorched earth policy. No stoop too abysmal. McCain, gained the nomination when American conservatives needed a moderate candidate. That went out the window when he had Sarah Palin imposed on him by his donors. Now you flip the narrative on me as though I'm unaware of that fact? It's rich for you to soapbox Ten Oz about perceived insults while openly using absurd insults on others. Hypocrisy at it's height.
  2. rangerx

    John McCain

    Besides that, this thread is about Trump posthumously insulting John McCain, not JCM's propensity for narrative flipping and moving goal posts. In fact, hasn't contributed a single point germane to the OP.
  3. rangerx

    John McCain

    Biting off their nose to spite their face is what that is. The lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe, which is not so much a fringe nowadays. It's an ever widening swath, ripping through the middle of it. Drowning everything in it's wake.
  4. rangerx

    John McCain

    McCain would have been a decent president. The mere thought of Sarah Palin becoming president if he passed, is quite frankly... disturbing. We are talking about his base here. Not the one's who didn't vote, nor the Canadians in this discussion who just happen to be conservative or liberal. Trump serves his base, not his country. That's no leader, it's a tyrant. McCain fought and served to end tyranny, but Trump is renewing it to an unprecedented level. When the voters uphold that level, democracy is lost. It's just that simple.
  5. rangerx

    John McCain

    x3, if you account for the "approach and tactics" tactic we often hear from you. Chastising Ten Oz for using a wide brush, with a wide brush. Clearly a double standard.
  6. rangerx

    John McCain

    Insisting others restrict what you call insults from the narrative, is invoking censorship. Besides that, Ten oz admonishing conservative voters for what they have wrought is not an insult. It's a fact. Fail x2
  7. rangerx

    John McCain

    So merely voting for a despot is beyond reproach then? That sounds like censorship to me, no less coming from someone who claims to be a champion for free speech.
  8. rangerx

    John McCain

    Yeah, nothing reflects conservative values greater than insulting a war hero's academic standing and service to his country. No less being no longer around to defend himself. It's odious and insidious. It's the height of cowardice, vindictiveness and counter patriotism. Especially coming from a fraudulent draft dodger with obvious mental health issues.
  9. rangerx

    John McCain

    We're also witnessing overtures to use governmental agencies and organized crime to suppress free speech. Trump threatened to use military and law enforcement assets, as well as empowering outlaw gangs to violently suppress dissent. To quote, it would "be bad, very bad" for liberals if they were to do so. There's nothing to be gleaned from that, other than totalitarian dictatorship. One would have to be an imbecile to interpret that as a strongly worded letter or scathing editorial. This weekend, among an unhinged plethora of psychopathic rants, Trump called upon the FCC to silence NBC for a re-run of Saturday Night Live. Given Trump's support among his base remains unchanged, they're all good with despotism, apparently.
  10. rangerx

    John McCain

    Let's not beat around the bush here, the alternative direction you've cited... is terrorism. The NZ shooter murdered fifty people after he wrote a 16,000 word hate manifesto, invoking Trump. If the shoe were on the other foot... conservatives would scream radical Islamic terrorism from the rooftops. It's radical white nationalist terrorism. Why can't they just say it? In fact, the only conservative I've ever heard attempting to set the record straight in a public setting, was John McCain.
  11. rangerx

    John McCain

    It's not exclusive to the left, as you put it. However, when rhetoric and lies come from leaders there's no hiding behind it. The right voted for Trump. He is the example that has been set and the lead which is followed. If anyone voted for him, they are responsible for him. Republicans went on ad nauseam for decades about personal responsibility, but run like rats from the sinking ship when it comes to taking responsibility for Trump.
  12. rangerx

    Dangerous politic climate

    I recall Republicans losing their minds because Obama went a church service to listen to Jeremiah Wright and how he was "palling around with terrorists" for associating with Bill Ayres, even though he was a child at the time and once attended a charity fundraiser later in life. In Trump's statement to New Zealand, he mentioned people dying, but never mentioned by who and why. A white nationalist terrorist who espoused the Trump doctrine. The denial and hypocrisy is off the charts.
  13. rangerx

    Flight recorders...

    I've been struggling with this one too. Two accidents with similar black box parameters, coupled with several complaints on file raises red flags. Compelling as that is, it's still inconclusive, after all investigations take several months, if not years to eliminate other possibilities. There are numerous other problems with aircraft that don't cause grounding. Landing gear failure, for example. It occurs a lot, yet they don't ground planes for it. Instead, they developed a workaround procedure. Run away trim, loss of cable or hydraulic surface controls or unidentified metal fatigue in engines also crash a lot of planes in the absence of pilot error. In a stall warning, instead of adding power it's often better to disengage the autopilot and push the nose down to regain speed. The thing is with the Max 8, the crashes occur shortly after takeoff, when the aircraft has the least amount of energy to to perform alternative maneuvers. For that reason and in the interest of public safety, it's best to ground the aircraft, whether or not it's the exact known cause.
  14. As mentioned earlier, some late bloomers (for lack of a better term) may have lived otherwise heterosexual lives, with offspring. Would that suggest spontaneous onset or would it be thrown back to an otherwise recessive factor?
  15. Sexual dimorphism is the condition where the two sexes of the same species exhibit different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs. The condition occurs in many animals and some plants. Differences may include secondary sex characteristics, size, weight, color, markings, and may also include behavioral and cognitive differences. Several species marine invertebrates and fishes change sexes in their lifetimes. Although some species exhibit sequential hermaphroditism, it's not necessarily observed observed in humans (no less homosexual humans), but that's not to say there isn't at least some factor(s) which affect behavior. For example, some would attest being gay since birth, while others may discover it later in life, subsequent to an otherwise heterosexual lifestyle. It was cooked up by homophobes, particularly one's "of faith" https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/queer-notions-how-christian-homophobes-misuse-my-gay-gene-report/ Here's a spoof on the topic.