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  1. I am aware of that. I guess I can understand when it comes to a Biologist and Geologist.. but with a Physicist, it seems like a majority of their job is affected by the belief of a sphere earth.
  2. Wow. I don't understand how they can get even a Bachelors Degree with such views. I can assume even the most basic equations in dealing with things in our earth involves it's shape. If they have the shape of the earth wrong how can most of their equations be correct? People who believe in flat earth usually do so because of a) misconception based on observance b) conspiracy theorists (they just don't believe anything the government tells them) Even Physicists' who are religious don't deny a sphere earth because regardless of these 2 factors, these math equations should be absolute evidence.
  3. How is this possible though. I'm not a physicist by any means, but doesn't the diameter or the shape of the earth in general factor in specific equations? BTW, I'm glad i went to this forum because I was suspecting this guy to be lying just based on how he was answering.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It's really sad.. I was smelling something was wrong, but just to make sure.. i'm not a Physicist by profession, but I never heard of any claimed academician being that weird with his replies with his flat earth stance and much more not citing sources. This is a normal thing anybody would do try to back up what they say.
  5. Hi. I've been in discussion with somebody and he claims to be a physicist/mathematician. I've asked him if he believes in a Flat or Sphere Earth (i don't btw).. and I honestly do not understand his answer (and it is leading me to suspect that he is lying about his career). This is what he says: I respond that I don't know what he means and if he can just answer with a yes or no, he replies: So i give up having to ask for a clarification and instead ask for an academic source/citation of some kind because I'll understand it if I see the source of his claim. He then scolds me that asking for a citation shows I can't comprehend what he saying. I'm suspecting he is lying about his profession but before calling him out any further, I think consulting a science/physics forum would be a better thing to do first.
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