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  1. There is another saying about always accusing your victims of what you yourself are doing. I don't remember exactly who said it. I wonder what kind of people would endorse these kinds of sentiments.
  2. I often see the word "bigotry" thrown around in discussions of groups differences, invariably thrown by those who believe there are no differences, at those who believe there are. It seems to be wielded as some kind of ultimate debate ending logical bind, as if "bigotry" was the greatest affront to the scientific method. Or is it just meaningless name calling by pseudoscientific political ideologues without any evidence on their side, which they have to resort to due to their absolute incompetence at discussing the issue scientifically? Perhaps here we can hash out a clear definition. Here's a case from this very website: Now I always thought bigotry meant being stuck to a view in the face of contrary evidence. Does it now mean "thinking people are not the same"? If the meaning is the former, silencing discussion to force your personal, unsubstantiated opinion is the absolute height of bigotry. There is a saying I believe about crying out in pain as you strike someone. Perhaps you can understand my confusion.
  3. How deliciously ironic. Toodle pip. There's also a book "Logic for Dummies" I think. Check it out.
  4. It's largely genetic, you have methods such as adoption studies. Then the Marxist charlatan will throw out Occam's razor because of his a priori equality fantasy and posit "uterine poisoning' or "Venusian beams" or "increasing-with-distance white hatred" some other non-falsifiable imaginary variable to explain an absolutely consistent temporal and spatial pattern that would be noted as obviously genetic in any other (infra) subspecies or race. Sometimes I go out of my house and talk to people, and they seem really dumb. Perhaps everyone seems equally smart to you. Perhaps you have never been outside. Perhaps you are just insane. I don't know.
  5. Science often does discriminate between things. It's also called measurement. I guess that isn't possible when you're surrounded by shrieking Marxist lunatics. And what's bigoted about making a statement based on an observation? Surely making a statement based on your imaginary and delusional a priori "equality" nonsense is bigoted, i.e. holding a view in the face of evidence to the contrary. And that's your entire argument for your imaginary "equality" hypothesis. Calling your opponent names. Go science!