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  1. If only they'd say that about Ivanka and Don Jr. they might garner some credibility, but no. They'd rather stick to the double standard. The Biden story is an excuse. A straw to be grasped for the execution of criminal acts after the fact. The guilty dog barks first. Trumps lies are in fact, admissions of his own misdeeds.
  2. I read what you write. You get your digs in at every turn. Even in this bullshit apology, which is just your way equivocating around inferring I'm crazy. It was intentional and you're still doing it. Then you prove my point by spinning it back to the Democrats at the end. Say anything to avoid the substance, is all you got.
  3. To end the Watergate scandal. it was the Republicans who ousted Nixon. No such introspect occurs in today's Republican caucus. They've chosen the scorched earth tactic instead. Burn down every institution in the democracy to hop into bed with dictators and enemies. It's disgraceful and shameful what they're doing to career diplomats, who are merely doing their jobs and reporting the facts based upon their observations. But no, Republicans gotta fabricate dirt where none exists, no less while Ivanka and Don Jr. are flagrantly doing what they've erroneously accused Hunter Biden of having done.
  4. You inferred, then denied the inference. It's called gaslighting. Conservatives loose their shit whenever there's a remote possibility someone might have breached constitutional or national security issues, but when they do it themselves, it's a nothing burger or a so what. The major thing worse than the allegations against the American president are the Republican's double standards floundering around them.
  5. I'm not the one suffixing every post with Dems do A so B must be true, but go ahead blame me for not spinning with your fallacy loop. That's how Republicans do things nowadays. Turn a blind eye to the substance, except to blame others by it. Last time I checked, it was MigL that stated that in the OP. But go ahead, spin it to blame the left for that too.
  6. This has nothing to do with the discussion yet always lands at the end. There's a thread about that topic where you've abundantly posted yet brought it over here again and again. where you'll incessantly perpetuate the fallacy that the Dems are by default worse than the criminal running the place now. Anything but the substance is what we expect from American Republicans in this matter. Yet when Canadians repeat that nonsense ad nauseam, it's obvious we're already down the tubes and it's the conservatives instilling it. Conservatives would do well to clean up their own house before admonishing others. That's what's wrong with this continent.
  7. Which begs the question, what's the difference? Not that I expect you to know what it contains, insomuch as why release one and secure the other?
  8. Oh? What was purportedly locked up in a secure private server then? Apparently this was a call made to an unsecured cell phone in a setting where others could listen in. The phone provider would have a copy. Beside that, if it were a "perfect" call, Trump would have no trouble releasing it otherwise why would he spend so much time going out of his way to hide evidence of his innocence? Perfect is never a term used to describe a general conversation, it's used in response to executing a scheme.
  9. It's not a court case. The House can run impeachment hearings any way it chooses. Yes, they can subpoena, but what's the point if they go unheeded? The real time recording should be released and Trump compelled to testify. Not by law, but by being forthright, but nooooooo. That says more about a failure in democracy than it does about the rule of law, sadly. Just to reiterate, it was the Republicans who nixed Nixon, for the better of the party and country. Modern day Republicans have no such introspect.
  10. Even then it doesn't matter. The status quo is tribalism. The evangelicals were never about about upholding morality or family values, the tea party were never about curbing deficits and spending and the conservatives were never about personal responsibility. The so-called federalists don't give a ratsass about the constitution, other than the parts they can use to prop up their selfish bad behavior. It's all about character assassination and owning the libs, at any cost.
  11. Nonsense, spoken as though high crimes and misdemeanors are more pervasive on the left. It's more like all the radical right has are talking points, moving goal posts and finger wagging, when in reality it's the conservative house that needs cleaning.
  12. Not to mention the Kurds, who can't seem to catch a break in this fiasco either.
  13. You've omitted the Bush/Cheney part. WMDs, greeted as liberators, last throes of the insurgency sort of stuff.
  14. To you, me and most of the western world perhaps. Not to defend suicide, but to a jihadist, it's a noble thing to sacrifice one's life for their ideology. I suppose, if anything it takes guts to blow yourself up. Trump didn't actually see the incident and is a compulsive liar about pretty much everything else, so I take his comments with a grain of salt. Not directed at you, but if Trump said al-Baghdadi was wearing a pink tutu at the time of his death, his minions would parrot it as gospel. Just saying.
  15. rangerx

    Canadian Election

    It's a huge burden. The court order Canada to come to an agreement with first nations. The term "consult" was thrown out because it was little more than lip service. It was ruled, first nations territory cannot be expropriated under eminent domain. Of all the territories, thirty something, only one has reach a tentative agreement. It's yet to be finalized. Several have indicated no. The court ruled, Canada has not meet it's burden on the issue of clean up or compensation if or when oil spills. They also failed to conduct and certify the required environmental assessments. As it stands, if oil spilled in BC, BC would be forced to foot the bill to do the cleanup and would have to sue Canada for the damages to the environment and the loss of opportunity. How is that fair, when China is off the hook for all of it? In fact, if the flow stops because of a spill, China will sue us for loss of opportunity during the interruption. Thank you, Stephen Harper for that.
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